7 Amazing Features All Airplane Travel-Friendly Headphones Need

Airplane Travel-Friendly Headphones

Spring break is here which means one thing: long distance travel. Whether you’re heading home or abroad, or even if you’re going to be travelling in the future, you’re going to need some comfortable headphones for that plane journey. We’ve got a solution: airplane travel-friendly headphones.

But which airplane travel-friendly headphones are right for you? We’ve gathered the top 7 features you should look for to make a great purchase.

1 – Keep it Comfortable

There’s nothing worse than putting on a pair of headphones and realising they’re uncomfortable. Oh wait – putting a pair of uncomfortable headphones on and being stuck on an airplane…

If you’re taking a long-haul trip, or any trip with a flight of (lets face it) over fifteen minutes, you want to make sure you have the most comfy, airplane friendly travel headphones around. Key things to look for are a soft protein ear cups and a padded adjustable headband. And, of course, your preference; in-ear or outer-ear headphones. You do you!

2 – Include A Carry Case And Airplane Adaptor

Of course, there’s no point getting comfy headphones if you can’t use them on your journey. You can use Bluetooth whilst you’re on airplne mode but you wont be able to listen to the on-board entertainment system.

For this, you’ll need an airplane adaptor. If it’s something that you think you’ll remember to get, you can buy them separately. If not, search for headphones that come with an adaptor – and a decent carry case to protect your headphones when you’re on the move.

Carry Case And Airplane Adaptor

3- Get A Good Bluetooth Connection

Cutting the cord gives you freedom wherever you are. You can relax in the airport knowing you can listen to music or the latest Joe Rogan podcast whilst keeping your phone safely in your bag. No need to get caught up – you’re hands free! Remember, for an optimal experience you’ll need at least Bluetooth 5.0.

4 – Cancel Out The Background Noise…

This is especially important for airplanes. Eliminating background noise won’t just help your hearing, it’ll help your sleep. These airplane-friendly travel headphones work by emitting sound waves that cause destructive interference, eliminating noises before they reach your ears. Even squealing, high pitched noises can be made far more tolerable.

If you’re bedding down for an overnight flight, trust us – you’ll thank yourself for buying a pair of acitve noise cancelling headphones.

5 – …Whilst Maintaining Sound Quality

Active noise cancelling headphones don’t just block out unwanted noise, they can improve how your music sounds whilst protecting your ears. You often have to turn your music up when travelling on an airplane to be able to hear it clearly. Getting rid of the background noise will mean you can listen at a lower volume, saving your earbudsa lot of stress.

Want deep and powerful bass? Ensure that you search for features including dual large-aperture 40 mm drivers and HD sound.

40 mm drivers and HD sound

6 – Juice Up

It might seem obvious, but you’re going to need a pair of headphones that last at least 20 hours without charge. This should see you through any journey, or even last over a few days depending on usage. Sure, you can find good headphones with less charge. But why would you choose them when longer is available?

7 – You Do You!

Finally, choose headphones that you like the look of. There’s a range out there from colorful to plain, huge over-ear headphones to tiny ear-pods. You can even customise them yourself with ribbons, stickers, colors. Whatever you fancy! It might not make a long journey any easier, but at least you’ll feel stylish at the end of it.

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6 Replies to “7 Amazing Features All Airplane Travel-Friendly Headphones Need

  1. I just purchased 2 pairs of noise cancelling Bluetooth headsets for an upcoming long flight, my husband and I are more than likely going to be watching the same downloaded movies from an I-pad. How can we both listen to the same streaming while each wearing our own Bluetooth headset?

    1. Hi Jamie

      Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately you have few options. I’m also not sure which model you purchased. As you’ve commented on this post, I’ll work on the assumption it’s SoundSurge 46! Excellent choice, by the way.

      The first option is you can buy an aux cable splitter, which will allow you to plug both sets of headphones into your iPads headphone jack.

      The second is that one of you watches the movie first, then the other. Or with subtitles! Unfortunately it isn’t currently possible for two pairs of headphones to connect to one device, or for one pair of Bluetooth headphones to be connected at the same time as another pair are plugged in.

      Sorry we couldn’t help more. Have a safe flight!

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