What is Hi-Fi Audio? High Fidelity Explained

Having a good quality sound system is a “must-have” for everyone nowadays. Hi-fi audio equipment is rapidly becoming the favorite of most individuals. If you have impressive visual equipment, you deserve the highest sound quality; if you want to listen to music as it was meant to be heard, you need tech that delivers a great audio soundstage. High fidelity, or Hi-fi audio equipment, is rapidly becoming the favorite of most individuals. But, what is Hi-Fi audio? And what’s the difference between Lo-Fi vs Hi-Fi music?

Explaining High Fidelity

The term Hi-Fi is an abbreviation for High Fidelity. In the same way, Lo-Fi is an abbreviation for Low Fidelity.

Basically, high fidelity refers to the quality of the sound you hear. In essence, you’ll answer the question what is Hi-Fi audio simply by listening using Hi-fi audio equipment. Anything you invest in allows you to experience the best of the digital music available for you, using a dramatic and authentic audio soundstage.

high fidelity | noun
sound reproduction over the full range of audible frequencies with very little distortion of the original signal.


What is Hi-Fi Audio Equipment?

noise cancelling headphones - what is hi-fi audio?
What is Hi-Fi Audio?

Consequently, Hi-Fi audio equipment refers to devices that are used to play any kind of audio in great quality. This includes headphones, speakers, sound systems, and sound bars.

The level of quality of the sound reproduced by these devices is, really, incomparable. Such devices ensure you can access Hi-Fi audio streaming and immerse yourself in your music, hearing every instrument and feeling every beat. In doing so, Hi-Fi audio equipment not only makes you feel great, but it eliminates unnecessary noise and distortion as well. As a result, any Hi-fi audio equipment you invest in allows you to experience the best of the digital music available for you.

What are the differences between Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi, and Hi-Def?

Another term you might have heard is high definition audio. Just to make selecting the best equipment even more difficult!

Ultimately, high fidelity and high definition audio are poles apart. As such, it’s time to explain the difference between the three!

listen in high fidelity lo-fi vs hi-fi music
Enjoy Your Music As It Was Meant To Be Heard

Hi-Fi: As mentioned before, Hi-fi stands for High-fidelity and refers to the high quality of music.

Lo-Fi: The full form of the term is Low Fidelity. This kind of music or audio is basically the raw form of audio, imperfections and all. The quality of sound is low along with the distortion. It’s the difference between an old record and a pristine digital download. While this type of music might appear to be of no interest, you might be surprised to know that people can actually prefer Lo-fi music. This usually makes people feel close to the original recording of the audio as it’s less perfect.

In its simplest terms, hi-res audio tends to refer to music files that have a higher sampling frequency and/or bit depth than CD – which is specified at 16bit/44.1kHz.


Hi-Def: This is an abbreviation used for Hi-Definition used by audio companies. It has no universal standards, as Hi-Def, Hi-Res or HD is usually used for the visual quality of a video. Sometimes, it is used in terms of music as well. In this context, it just plays a role in digital music experience. Whereas hi-fi audio equipment might have both digital and analog functions, high definition audio is digital to help to reproduce all the sounds available whilst watching your favorite shows.

Lo-fi vs Hi-fi Music

Lo-Fi Hi-Fi
Stands for Low Fidelity Stands for High Fidelity
Produces lower- quality music Produces higher-quality music
Presence of noise & distortions Elimination of noise & distortions
Relatively cheaper equipment Expensive equipment
Less preferred Highly preferred

Hi-Fi Vs Hi-Def

Hi-Fi Hi-Def
Abbreviation for high fidelity Abbreviation for high definition
Produces high quality music Produces high quality audio for videos
Main representative of excellent quality audio Main representative for excellent quality videos
Can have both digital and analog functions Performs digital functions only
Directly related to audio Directly related to video

So, the Lo-fi vs Hi-fi music table solves the issue of what is hi-fi audio – and determines that Hi-Fi audio equipment is often better!

What makes Hi-Fi better than others?

People generally seeking for the best quality of audio are known as audiophiles. Hi-fi audio equipment and hi-fi audio streaming have given them all they ever asked for. Undoubtedly everything comes with a price. The devices qualifying to be of high fidelity are considered to be of premium category. At times for original hi-fi audio equipment as simple as a pair of headphones can cost you over $1,000. For some this might look like a huge amount, but others consider it an investment worth every penny.

The high price invested in such a device has to be done after a lot of research. Is hi-fi audio for you? When you compare lo-fi vs hi-fi music and listen to individually, you’ll know what you think is worth paying for.

And, well, there can be no argument about quality over quantity.

But there is another option. Here’s why you need to choose TaoTronics Headphones:

Best TaoTronics Headphones

Amongst some renowned companies offering great audio output devices is TaoTronics. With the motto that technology enhances life, the company thrives to fulfill every little need of their customers. Inspired by people, they produce new and advanced products perfect for the modern world.

Many of us can’t invest thousands of dollars in a hi-fi audio streaming device. TaoTronics has a list of some amazing and affordable headphones which provide you with a high fidelity experience for a lesser price. Some of their best, most popular headphone sets are SoundLiberty 53, SoundSurge 46, BH072, among others.

All of these headphones offer noise cancellation for lower distortions, providing hi-fi like sound at a fraction of the cost. Include the dynamic drivers and you’ve got a recipe for fantastic headphones that are essential low-cost hi-fi audio equipment. Plus, there’s the bonus that noise cancelling tech helps your ears stay healthy by reducing the noise level you need to listen at.

Buy any of these and experience music like never before. There’s no need to clear out your bank account in order to fulfill your need for a good quality audio device.

Dynamic Headphone Driver - high fidelity
Dynamic Drivers

So, What Is Hi-Fi Audio?

With the entirely changing technological era, the demand for the best of the best has been rapidly increasing. Listening in high fidelity using hi-fi audio equipment should mean the satisfaction is worth every dollar spent. The hype is real and the quality excellent. But you don’t always have to pay high prices for high quality audio. Audiophiles should check out TaoTronic models as a lower priced alternative.

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