What’s a Fidget Spinner? Meet the Contemporary Solution for Stress and Anxiety

Ever heard of fidget spinners? Invented in the 1990s, fidget spinners have progressively grown in popularity until reaching their widest commercialization and usage in 2017.

Featuring a compact construction that allows the users to operate them with their fingers (duh!), the standard fidget spinner relies on a series of counterweights and ball bearings to spin while being balanced on or held in between the fingers.

How does this help fighting stress and anxiety? The consistency of the spin, the certitude that it won’t stop or slow down until a fairly long time, as well as the fact that it keeps your hands and mind occupied have been proven to help the users of fidget spinners relax and release nervous energy.

Aiming to improve the users’ lifestyles by means of the latest technologies, TaoTronics has recently released its first fidget spinner.

The TaoTronics TT-MS001 Fidget Spinner brings all the basic functionalities fidget spinners are known for while adding some original features of its own!

Stable Spinning for Inner Stability

Stable Spinning for Inner Stability

As the name implies, fidget spinners…spin. And spinning is a pretty big of deal for this type of device and what makes it effective as an alternate method to cope with tension and stress.

By featuring a thoroughly counterweighted construction, the TaoTronics Fidget Spinner performs a friction-free, noiseless rotation for up to 1 minute of smooth relaxation.

Primary Colors Turn into a Rainbow

Primary Colors Turn into a Rainbow

Not only does the TaoTronics Fidget Spinner look joyful, but exhibiting three discs painted of the primary colors, the device caters to those who appreciate a sober color combination that won’t tire and will stay pleasing over time.

Spin the discs and the blue, red, and yellow colors will turn into a swirling rainbow that soothes the mood, pleases the eyes, and entertains even the most demanding audiences.

Effective, Yet Original Stress Coping Method

Effective, Yet Original Stress Coping Method

Being portable and fitting virtually in all pocket sizes, the TaoTronics Fidget Spinner can easily be taken with you to work, school, on the bus, etc.

Find your inner peace, combat boredom, or simply distract your mind while carrying on other activities with the latest trend in original, yet effective tension coping strategies.

Have you been looking for a fun, uncomplicated way to reduce stress while keeping you entertained? Give the TaoTronics Fidget Spinner a swirl and test the effectiveness of this newest relaxation method for yourself.

What makes it even more appealing is that the TaoTronics Fidget Spinner has undergone a head-spinning price drop lasting for a limited time only.

Find below all information concerning this exclusive promotion!

TaoTronics Fidget Spinner

Regular price:$9.99
Deal price: $6.99
Valid time: Aug 15 to Aug 31.
Offer available for amazon.com only.

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