Stay Fit and Relaxed with a TaoTronics Massage Gun

TaoTronics Massage Gun

If you or your family members are into health and fitness, we have the perfect present. Introducing TaoTronics handheld massage gun, a device offering deep tissue massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and recovered from your workouts.

As anyone who exercises knows, warming up is incredibly important to keep your muscles safe and healthy. For instance, there is nothing worse than going into a heavy workout and having to stop because you have pulled a muscle!

But what about cooling down? The American Heart Association has said that a cool down that relaxes your muscles is “just as critical” as warming up. This is because “your limbs, muscles and joints are still warm… [cooling down] can help reduce the buildup of lactic acid, which can lead to muscles cramping and stiffness.”

Previously, cooling down has taken time and energy you might not have after a workout. So what is the solution?

A TaoTronics Muscle Gun Can Help You

TaoTronics Massage Gun
Muscle guns help to reduce muscle spasms and stiffness.

Without a doubt Muscle guns are a great tool to use when you are cooling down. Five key reasons for this are listed below.

1)   Reduce Muscle Spasms

The repetitive movement of the massage gun warms your muscles up, that is to say, relaxing them in a controlled way. For this reason, you don’t have to think after a heavy gym session. Simply turn the massager on and let it relax your hardworking muscles! Top tip: in the event that you experience muscle spasm before (or between) exercises, you can also use the device to get a deep tissue massage and quickly warm up again!

2)   Prevent Muscle Stiffness

Percussion therapy is where parts of your body are massaged by rapid application of pressure. This form of massage, like that given by a TaoTronics percussion massager, works more deeply for your muscles than simply using a foam roller. This is because the movement heats the area, consequently increasing blood flow to move away lactic acid and delay soreness.

3)   Can Be Used on all Major Muscles to Relax Them

If you have a muscle that is causing you pain, it is easier and cheaper to use a TaoTronics massage gun than going to a physical therapist. Your device can also be used across all large muscle groups, including those in your arms, legs, and back. Got more specific pain? It can deal with that as well. You just need to quickly change the head!

4)   More Intense than a Foam Roller

Tired of simply lying on a foam roller? If using your body weight isn’t giving you the deep tissue massage that you need, a TaoTronics handheld massage gun is a great and reliable alternative. In particular, at the fastest setting it can reach a 12mm tissue depth.

5)   Give Targeted Relief

With different small and interchangeable heads, you are able to target the muscle area that is causing you pain. This is easier to do with a massage gun than a foam roller, especially as they are handheld and so can reach any part of your body (though, having a friend to help will be useful for your back!).

Which Sports Are Massage Guns Useful For?

TaoTronics Massage Gun
The TaoTronics Percussion Massager melts away muscle soreness.

You can use massage guns after whichever sports you feel have stretched your muscles. For instance, even elderly people can use these guns to relax their muscles if they have walked a long distance that day, or if they have over stretched.

Other sports that it is useful to buy a massage gun for include:

  • Hiking
  • Sports that need bursts of energy, such as hockey, volleyball, or soccer
  • Weightlifting
  • HIIT
  • Cardio

For example, you can even use the gun to relax your neck, shoulder, and back muscles after a long day sitting at your computer! This is especially important if you are working from home and don’t yet have ergonomic office space available.

Introducing: the TaoTronics Massage Gun

TaoTronics Massage Gun
A TaoTronics Percussion Massager is a great helping hand

TaoTronics is proud to introduce our two new massage guns: one in a sleek black, one in a modern blue. They both offer you incredible relaxation by using percussion therapy to relax your muscles. So, you can choose whichever color works best with your workout outfit!

All the Best Features

What can you expect when you purchase a TaoTronics percussion massager?

  • Great Battery Life: The handheld massage gun runs for four hours on a full charge. It takes six rechargeable batteries, which provide ten hours of standby mode. In order to prevent it from running out of battery too soon—and to stop overheating, which can damage batteries—the device will turn off after fifteen minutes.
  • Six Massage Heads: For the purpose of treating different muscle groups, there is a selection of interchangeable heads. Each head can target a different muscle group, so you can get full-body muscle recovery. Plus, they are simple to change over. As a result, it takes a matter of seconds! The heads are: Spherical (for large muscle groups such as arms); Bullet (for deep tissues such joints); Air Cushioning Soft (for sensitive muscles); Flat (for back muscles); U-Shaped (for your neck, spine and Achilles tendon); and D-Shaped (for your abdominals).
  • 10 Speeds: In addition, you can choose between 1400 and 3200 strokes per minute to achieve the ultimate level of deep tissue massage and muscle relaxation. Owing to the highest speeds, you can reach up to 12mm tissue depth! In essence, it will help you realize that deep tissue massages don’t have to hurt to be effective.
  • Portable: Small and lightweight, the TaoTronics handheld massage gun comes with a handy travel case for storing all your heads and keeping them in place. This helps you to keep everything secure when you are traveling, especially if you are taking it with you to the gym.
  • Incredibly Quiet: There is nothing worse than a whirring or buzzing sound from your massager. In contrast, the TaoTronics percussion massager take care of this by using a 24V brushless motor and high-quality bearing, reducing sound effectively. Say goodbye to embarrassment and hello to relaxed muscles, even if you are using your massager in the office!

So, What are You Waiting For?

Given these points, you will be amazed at how much better a handheld massage gun can make you feel. If you want your own TaoTronics deep tissue massage device, head to our website or to Amazon!

Daniel Bishop

Daniel Bishop

Daniel Bishop is a technology writer for TaoTronics who covers small appliances including tower fans, space heaters, air coolers, dehumidifiers, massage guns and many others. He is laser-focused on the industry and often publishes product reviews on how new and upcoming devices will improve and impact our customers’ lives.

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