Never Lose Your Way Again with TaoTronics Car Phone Mount

Losing one’s way has become inexcusable in 2017. While the excuse of not knowing where a certain location is might have been plausible before the universal advent of smartphones, nowadays this will hardly get you out of the embarrassment of being late for a date or an appointment with your friends.

It suffices to launch the native maps application of your phone to get turn by turn real-time directions to any given coordinates around the globe.

Not only this comes in handy when looking for a restaurant or a specific shop nearby, but today drivers have come to rely on their smartphones’ GPS navigation to get around, be informed about traffic conditions, find an alternative route, and more.

Car phone mounts make consulting your device possible even when driving by securely keeping it in view while both hands are occupied with the wheel.

Today’s blog will introduce one of Amazon’s best sellers in the universe of car phone holders: the TaoTronics TT-SH019 Car Phone Mount.

Baby your Phone on the RoadBaby your Phone on the Road

There is not much of an argument: smartphones are getting pricier and pricier! Every latest iteration brings some new features or improvements that supposedly justify a higher price tag. After paying big bucks for your device, you surely don’t want to drop it and break it – outside or inside the car.

The adjustable arms of the TaoTronics Car Phone Mount exhibit a soft silicone pad that won’t scratch your device while keeping it firmly in place.

Built for One-Handed UsageBuilt for One-Handed Usage

While you will not be operating your phone while driving, you will need to remove it from the cradle once arrived at destination. The TaoTronics Car Phone Holder sports a subtly integrated button on the side that can be pressed with just one hand and gradually releases the arms to free your device.

Being a versatile car phone cradle, the TT-SH019 adjusts by means of a 360-degree rotatable swivel as to provide the most suitable viewing angulation for the users.

Keep the Windshield Smudge-FreeKeep the Windshield Smudge-Free

Alongside the unstoppable increase in importance smartphones have acquired in our daily lives, car phone holders have differentiated to provide more and more ways to get those screens in front of our eyes even while driving.

While the most conventional car phone cradles attach to the windshield by means of a suction cup, the TaoTronics TT-SH019 inserts into the CD player slot for a strong hold that won’t keep you from enjoying your favorite music or radio station. Its insertion is fully reversible so it suits CD players with different designs or button arrangements.

If you own a vehicle and a smartphone, you probably are not new to car phone mounts. While you might have tried suction cup types before, the market has expanded and new models are available. This is your chance to get your hands on a car phone holder that sits firmly, yet discreetly in your CD player slot for less than ever!

The TaoTronics TT-SH019 Car Phone Mount can be yours for as little as $7.99 – the lowest price ever since it hit the Amazon market place!

TaoTronics TT-SH019 Car Phone Mount

Deal price: $7.99
Valid time: Sep 1 to Sep 30
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