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Unless you’re living in Australia, Florida, or somewhere else you could head to the beach for Christmas day, you’re going to need the best space heater to keep you warm. Blankets are great but when they just won’t cut it, you need some serious warmth.

Enter the space heater. Whether big or small, one that rotates or stays still, colored black or white, you can choose the perfect heater to keep your tootsies toasty.

In this blog, we will look at everything you need to know before you buy. We answer all the important questions, from the obvious—what is a space heater?—to the less clear—what kind of space heater is best for you?

What is a Space Heater?

A portable space heater is a device that you plug into an outlet. It will heat the space you need it to—not a huge space, or entire rooms, but it can keep you toasty during winter when you need it to.

They’re usually used if you don’t want to turn on your central heating, or if your house doesn’t have central heating. You can also use them to keep you warm through the year if you’re sensitive to cold.

What’s the Difference Between a Space Heater and Electric Heater?


Space heaters are different from electric heat, even though they both use electricity to warm up your room. However, electric heat is a permanent heat source; one that you pay large amounts for through the year that heats your entire home. This means that electric heat is able to heat really large spaces.

Space heaters, on the other hand are

  • Portable
  • Cheaper
  • A temporary solution to your heat issues

However, this can be better depending on your situation. If you only have a few weeks over winter, or if you don’t want to spend extra on heating, it’s an ideal solution.

Is it Okay to Leave a Space Heater on Overnight?

It is not safe to leave your space heater on overnight, no matter what. It is really important that you turn even the best or smallest space heater off. If you don’t, you risk:

  • Starting a fire. The Industrial Safety and Hygiene News notes that “Between 2011 and 2015, portable and stationary space heaters accounted for more than two of every five (43 percent) U.S. home heating fires and five out of six (85 percent) home heating fire deaths.”
  • Drying out your skin. Leaving a heater on will dry out the air in your room, leading your skin to be dry. You might need a humidifier to make sure the humidity in your room stays healthy in the cold weather.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning. If your heater isn’t installed properly, it can release carbon monoxide. Leaving it on overnight in this condition would be incredibly dangerous. You need to ensure that your heater has passed safety checks.

You aren’t sure? Check out this video to see some of the risks of leaving your heater on for too long. Remember that, if your heater is safe, it is fine to leave it on for a couple of hours at a time but you shouldn’t leave the heater alone while it’s on for too long!

Do Space Heaters Raise Your Electric Bill?

You will likely see a slight increase in your electricity bill if you use an electric heater, especially if you use it a lot over the winter.

The higher kilowatts power of your space heater, the more electricity it will use. If you buy a huge, powerful device, it will end up costing you extra—although not as much as central heating.

If you buy an effective and efficient space heater, then it should be a smaller jump in your bill than buying a large, inefficient heater.

How Do You Choose the Best Space Heater?

Model: TT-HE005

You need to ask some questions before you choose your heater.

Things to consider

How much space do you have?

If you have a large space to heat, you will need a bigger heater. Pretty straightforward! But you’ll need to make sure that you aren’t using this as your only heat source, as this isn’t hugely effective. Think logically with the amount of space you have; get a heater that will warm the space next to your bed, and not your whole bedroom.

What type of heater do you want?

There are a few types of space heater you need to know about. Do you want a tower fan? Or, a compact, small space heater? This will be based on the above question: how much space do you have? It will also be based on your environment and how you’re styling your home. Maybe a small space heater will look better. Maybe the best space heater would be a tower fan type.

How safe is the heater?

Choose where you buy from carefully. You need heaters that are well made and secure; buying cheap is not necessarily better, in this case.

TaoTronics Space Heaters

TaoTronics has seven amazing space heaters to choose from, all of which have an incredible 25% discount. Even better? There’s a 30% discount on one heater in particular.

TaoTronics Ceramics Tower Heater HE003

Model: TT-HE003

This tower fan—30% off at the TaoTronics website—has a temperature range of 41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can find the best temperature no matter the time of year. It also oscillates, meaning you can just switch it on and heat an even greater space. What’s more, it has a multifunction remote control, so you can make sure you turn it off from the comfort of your bed.

TaoTronics always wants you to be safe. You shouldn’t keep your space heater on all night. We have also made this device as safe and reliable as possible; this PTC electric heater features V-0 flame retardant material, as well as overheating protection. Plus, this heater has a tip-over safety switch.

Keep your home warm this winter safely and efficiently with TaoTronics.


If you think you’ll need some extra warmth this winter, a space heater is the way to go. They’re portable and offer warmth without the huge costs of electric heat from central heating. With an efficient heater you won’t have to spend extra on bills, and you’ll be more comfortable then you would be with blankets.

Check out the latest and best space heaters on, with a 25% discount!

Daniel Bishop

Daniel Bishop

Daniel Bishop is a technology writer for TaoTronics who covers small appliances including tower fans, space heaters, air coolers, dehumidifiers, massage guns and many others. He is laser-focused on the industry and often publishes product reviews on how new and upcoming devices will improve and impact our customers’ lives.

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