Humidifier for Christmas: The Perfect Combo

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At this time, you should have hopefully crossed off your gift list and gathered everything you need for your Christmas shindig. However, if you’re still scratching your head over what to get that certain hard-to-buy-for friend, there’s one present that’s guaranteed to please – a TaoTronics humidifier. A humidifier for Christmas is the one thing to buy now; it is the perfect last minute purchase. On the day itself, you may be entertaining at home. The trick to hosting a magical Christmas party is setting a jolly, festive, and relaxing atmosphere that encourages festive fun among guests. With a humidifier for Christmas, you transform your home into a warm, cozy, and inviting Winter Wonderland.   

Get a Humidifier for Christmas & Feel Your Best

Get a Humidifier for Christmas

Now, I grant you – a humidifier doesn’t seem like the most exciting gift. Similarly, it doesn’t scream party necessity – but it brings a heap of benefits. For sure, it will be used every day, so a nice one might go down better than you think. We’ve decided to demystify the humidifier, below are some of their merits. Trust me, you’ll want to get a humidifier for Christmas immediately!

Tackles the spread of airborne viruses

Winter brings a drop in temperature and consequently the very unwelcome flu season. Why is this? Well, the drop in humidity in the winter months helps create the perfect conditions for the flu virus to flourish. Prepare a humidifier for Christmas, as they combat the drop in humidity by filling the atmosphere with much needed moisture.

Helps prevent snoring

Is there anything worse than when you’re craving a good nights sleep and your partner won’t stop snoring? We didn’t think so. In fact, snoring is indicative of nasal congestion, which can worsen if the air is dry. Without a doubt a humidifier is the best way to add moisture to the air, sooth their airways, reduce inflammation and potentially stop snoring.  Maybe pick up a humidifier for Christmas, gift it to your spouse. Wink wink.

Nourish dry skin

For some, dry skin is an issue that persists all year round; others realize their skin becomes drier as a result of the shift in weather. The temperature drop will no doubt compel you to rev up the central heating – however this will only exacerbate the dry skin problem. To break the cycle, add a humidifier to your room to replenish moisture to your skin.

Create a warmer home

Want to know how to save some money on your heating bill? Ask for a humidifier for Christmas! Water does a much better job of conducting heat than air, by choosing a warm mist humidifier, you can raise the room temperature slightly and in turn take the unpleasant chill out the bitter cold.

Helps to relive allergy symptoms

The change of season can result in our bodies succumbing to allergy issues. This is in part due to the air containing less moisture, it’s wise to lessen the chances of activating allergies with a humidifier. Therefore, a humidifier will ease your allergies by keeping the air’s moisture intact.

Boost Christmas Tree Longevity

Real Christmas trees make for a stunning centerpiece, you’ll want to keep it looking picture perfect for longer. Low moisture levels in the air can wreck havoc on your tree, speeding up the process of it drying out. Moreover, you’ll need to throw it out sooner – much to Santa’s dismay. The key to keeping your tree fresh and festive is a humidifier, which will emit much needed moisture into the atmosphere for a very merry Christmas tree.  

Humidifier Features to Find

Humidifier Features to Find

A humidifier is a great way to add moisture to your space safely and naturally. So, which features are necessary for a quintessential humidifier for Christmas? Without a doubt humidifiers today come with a plethora of benefits – you need to identify what you want.

Firstly, you want to look at the tank capacity, some would consider this the most important feature. The larger the reservoir, the longer it can humidify and therefore it can work well in a larger room. Second, a 360° nozzle to emit mist around the entire room. A wide opening makes for easier cleaning, quiet operation means you can use it without disturbing the peace in your home. Safety is paramount, so look for BPA free, but also waterless shutoff. As well as that, you may want something that is designed to blend in with your interiors seamlessly.

Our Top 5 Humidifier Picks: Christmas Edition

The web is full of great humidifiers to choose from—but it can be so troublesome to narrow down the best humidifier for Christmas. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the experts. We know a thing or two about humidifiers. Our beautifully-crafted humidifiers helps humidify throughout your home, while doubling as a stunningly simple piece of decor. You can read more here.

If you’re looking to whip up the perfect backdrop for Christmas, we recommend one of the following:

TaoTronics 5.5L Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

TT-AH018 TaoTronics Humidifier White Model

The archetypal humidifier for Christmas. This is a failsafe favorite as it has pretty much everything: large 1.45 gallon capacity, warm and cool mist options, three temperature levels. Apart from all the bevy of features, it also comes with not one, but two 360° degree nozzles! Plus, there’s a quieter night mode – noise under 35dB – for after-hours air purification. Give the gift of purified air with this universally appealing humidifier. Alternatively, you treat yourself and get your home ready to welcome the family.

Price: $115.99

Taotronics 2.5 Liter BPA-free Humidifiers for Baby

TT-AH038 TaoTronics Cute Whale Shaped Humidifier

Every new mom needs one of these! It’s a super adorable piece of design and one I would happily keep in my baby’s room all the time – which is the point of a humidifier because if you stick it in the cupboard they never come out again. This TaoTronics humidifier is BPA free. Also, it operates with a noise level of only 26dB, so it won’t wake baby. In addition, there’s an adjustable mist output, 360° nozzle, night light. It emits a soothing mist for up to 30 hours. The TaoTronics humidifier creates a peaceful environment for an undisturbed night’s sleep. Baby’s first humidifier for Christmas!

Price: $45.99

URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier

URPOWER Colorful OD-A002 Humidifier Diffuser

A noticeably more colorful option, this humidifier/diffuser combo strikes just the right note of whimsical and functional. Undoubtedly an amazing gift idea for the essential oil enthusiast in your life. Just add a little essential oil – maybe frankincense or myrrh – to unlock relaxing festive fragrance for your Christmas gathering. This model comes with large 1000ml capacity, adjustable mist mode, waterless auto shutoff, and a calming night light. A fun little addition is the remote, so you don’t need to get up to change the settings, ideal for when your pet is in your lap.

Price: $35.99

Air Innovations MH-701BA 1.7 Gal. Cool Mist Digital Humidifier

Air Innovations MH-701BA Humidifier Aromatherapy

This one-of-a-kind humidifier, that’s remarkably stylish. Fitted with a permanent ceramic filter, so it never needs to be replaced. An enormous 1.7 gallon tank results in a phenomenal 96 hour run time – all from one fill. Stunning humidifier is fitted with a permanent ceramic filter, so it never needs to be replaced. A cracking humidifier for Christmas, it is near silent, so it won’t interrupt the festivities. The aromatherapy feature generates a warm, inviting environment for your home. On top of all that, it’s equipped with 5 mist settings, 360 ° nozzle, and an adjustable humidistat. Futuristic, right?

Price: $89.99 $77.88

Vicks Filter-Free 1.2 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

Vicks V4600 Filter-Free Humidifier

This Vicks Filter-Free humidifier is definitely a welcome gift. It adopts ultrasonic technology to quietly release visible cool mist for a comfortable atmosphere. Exceptionally convenient to use, in part due to not having to replace the filters. Along with that, the 1.2-gallon tank contains enough water to run continuously for up to 30 hours. Plus, the Dual Scent Pad slots fit Vicks VapoPads to provide soothing Vicks vapors. Besides all that, who doesn’t like aesthetically pleasing humidifier?

Price: $59.99 $39.86

TaoTronics Humidifier 40% off!

TaoTronics TT-AH024 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Our little Christmas treat to you – one of our all-time favorite humidifiers at a cracking deal. Fill your abode with spellbinding humidification, for up to an astonishing 40 hours on a single fill. The wide opening makes it so easy to make it sparkling clean. It features ultra-quiet operation, so as not to disturb sleep. In addition to all these wonderful features, it’s also incredibly safe. Interior nano-coating effectively protects the circuit boards from moisture. It’s now a steal at $36.99 (regular price $62.99.) Why not gift one, and treat yourself with one?


We absolutely encourage you to use a humidifier for Christmas. Whether it’s to gift a loved one, or to spruce up your own home. Rich in benefits, humidifiers can definitely be cherished for, and after, Christmas. I hope that this guide has been helpful, and you are able to select your favorite humidifier. We at TaoTronics wish you a merry Christmas!

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