Headphones and a Busy Lifestyle: Alex’s Story

Our final writing competition runner up is Alex, who lives a busy lifestyle working in healthcare and IT. He describes himself as a “busy guy with 3 jobs and a family. I use tech on a daily basis and am picky about what i use and like” – check out his headphone journey!

Headphones… these are something that most of us use every day and don’t really think much about. We get a cheap pair from the local store or from Amazon and use them until they stop working or we lose them, then we get another pair. I did this for a long time since I use my phone to play music, and as a hands-free way to use my phone if I was driving or needed both of my hands for something, not thinking that my needs would change much.

The Beginnings

For the longest time, I would use a pair of Skullcandy wired earbuds since they were inexpensive and easily replaced. I never really cared too much about the quality of the sound that came from them, I just didn’t want to feel like I was listening to music as if I was underwater. I never really understood the audiophiles at the time that demanded the high dollar headphones or ear buds and never really cared about getting the full range of sound from my headphones.

These were my go to earbuds and I really liked them. I stuck with my Skullcandy earbuds because I didn’t want to put out the money it would have taken to get a good pair of Bluetooth headphones at the time.

relax with music if you have a busy lifestyle
High-quality headphones make a real difference to your life.

Headphones for Gaming

Finally, I saw a pair of Bluetooth earbuds during one of Amazon’s Prime Day specials that had decent reviews and were also at price that made it worth trying out. Around that time, I started getting into playing ingress, started working out and had a lawn I had to mow. Getting a set of Bluetooth headphones allowed me to work more freely and not worry about if my headphone cord was going to get in the way. It also meant I only needed to keep a charging cable around if I needed to connect my phone to a battery pack.

It was then I took the leap and got that cheap set of Bluetooth sport headphones, the kind that have the hook to help keep them in place. They worked for a while but began to get uncomfortable during long periods of wear and they also would not stay in place if I was working out, mowing the lawn or running around while I was playing Ingress.

Wanting The Best for a Busy Lifestyle

A good friend of mine had a pair of TaoTronics BH07 earbuds and let me try them out. I was seriously impressed at how good they sounded, how much outside noise they blocked out and how inexpensive they were. These made doing everything I needed more enjoyable.

The music sounded deeper, call quality was excellent and the batteries lasted long enough to get me through whatever I was doing. These were the headphones that I had been looking for since I started looked at Bluetooth headphones. They allowed me to actually enjoy listening to music while I was working out, mowing the lawn or other various things I needed to do, without worrying about the ear buds falling out of my ears or having to raise the volume to higher levels to adjust for outside noise. 

I also wanted to find a set of over the ear headphones, so that I could use them at work when I needed to block out the rest of the office when I needed to concentrate on a task or use them when I had to travel, to block out all the noise from an airplane. Again, I wanted to make sure that I found something that was affordable since the big names also came with a large price tag.

Transition to TaoTronics

To be honest, I didn’t do a whole lot of research, I just picked a pair of TaoTronics headphones that were reasonably priced (which was hard since they all are) and had good reviews. To me, the price was as important as the function.

I talked with friends that have been burned with getting cheap pairs and hating them as well as regretting having to spend large amounts of money and getting headphones that were just “ok.” Based on my experience, the TaoTronics were not going to disappoint me so I took a leap of faith.

I ended up getting a pair of BH36 headphones and like the BH07s I got, I was extremely impressed and very happy with my selection. Having a good wireless over the ear headphones make traveling so much easier, knowing that I will not have to listen to the people in airport, the plane or any public transportation if I don’t want to. Both the earbuds and the headphones allow me to thoroughly enjoy whatever music or show that I am watching on my streaming services.

Knowing that I don’t have to break the bank if I choose to replace or upgrade my headphones is a huge plus. Having headphones that sound good, look good and don’t break the bank? It really doesn’t get any better than that when you are talking about headphones.  

use headphones even with a busy lifestyle
Our BH07 headphone range is great for sports!

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