Behind The Scenes: Interview with Fiona Brown, Blog Image Creator!

Fiona Brown is a graphic designer from Argentina who creates the cover images for the TaoTronics blog. We interviewed her to find out how she creates these amazing images – and all about her headphone preferences!

When we re-launched the TaoTronics blog, we knew it needed something special. We needed great topics to highlight our products – and incredible images to match. Moreover, we needed to find someone who could understand TaoTronics to truly bring across our personality in their art.

Luckily for us, we found that with Fiona Brown!

Fiona, an artist and designer from Argentina, began creating original artwork for the blog back in April 2019, and has created every blog image for us since. Her instinctive understanding of TaoTronics combined with the vibrancy of her images has made them popular. So we decided to ask her more about them, and how she feels about TaoTronics!

Hey Fiona! Thanks for chatting with us. We want to know – what’s your story? How did you begin creating art?

I was born and raised in the South American jungle. My mom is an artist and my dad is a biologist, so I developed an interest in art and science from an early age.

I started taking photos and editing in Photoshop at age 11, when they bought my first camera. I explored many branches of art and the many ways to tell stories. Then, at 17 I moved to the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, and studied Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires. Now I am venturing into the world of illustration, animation and cinema, and I’m currently co-directing my first feature film.

My line of work is influenced by the jungle, mixed with urban elements and with Latin American culture, which is what I am most interested in making visible. I always try to make images that say something and are not just a pretty drawings.

Fiona Brown, TaoTronics blog images

How do you create the TaoTronics blog images? What’s your process?

Normally I make several sketches, until I find an image that convinces me the most, and there I “dress” them with the final aesthetics. I attempt to maintain a similarity between the images so that they keep the TaoTronics spirit. I like being provocative, not drawing according to the standards of what “good drawing” is and when I create people, I try to be inclusive and diverse.

Which are your favorite kind of images to create?

The ones I like the most are the ones that include people, although they are the ones that I find most difficult to do. Creating people is very hard! But I am finding it more and more dynamic.

I also believe that images that include people are the ones that best transmit the blog concept, because people can identify more with them. I would love in the future to bring these images to life with animation.

taotronics blog images

What do you like best about the TaoTronics blog images?

The freedom I have when I make them. I get a brief with the concept of the blog and my mind can shoot anywhere. I also like it because it is a different style of illustration from what I usually do, so it represents a challenge. In my daily life I always use many textures and brush strokes, and many colors. In Taotronics I only use flat vectors and three colors! I find these challenges fun. Now I am trying to incorporate more of this style into my personal work.

What do you like best about the TaoTronics brand?

That is fresh and decontracted, aiming for people to have a better lifestyle whilst being accompanied by something as beautiful as music.

Do you use headphones when you work?

How Long Do True Wireless Earbuds Last, Fiona Brown

I don’t usually use headphones when I work, but because I work at home and I’m alone. But I use headphones when I go outside because the noise of the city bothers me a lot and it gives me a headache. It also makes me happier going to places listening to my music.

What are your favorite TaoTronics headphones?

To have been raised in a very quiet place, with sounds of nature, I have a hard time adapting to the noise of the city. Especially one like Buenos Aires, where buildings, cars, the bus door, and horns seem are all together a big explosion of noise. Wearing headphones with sound cancellation such as the SoundSurge 60 seems like a wonderful invention for people with my concerns. It’s also healthier for your ears to not listen to music so loud because of outside noises!

For my illustrations, the favorites are the classic “on ear” because they stand out more in the drawings. I really like geometric shapes, including the circle, and I like how the characters feel when they are wearing those headphones.

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You can follow Fiona Brown on Instagram (@fionalenabrown) to see more of her work. You can also check out her work on Behance!

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