Meet Antonella Malachite, TaoTronics Cover Image Designer

This week, we’re featuring our incredible image creator, Antonella Malachite. Antonella, who is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been working with TaoTronics for over a year now to create our fortnightly cover images. We’re seriously impressed with not just her work, but her work ethic – and we wanted to share with you a bit more about her, so that you could get to know her as well!

Antonella kindly agreed to answer some of our questions. Read on to find out more about who she is, how her art is crafted, and her favorite aspects of TaoTronics!

You can find Antonella on Behance and Instagram, where she has both design and photography accounts. Follow her today for inspiring images!

Hey Antonella! We’re so pleased that you agreed to chat with us. The first thing we’d like to know is about your story. Why did you begin creating art?

When I was very young I visited my grandmother every week and she introduced me to the world of art. We didn’t draw much from scratch but she taught me how to paint on colouring books, and we did crafts with wood, paper and other materials.

When I was a bit older (but still very young) I’d spend my days copying cartoon characters and drawing portraits of celebrities and people from magazines.

At age 20 I started liking photography and took some courses. I also studied Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires and apart from learning about design, it helped me learn more about illustration, colour, and compositions. When I was finishing my career, I took an illustration course and I loved it. It took me back to my childhood, and I started illustrating not only as a hobby but more professionally too.

Amazing! We love how stylized your images are; you can always tell when you’ve drawn something. What do you love about the style of art you create at the moment?

My work is very influenced by reality but I love to switch some things up. I use illustrations to do things I can’t get with photography. For example, using different angles, perspectives, and changing colours, to better represent the story I want to tell.

That’s what we love about your images for TaoTronics – you manage to capture our products realistically, while adding a whimsical touch and bringing in color to really help the brand and our products shine. What’s your process for creating these images?

When creating an image for the TaoTronics blog I normally start by doing a freehand sketch where I choose the angle and do a composition. This is to see how every part of the image interacts with each other.

Once I like what I have, I proceed to draw the final image, choose colours, and add details. Adding the details is my favourite part of the process because I think that’s what gives personality to the image, and to the people and space represented. Even though I keep similarities between each image, I always want to make each drawing unique by adding these details that will make the protagonists and the scenery special.

So, what is it you enjoy most about being the TaoTronics cover image designer and bringing these devices to life?

The challenge! I usually draw freehand with crayon-like brushes with a lot of texture, and on my personal projects I can’t use less than 5 colours even if I try! For TaoTronics I only use two colors (different ranges of purple and orange) and flat vector images. It’s always great to do different things to keep learning and to be able to represent different styles.

The freedom they give me to choose how I want to represent each scenario is also great and very fun!

We enjoy seeing what you bring to the blog each week! And about the brand – what do you enjoy about TaoTronics itself?

I love the diversity Taotronics represents and that they stay up to date with the new technological advances. There’s a product for each one of us, to help us day to day and make our lives better.

How about your favorite TaoTronics headphones?

On-Ear Headphones have always been my favourite as I only used them when out on the street and they work great cancelling noise. The streets of Buenos Aires can get very loud and I loved walking with my headphones on.

But since the pandemic and staying more at home, the cables started to be an issue when doing daily home tasks. I’ve recently switched to wireless earbuds and I love the freedom they provide! They are great for listening to podcasts and for video or phone calls.

Finally, what do you do outside of creating art for TaoTronics? What are your dreams for your art?

I have recently started working at a branding studio, which is perfect because I can adapt different kinds of illustrations for each client. Branding is very global and can get to almost every aspect of design and art. No client is ever the same.

My main goal is to do illustrations that get to the day-to-day of the people. I love the surface design and how we can change almost any object, wall, item, or even a person, by illustrating something on it. For example, textiles and clothes, murals, notepads. Any surface can be artistically intervened and I find that amazing.

I would love for my illustrations to get to the daily life of people. From the smallest like a pair of socks to the biggest like a mural on the street they walk by.

Thank you for spending the time to chat with us, Antonella – it has been wonderful to learn more about you and your work. You truly seem to love what you do, and we’re proud to have you on boardTaoTronics cover image designer at TaoTronics!

If you would like to see more of Antonella’s work, you can check out our blog – you will spot Antonella’s designs straight away! She has covered everything from headphones, to tower fans, to our desk lamps.

If you want to see her work beyond TaoTronics, make sure to check out Antonella’s Behance and design and photography accounts on Instagram.

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