Halloween Gaming – and the Headphones You Need for it!

Halloween is here! Sometimes going out to parties isn’t the right way (…it is a Thursday, after all). If you’re looking for Halloween gaming – including information on the Overwatch Halloween event 2019 – read on!

Some of the most popular games of recent years have been horror based. Until Dawn, Overwatch, even Luigi’s Mansion… everyone loves a thrill!

This trend stretches back to PS1 and the original Resident Evil release in 1996. Incredibly popular, it has become a game that defined the survival horror trend.

As any gamer knows, you need good sound to be able to really enjoy yourself. The music and noises on these games really make them; you can tell when a monster is appearing or creeping up on you, or so you can really get into the spirit of them.

This blog is going to look into great games for Halloween, and the headphones you need to enjoy playing them!

Halloween Gaming that Will Get You in the Spirit

Everyone’s different, and who are we to judge? So we’re not going to suggest any games in particular beyond looking at the special events that are on. We’re gonna leave that up to the YouTubers who know more about the whole history of Halloween gaming!

Overwatch Halloween Event 2019

One of the games causing all the hype this Halloween is Overwatch.

The annual ‘Halloween Terror’ event gets bigger by the year, and this year is set to be no different! There are new skins, sprays, emotes, available via loot boxes and completing weekly challenges. The event started in mid-October and will continue until 4th November.

The launch was roumered to be slightly delayed this year to coincide with the launch of Overwatch on Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about the best kind of headphones to use playing Overwatch!

Overwatch is available on Nintendo Switch, Xobx One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC.

Fortnite Halloween Event 2019

For the annual Fortnitemares event, the Halloween event for the battle royale game, they are introducing Storm King. This character, apparently a throwback from the original game, comes with a hoarde of minions who are ready to fight.

There’s also said to be a load of undead spawning across the new Island! You’ve got to work with everyone to destroy the source of them before they will disappear.

Fortnite is available on Andoid, iPhone, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Red Dead Redemption

There’s a Halloween event for Red Dead this year, which includes a new ‘Fear of the Dark’ gameplay mode.

You’re fighting supernatural beings in a selection of all new masks – and 30% off an array of weapons.

This isn’t even the full list! There are more games running events, including:

  • Harry Potter
  • Pokemon GO
  • Rocket League
  • Bloodborne

There’s a full list you can read here!

Which Headphones are the Best for Halloween Gaming?

To really complete your experience this Halloween, you need the best headphones. That’s why we recommend you listen with your SoundSurge 60‘s.

Why are SoundSurge 60’s So Great?

When you’re listening to a game that requires precision – like a survival game – or you’re in a free for all and want to hear what everyone else is saying, you need clarity. This is because it makes the game just that much better! You become immersed in your halloween gaming, able to play the Overwatch Halloween event 2019, for instance, and really get into it!

Some other reasons SoundSurge 60 work well are:

  • Advanced Noise Cancellation Technology: Really block out all the background noise so you can focus on the game. Check out this article to learn all about how great this is for gaming – especially as an excuse when someone’s shouting from the other room for you to stop playing…
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connection: Listen without interruption when you connect wirelessly to your device. Don’t worry – we’ve got detailed instructions about how to do that here.
  • Comfortable Wear for Hours: Lets face it, gaming isn’t just confined to one evening. Particularly if you’re playing something like Fortnite, you’re probably going to be playing daily. You need something that feels great, doesn’t contrict your head and can be easily adjusted. SoundSurge 60’s are your answer.
  • Superfast Charging: Get 2 hours playback time from an incredibly quick 5 minute charge, or 30 hours from a full charge!
  • Spooky Colors: Okay, not technically a big benefit, but the colors are great! You can wear your coral orange or black headphones all year round, but make them extra spooky for Halloween!

Check out SoundSurge 60 today, for all your halloween gaming (and year round) needs!

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