What Makes the Best Running Headphones?

Running and listening to music is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But what should you look for in the best running headphones? This piece looks at which wireless headphones for running (or, Bluetooth headphones for running) you should be looking at!

Ask any runner what the second most important thing to them is — after sneakers — and they’ll say quality headphones and an awesome playlist. A good pair of Bluetooth headphones for running don’t just make running bearable and less boring, they can significantly improve your performance. Research has shown that runners perform better when the beat of the music matches their tempo.

If you’re a runner, you know that not just any headset will do, you need Bluetooth running headphones that are lightweight, sweat-proof, and have great sound. We have created this guide to help you choose the best running headphones.

First Things First, Who Should Get Running Headphones?

If you prefer running outdoors because of the fresh air but don’t like the solitude, then Bluetooth running headphones are for you. They are specially built for the outdoors and are water resistant. They also come with useful safety features. They do not isolate you from your surroundings and make sure you can hear what is going on and stay safe as you run. Some even amplify the surroundings as they play music.

In-ear exercise headphones are preferred to over-ear exercise headphones. They usually have a sweat-proof design and an antimicrobial coating. These two features work together to block sweat, bacteria, dust, and water. And because it is vital that the headphones remain in your ears as you run, most models feature in-ear stabilizers and over-the-ear loops to help them stay in place.

Why You Should Not Substitute Running Headphones with Workout Headphones

Headphones for exercising are quite different from headphones for running. If you normally exercise in the gym, you need headphones that block out distractions so you can get lost in the music you are listening to and get in the zone. Running headphones, on the contrary, must not block out ambient noises as you need to hear what’s going on in your surroundings at every moment in order to stay safe.

What to Look for When Choosing Running Headphones

1.    Battery Life

Most of the time, in-ear sport headphones sacrifice battery life for comfort. Because they are small in size, they do not have the space required for a big battery. If your music gives you that extra motivation you need to push past your limit, you can’t have headphones with a short battery life. Get Bluetooth headphones that hold charge for at least 6 hours when you’re using them. Also, find out how easy they are to charge.

2.    Water Resistance

IP, which stands for Ingress Protection, indicates the level of protection offered against contaminants like water, dust, and dirt. The letters IP are usually followed by two numerical values, for example, IP65. The first value indicates protection against solid particles while the second indicates protection against liquids.

If the first digit is replaced by the letter X, for example IPX6, it means there is no protection against solid particles, only for liquids. If the letter X replaces the second digit, for example IP6X, it means there’s no protection offered against liquids. The minimum water resistance rating of any headphones that will be exposed to moisture should be IPX5. IP ratings for water resistance go up to IPX9K.

  • IPX5: protection against water projected by a nozzle
  • IPX6: protection against strong jets of water
  • IPX7: protection against water immersion (up to 1m) for 30 minutes
  • IPX8: protection against water immersion (up to 3m) for a period specified by the manufacturer
  • IPX9K: protection against powerful water jets and hot water

3.    Stable Fit

Nothing affects your running pace like having to stop every now and then to adjust an earbud. This is why a stable fit is so important. The headphones should stay put even when you run for a long time. Fit varies widely, so wear the headphones for a while and think about how comfortable they will feel as you run. Also check their weight. Lighter headphones are recommended when you’re logging miles.

4.    Good Sound Quality

Most people listen to music when they run because it stimulates them. If you crave comfort but do not want to sacrifice sound quality, choose Bluetooth headphones for running that wick away moisture. They should perfectly balance bass, treble, and midtones to deliver detailed sound. And if the sound doesn’t match your preferences, you should be able to customize it.

5.    Call Quality

While headphones are made for listening to music, multi-use headsets usually have a microphone that can be used to make and receive calls or for online gaming. Sometimes when you’re out running, you may receive an urgent phone call you can’t ignore.

The best running headphones do a nice job of getting rid of ambient noises during calls. They allow you to answer calls easily and quickly with a simple touch or gesture.

6.    Situational Awareness

How a headphone fits determines how much outside noise it lets in. There is no perfect fit for everyone, but if you love running outside among other people, you should get headphones with a looser fit (not poorly-fitting ones) and an unsealed design as they let in environmental sounds. 

When running outdoors, you have to be conscious of your surroundings as blocking all external noises may expose you to accidents (if you run close to the road) or theft.

7.    Connectivity

Wireless headphones for running that support advanced Bluetooth codecs, like aptX and aptX HD, have more stable Bluetooth connection. Most Bluetooth headphones have a connection range of up to 30 feet, but those that feature Bluetooth 4.0 onwards allow you to wander further away from your mobile device, something that comes in handy during running sessions.

When getting a pair of wireless headphones for running, be sure to check how quickly and easily they connect to your phone. Also, check how far you are able to get from your phone before the signal cuts out. Connectivity is very important because the last thing you want is losing connectivity mid-run.

8.    Warranty

Even if you are the most careful user, your headphones may malfunction long before you expect them to. Credible headphone manufacturers usually give good warranties for their products: 1-2 years.

They also have an excellent reputation for replacing headphones that stop working within the warranty period. Some manufacturers of expensive headphones usually offer extended warranties at a cost, and this is usually cheaper than buying a new pair.              

Why TaoTronics Sport Headphones 072 are the Best Headphones for Runners

best running headphones

1.    Wireless Freedom

Featuring Bluetooth 5.0, the TaoTronics in-ear headphones easily connect to your android phone or iPhone. The great thing about these wireless headphones for running is that they remember previously paired devices and quickly connect to your device whenever you’re ready to go for a run.

The headphones support aptX HD audio codec and feature cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology for awesome sound clarity. The wireless range of Bluetooth 5.0 is up to 240 meters, which means you can go for long runs without worrying about losing connectivity.

2.    Inspiring Audio

If you are an audiophile, you want your headphones to sound just as good as they look. These sport headphones don’t disappoint in this regard. They have several features that make music sound better. For starters, aptX HD audio codec offers Hi-Fi sound to make any song you listen to sound great. A tiny control pad close to the right earphone gives you complete control over the audio.

Two tiny buttons allow you to change the volume, track, and the EQ mode any time you want. Dynamic drivers produce powerful bass and the noise cancellation feature blocks out low-level external noises. You can easily answer calls while you’re out running as the headphones boost the sound to make the caller’s voice very clear.

3.    Athletic Stability

Any headphones you will be wearing while pounding the pavement must be designed to endure the variations of exercise. While the TaoTronics Sport Headphones BH072 are in-ear headphones, they have a secure fit and boast an ergonomic design.

If you have previously used in-ear headphones, you probably know that they have a tendency of getting out of the ear so you have to keep pushing them back in. With these headphones, that will be a thing of the past as they sit tight once you place them in your ear. The earbuds come in three different sizes to allow you to choose the perfect size.

4.    IPX6 Splash-Proof Build

As we had earlier explained, a high IP rating (IPX5 and above) is a must for Bluetooth running headphones. The TaoTronics Sport Earphones 072 have IPX6 rating and are splash-proof, sweat proof, and waterproof. This means you can wear them and go running in the rain and they will not be affected by water.

They can be exposed daily to the elements and will not fail to work. The headphones are not only ideal for runners, they are perfect for hikers and those who love water sports.

5.    Unrivaled Playtime

One of the features that make these the best running headphones is the music playback time. With a 16-hour battery life, these headphones will last all day on a single charge. You can use them while running in the morning, on the commute to and from work, and at work. Compare that to most wireless earphoness that are usually rated for 6 to 8 hours; the TaoTronics BH072 earphones hold their own against the best.

Get the Best Pair of Wireless Headphones for Running

Which are the best wireless headphones for running? TaoTronics Sport Headphones 072

If you’ve ever run for any length of time, there’s something you know very well: not all headphones are designed for running. Sweat can make earbuds to fall out of your ears constantly and wired headphones can easily get tangled. In fact, we’ve figured out which headphones you should look for based on your activity level.

That’s why you need the best running headphones. Whether you are a pro or have just started running, get the TaoTronics Sport Earphones 072. They are sweat resistant, comfortable, and have a secure fit. They will help set your pace and keep you motivated.

Looking for some wireless headphones for running? Check out TaoTronics!

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