Editor’s Review: The All-New Sports Wireless Earphones You Need, TT-BH072

TT-BH072 review

TT-BH072 wireless earphones are available now! If you want more info, here is our earphone review of TT-BH072.

Decent earphones for the gym are hard to come by. There’s a huge list of things you need for great sports headphones (we’ve covered that here and here). How do you find the pair that’s right for you?

TaoTronics have come up with a solution. Their all-new TT-BH072s are a souped-up version of their popular TT-BH070 wireless earphones; they also claim to offer a fantastic sweat and waterproof fit with a reasonable price tag. This time, the BH072’s have different equalizer modes including bass and treble to help you keep motivated for that 10k or gym session.

As someone looking to take up running, this is an exciting prospect. There’s always an excuse not to go; now, having the wrong earphones couldn’t be one of them. I decided to try out a pair for a week and write this earphone review to let you guys know how it went.

Technical Specs:

  • aptX HD codec audio
  • cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology
  • EQ settings (Normal, Bass, Treble)
  • 16hr playtime
  • IPX6 splash-proof
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Magnetic clip
  • Lightweight

…lets check them out!

Day One: The Commute To Work

Testing out the day-to-day wearability of the headphones, their magnetized feature, and how well they pair.

headphones for commute
Commuting is comfortable with TT-BH072, though they come into their own when you’re exercising

My journey to work is, well… a long one. We won’t get into details, but I need a pair of wireless earphones that can help me conquer the commute with no issues and help me relax and focus on the day ahead. So the first situation I test my new audio tech out in is always on the Subway.

So, this earphone review begins with a great way to test two key features: how comfortable the earphones are, and how good their Bluetooth connection is.

TaoTronics headphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 as standard and it definitely does the job. These headphones pair really quickly – as quick as the BH046’s I usually wear on-the-go – and my Android had no trouble picking them up. They remember previously paired devices, and also I always had my phone relatively close to me (within 1m). So far, so good.

Comfort wise, I’ll admit it! I was wary going in as I’m not usually a fan of in-ear headphones. My BH046’s are great and I struggle with anything else nowadays. Also, I apparently have pretty small ears, as I needed to instantly change to the ‘small’ sized earbuds (more on those later).

I really didn’t mind their fit, but because I prefer not to wear in-ears for more than an hour at a time I took them off every now and again and left them hanging around my neck. This is where the magnetized feature was great. They’re so light you forget that they’re there, and the magnets were really strong and reliable. It’s the ultimate new fashion accessory, I heard…

Day Three: (Finally) Going For a Jog

Checking out if they’re as water/sweat proof as they claim, and if the different sizes for earbuds improves how ergonomic they are.

earbuds make exercising easier
Exercising is easier with the right pair of earphones.

Having put off starting to jog for as long as possible, I chose a dreary, drizzly morning to begin. This was the perfect time to put the IPX6 ‘splash and sweat-proof’ claim to the test!

The wireless earphones performed well, and I had no trouble from water damage. Admittedly this was one time out, but when I used them later in the week in similar conditions they also stood up to this high-tech earphone review test. They certainly feel sturdy, and I think they would be great for anyone who likes the outdoors (hikers come to mind, as well as joggers).

Something that was really important here was how well the earphones fit. They have been ergonomically designed and you can really feel the difference whilst exercising. I’m used to constantly pushing my headphones back into my ear but with these I just didn’t have to – they stayed secure and I stayed comfortable. It’s easy to forget they’re there and just immerse yourself in music and exercise.

The three different sized earbuds are helpful. I needed small so the larger sizes felt a bit redundant, though I can see they’re worth keeping around in case I have to share earphones with anyone on a long journey or someone wants to borrow them. Or, you know, in case my ears magically grow overnight (it’s all that exercise!)

Day Five: Testing the Treble (+ the Bass)

Testing out the equalizer (EQ) modes and assessing their noise isolating capabilities.

Earphone review TT-BH072 Wireless earphones
We put TT-BH072 through its paces!

What really excites me about audio tech and doing an earphone review is hearing different soundstages, and how great the tech can make your music sound. This is really important, particularly when you’re exercising or focusing at work. But also because, what’s the point in owning a pair of head/earphones if you can’t enjoy your music properly?

TT-BH072 have a few amazingly easy ways to make your music sound better. First, the earphones have aptX HD codec audio, which provides Hi-Fi sound for pretty much any song you care to listen to. There’s also a small control pad near the right earphone, where you change not just the volume and track but the EQ mode. I really liked this ability to have complete control over my audio at the press of two buttons.

To change the equalizer mode, you should press the Multifunction and Volume + buttons in together until you hear that you have changed the mode. A little voice tells you ‘bass’, ‘treble’ – it’s great!

TaoTronics tends to use dynamic drivers for deep bass, and the bass didn’t disappoint. The cVc 8.0 noise cancellation definitely helped with the clarity of the sound, and I loved that it is included (although you do need to be extra careful when you’re out an about as it means the low-level background noises are blocked out). This was also great when I took a voice call whilst out and about, enhancing the sound to ensure the caller’s voice was super clear.

The treble EQ mode was a nice feature, and definitely helped my running playlist go off. The EQ mode swapping isn’t comprehensive, however – you can’t alter the modes individually, which means you tend to pick one you like and stay with it for the whole playlist.

Day 7: Final Thoughts on TT-BH072 Wireless Earphones

wireless earphones, TT-BH072 Earphone Review
Wireless earphones can be great to share your music on longer journeys.

Audio Quality

A vital part of any earphone review. And we will be honest: as with most earphones, hundreds of dollars of savings equates to audio that isn’t perfect. But I found that these earphones make the most of what they have – the combination of noise cancelling tech and EQ modes really enhances the audio, and you get a soundstage that provides an immersive experience. Calls were also pretty clear, and I’d be happy to answer one whilst out and about using these.

Design and Wearability

Considering I’m not an in-ear headphones person, I found these really comfortable. It was easy to forget they were there, and they looked great as well; I’m not normally one for hanging my headphones around my neck like a necklace but I think I’m converted!

Special Features

When combined with the aptX HD codec audio and cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology, the EQ modes feel like a fantastic addition. The modes aren’t expansive but they are definitely fun to play around with, and can make a real difference to your audio. This really stood out as a clever feature.

Battery Life

TT claim a 16 hour battery life for these earphones, and that seems fairly spot-on. They lasted all day, which is what you need from wireless earphones, and I just charged them overnight automatically.


I would use TT-BH072 where they really excel – as sports earphones. I’d happily take them with me on a hike, to the gym, or on a run; they are sturdy and secure, and the EQ modes really helped my music pop to give me more motivation. If anyone is looking for a second pair of earphones for the gym or exercise in general, these are a fantastic choice!

Check out a review of more of our Bluetooth headphones here!

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21 Replies to “Editor’s Review: The All-New Sports Wireless Earphones You Need, TT-BH072

  1. I purchased these earphones and I must say, they sound great. I used to own an earlier model and these are an upgrade in sound quality from the ones I had before. I think it’s due to the aptX feature. They deliver at all frequency ranges – bass, treble and midrange. The sound quality is very close to that of an expensive set of earphones. For the price, I have not found better earphones than the TaoTronics brand.

  2. On my new pair of TT-BH072 I try to change the EQ settings by the instructions given in this post (press the Multifunction and Volume + buttons in together) but I do not hear any change in sound or any voice that says “Bass.”

    What am I doing wrong?

  3. It seems my comment from yesterday did not publish. I just purchased the product but following the steps to change the eq as noted above do not produce any changes in sound or any voice saying do. Please let me know what to do

  4. Very nice pair of wireless headphone. Unfortunately mic responsiveness is not excellent when you talk walking on the street (maybe a defect of noice cancellation’s alghoritms); I would really appreciate a firmware update option not available for this very good pair of headphone.
    Music is excellent with them.

    1. Hi Michele

      We’re so glad you’re loving your headphones, and that music sounds so great with them! We will pass on your suggestion about the firmware update.

      Thank you for your feedback, it’s appreciated!

  5. I agree with Michele, I bought them primarily to take calls in a noisy office, but the mic still picks up lots of background noise. My search for stereo headphones with noise-cancelling mic continues…aargh!

    1. Hi Mark

      It does! Only for during calls.

      To access this feature, simultaneously press the volume plus button and the volume down button to turn the mute function on or off. After you mute, the other party cannot hear your voice; you can still hear the other party’s voice. Hope this helps!

  6. Hello,
    What’s different between TT-BH071 and TT-BH072? As I found, it seems that 071 has more long play time with others. I am going to find out which product is the longest play time for me since I have to do a long time sport training. (Around 18 – 20 hours)


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