Keep Your Phone Visible at All Times with TaoTronics Phone Mount

“Having an extra pair of hands” is a common expression indicating that a task or chore would be dealt with faster if there was somebody to help. Another reading though implies that two hands are simply not enough to get the job done.

With the irreversible importance smartphones have gained in our daily lives, this saying is more real than ever. While using a smaller smartphone one-handedly and dealing with some other tasks with just one free hand can be a challenge, the most recent trend of bigger screened, “Plus” versioned devices makes one-handed usage and multitasking simply impossible.

The situation gets even more complicated when handling activities that require the use of both hands, such as riding a bike or pushing your baby’s stroller or a shopping cart.

Today blog aims to provide an alternative solution other than keeping your phone in your pocket or purse until completion of the current task. And here’s where the TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount comes in!

Have a read and learn how this compact device will enable you to keep enjoying your phone while dealing with life with both hands.

TaoTronics Phone Mount

Grippy Materials, Reliable Feelings

Let’s face it: smartphones are not cheap! Whether you got yours on a 2-year contract or unlocked, you want to keep it safe and avoid the extra cost and nuisance of a repair.

The TaoTronics Bicycle Phone Support features 3 layers of protection: a front-mounted silicone pad, rubberized arms, and an additional rubber grip to secure your tech while on the go.

Grippy Materials, Reliable Feelings

Foolproof and Immediate Installation

Instant usage when needed is the name of the game! Featuring a clamp block lever that secures it onto the handle bar, the support can be easily installed and uninstalled without any assembly.

Keeping multitasking in mind, a side-mounted button lets you access your smartphone when needed with just one hand.

Want to watch a hands-on of the TaoTronics TT-SH013 Smartphone Bicycle Holder? Check the video below for the thorough review by YouTube channel “AwkwardHamster”.

For Virtually ALL Smartphones

Whether you’re team iOS or Android, the TaoTronics Bicycle Phone Holder will support your device and keep it fully visible for you.

The cradle’s arms stretch to house devices from 1.97 to 3.94 inches. This makes it compatible with all iPhones from the iPhones 4s to the 7 Plus variant, as well as your Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, and S8.

Coming to the rescue to those who need to keep their devices in view (or simply don’t want to store them in their pocket or purse and miss an important notification), smartphone holders are a must-have for bike riders, stroller owners, and shopping cart pushers.

When in the market for one you may want to consider the TaoTronics TT-SH13 Bike Phone Mount. Why? In addition to a firm grip, easy installation and operation, and a broad compatibility, it’s currently on sale for a limited time.

Find below all information concerning this exclusive promotion!

TaoTronics TT-SH013 Bike Phone Mount

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