How to Connect Headphones to an iPhone 11 – and the Best Wireless Earphones for the Job!

Apple has long ruled the roost in the phone world. They are often seen as being at the forefront of change – particularly when it comes to listening to music. This stems from their creation of a wireless earphones for iPhone range, thanks to their pioneering decision to get rid of the headphone jack. Who can remember a time before AirPods?! Yeah, us neither!

But there have been some issues as of late. And if you’re here, that means you’re probably one of the avid Apple fans that have queued up for their brand new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro. Or you’re considering getting one, but want to make sure you can listen to music on your $1000+ dollar phone. After all, there’s no headphone jack and a new iOS system. How do you connect headphones to an iPhone 11?

We’ve got your back – and we’re here to let you know that there’s some great options out there that don’t involve AirPods.

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What’s the Problem?

Will I Ever Be Able to Connect Headphones to an iPhone 11?

Why Are True Wireless Earbuds the Best Wireless Earphones for iPhone?

Which Headphones Do TaoTronics Recommend?

How Do I Connect TaoTronics Headphones to an iPhone 11?

What Does Apple Say About How to Connect Headphones to an iPhone 11?

What’s the Problem?

Wireless Audio: Future Trends to Look Out for

Apple has encountered some issues with this in recent weeks.

Namely, they’ve released a new iOS system whilst not including any wireless earphones for iPhone in their bundles. Or, more accurately, any iPhone wireless earbuds, also known as AirPods.

This could be a big issue for consumers. At up to $200 a go, AirPods are a pricey addition to the money just spent on an iPhone. This price point is why it kind of makes sense for Apple not to include them for free – although Samsung have managed to include wireless earbuds with their latest phones.

More than this, people are reporting that their Bluetooth devices, including audio gear, are struggling to connect to their new phone. And with no headphone jack to use as a secondary connection… well, you get the picture.

Will I Ever Be Able to Connect Headphones to an iPhone 11?

Of course! And we’re going to tell you how – after some explanations. If you need to know how right this instant you can skip to the end.

So firstly, you need to know that you don’t necessarily have to throw out your True Wireless earbuds. Don’t blame them! Because it isn’t really the Bluetooth device’s fault. It is more to do with the introduction of iOS 13, which has apparently brought on issues with Bluetooth connectivity as well as being more advanced software than had been planned for by Bluetooth device creators. This should have been fixed with the latest Apple iOS software update, but you’ll have to check your phone to make sure.

Secondly, you should know that True Wireless Earbuds are still the best means of listening to your music on an iPhone. After all, Apple didn’t bow to pressure and reintroduce the headphone jack (they’ve still kept the Lightning port as well, so looks like you’ll need separate chargers for another year yet). There’s also a few other reasons…

Why Are True Wireless Earbuds the Best Wireless Earphones for iPhone?

wireless earphones for iPhone - great iPhone wireless earbuds

As we mentioned, there’s one clear reason that True Wireless earbuds are the best. They’re Bluetooth, and iPhone’s don’t have a headphone jack. It’s all common sense really! But there are a few more reasons, including:

  • You can pair them with any phone: There’s a bonus to having Bluetooth headphones we haven’t discussed yet – that you can use them with any smartphone. Whether there’s a headphone jack or not, you’re able to connect your headphones quickly and easily. This means you’re futureproofing your choice by getting headphones that will last as long as your phone decisions do.
  • They’re the tech of the future: You’re also futureproofing your headphone decision by getting earbuds that are part of the new 5G era. The world of audio is moving forward at a rapid rate – even sunglasses headphones are a thing now. This means True Wireless earbuds are giving you’re the latest technology with the advantages that come with that.
  • They’re really comfortable: You don’t know true freedom until you’ve experienced True Wireless earbuds. Once you’re wearing them, there’s no need to mess about with wires or accidentally tugging out an earbud. You can do whatever you want, from commuting to exercising, with no interference.
  • They look great: There’s a reason AirPods have become so popular – they just look cool. People love their minimalism; you can echo that with non-Apple products, or you can go even further and get earbuds that can barely be seen. Drown the world around you out without anyone even noticing (perfect for the office!)

Which Headphones Do TaoTronics Recommend?

We have two pairs of True Wireless earbuds that fit beautifully with an iPhone. They are part of our SoundLiberty range, a series of earbuds that are defined by their incredible uninterrupted connectivity, awesome battery life and fantastic audio soundstage. All of this while looking great!

SoundLiberty 53

Connect TaoTronics Headphones to an iPhone

Who are they for?

People who want a modern AirPods look on a budget, without sacrificing any of the sound quality.

What’s So Amazing About Them?

Our first SoundLiberty True Wireless earbuds, they have instantly become classics. We’ve mentioned before that they’re great for doing yoga with, but their ergonomic fit and IPX7 Waterproofing mean that they also work for HIIT, running, and any sport in between. That’s not even mentioning their phenomenal 40 hours playback time (with the pocket-sized case).

Where Can I find Them?

You can check them out on Amazon, or at our website.

SoundLiberty 77

connect headphones to an iPhone 11 - best wireless earphones for iPhone

Who are they for?

For people who want the ultimate style combined with the ultimate listening experience.

What’s so amazing about them?

Our latest SoundLiberty earbuds have an incredible feature. Whichever one you pick up becomes the master earbud, ensuring you can answer calls or listen to music with no interruptions. Simply open the case to start your audio adventure – the earbuds will automatically turn on and connect. They also have an incredible 20 hours playback time with the case, and an amazing stable Bluetooth range of 50ft.

Where can I find them?

If you need wireless earphones for an iPhone, look no further than Amazon or our website!

How Do I Connect TaoTronics Headphones to an iPhone 11?

As of the latest iPhone update (iOS 13.1.3) there should be no issues with connecting your True Wireless earbuds to your iPhone. Just make sure your phone is up to date and listen to music to your hearts content!

But if you’re still experiencing issues pairing Bluetooth devices to iPhones because of the latest iOS update, we have a way of making your earbuds and iPhone pair in just a few simple steps. You’ll need the FOTA App on an Android phone so that you can upgrade your earbuds.

How to upgrade the earphones via FOTA App

Note: Please make sure that your earphones are fully charged before the upgrade.

1.     Install the APK

  • Message our customer service ( with your purchase details and ask for the APK.
  • When you receive the APK, download the APK to an Android phone (The android phone is only used for the upgrade. After the upgrade, the earphones can be paired with an iPhone 11).
  • Choose “Done” after the APK is installed (Do Not Choose Open).

Note: If there’s any security warning while installing the APK, please go to your phone’s settings –> security –> allow installation of apps from sources other than the play store –> click ok. Then you can follow the steps below. 

2. Pair the earphones with the android phone as instructed in the user manual and play music to ensure both earbuds are working normally.

3. Open the FOTA App and start to upgrade.

  • Open the FOTA APP on the Android phone.
  • Starte to upgrade
  • When it is complete, you will see a notification saying “PASS, FOTA SUCCESS”. The whole process takes 4-7 minutes and the LED lights on the earphones will flash quickly.

Note: If there’s any error, the upgrade will fail with a notification. If this is the case, you will need to upgrade again according to the error type.

The two types of errors are listed below:

Error 1: Timeout. FW not responding.

  1. Turn off your phones’ Bluetooth.
  2. Put the earbuds back into the charging case.
  3. Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth.
  4. Take out the earbuds and make sure that they’ve been reconnected with the phone.

Open the app to upgrade again as above.

Error 2: FotaStage_05_Commit1531 Fail! Status: 15

  1. Fully recharge the earphones
  2. Try to upgrade on another phone
  3. Upgrade again as above

What Does Apple Say About How to Connect Headphones to an iPhone 11?

Apple has their own advice on how to connect your headphones. Their steps are below:

1. On your iOS device, go to Settings > Bluetooth and make sure that Bluetooth is on. If you can’t turn on Bluetooth or you see a spinning gear, restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Then try to pair and connect it again.

2. Make sure that your Bluetooth accessory and iOS device are close to each other.

3. Turn your Bluetooth accessory off and back on again.

4. Make sure that your Bluetooth accessory is on and fully charged or connected to power. If your accessory uses batteries, see if they need to be replaced.

If you can’t connect a Bluetooth accessory to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch –


True Wireless earbuds are still the way forwards with iPhones. They should be simple and easy to connect, but sometimes an iOS upgrade might get in the way. In this case, you can upgrade your TaoTronics SoundLiberty True Wireless earbuds in the few simple steps listed above. You’ll be up and running in no time, blasting your favorite music to your hearts content!

Check out the full TaoTronics range at our website!

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