Capture Life on Tape with Action Cameras

The most thrilling, craziest sport performances are recorded by means of an action camera.

Widely popular amongst sports fanatics and those who want to turn mundane events into high definition videos, action cams have proven themselves a superior alternative to capture first person perspective footage in a way that smartphones and more conventional, bigger cameras don’t allow.

This post will venture on what makes a sports camera worth your time by presenting the TaoTronics TT-VD001 Action Camera.

Featuring an advanced, high-resolution shooter, Wi-Fi connectivity for hassle-free media transfer, and a solid 900mAh in-unit battery, the TaoTronics TT-VD001 is what you’re looking for to immortalize all life’s occurrences and athletic executions.

Capture Life on Tape with Action Cameras

Capture Life at 4K 30fps

While a snowboard descent or mountain bike ride feel thrilling in real life, a poorly recorded footage will fail to transmit that sense of extreme that made the experience memorable.

Sporting a powerful image sensor, the TaoTronics Action Camera captures POV videos at an outstanding 4K resolution at 30fps. These will look crisp and clear on the sports camera’s integrated display and simply blow you away when watched on a higher resolution TV screen.

Easy Transfers Over Wi-Fi

Fancy technology has the infamous reputation of going hand in hand with complexity of usage. While this is true for a multitude of devices, the TaoTronics Action Cam makes transferring the recorded files easier than ever by relying on its built-in Wi-Fi functionality.

Unlike those sports cameras that require you to remove the SD card to access the stored media, the TT-VD001 transfers videos / snapshots and streams content live via its companion app for iOS and Android.

Easy Transfers Over Wi-Fi

900mAh of Memorable Sport Performances

Whether you snowboard, surf, ride, or simply plan on using the TaoTronics Action Camera to immortalize daily events, you will be pleased to know that it has an integrated battery to record as long as a whole soccer match.

Fueled by 900mAh of power, the sports cam will capture up to 90 minutes of your athletic performance before a charge is needed.

Ever heard that some people prefer doing sport while others enjoy watching? An action camera caters to both audiences! While you feel the thrill of performing your favorite sport or activity, the action cam saves it on tape so you’ll have a POV footage to review by yourself or share with friends.

As if the TaoTronics TT-VD001 4K Action Camera wasn’t already appealing enough, it can be yours for less than ever for a limited amount of time.

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TaoTronics TT-VD001 4K Action Camera

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