5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Humidifier – and 3 Top Recommendations

During winter, humidity tends to be lower. The air has a low humidity level and absorbs moisture from you and everything inside your home. Indoor humidity drops to 25-35% due to the cold weather. Cold air is dry and becomes drier as it finds its way into the house.

A humidifier is essential in winter because it increases the moisture in the air. Get one and increase indoor humidity levels (to the recommended 30-50%). Dry air can be problematic for both babies and adults—it causes cracked lips, dry sinuses, and bloody noses. Whether you’re dealing with a common cold, want a remedy for your dry skin, or have seasonal allergies, a humidifier can help with all of it.

A good humidifier operates quietly. It improves indoor condensation levels, helps you breathe more easily, and soothes your skin. And it does all this without leaving tiny drops of moisture on the walls or making the room look like a swampy fog. It’s also easy to maintain. Here are three great TaoTronics humidifiers we recommend.

The Best TaoTronincs Humidifiers: Can Be Used All Year Long

TaoTronics 4L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier: TT-AH001

Powerful, quiet, and easy to clean, this cool mist ultrasonic humidifier is one of the best on the market. It humidifies indoor air quickly and silently and won’t wake you up at night with beeping or bright lights. It’s much safer than a hot water humidifier because it uses vibrations to vaporize water instead of electricity. It also shuts off automatically when water runs out. It’s a lot quieter than most humidifiers.

Since it runs quietly, you can use it in your bedroom or in a child’s room. You’ll enjoy sleeping every night because its large 4-liter tank allows it to run for up to 30 hours without needing refilling. Its size makes it ideal for both large and small rooms. Whenever you need to check the humidity level, simply glance at the LED display. You can switch off the screen at nighttime to sleep better.

TaoTronics 6L Cool Mist Top Fill Humidifier: TT-AH1001

The best feature of this top-fill humidifier is it’s easier to fill than most humidifiers because of its large water tank opening. It humidifies the air quickly and operates quietly. It is perfect for light sleepers. Simply choose the Smart Sleep Mode for ultra-quiet operation. You can fill the room with a lovely fragrance by putting some drops of essential oil in the built-in box. You might forget you’re using a humidifier because it operates quietly.

You’ll find the auto shut-off feature very helpful as it turns off the humidifier at a preset time or when the water level is low. The 6-liter tank allows the unit to humidify spaces for up to 60 hours without running out of water. The model can humidify rooms as large as 355 ft². Its top-fill design makes it very easy to clean. You can get a cleaning brush to simplify maintenance.

TaoTronics 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier: TT-AH043

Unlike a warm-mist humidifier, a cool-mist version moisturizes indoor air without boiling water and producing steam. It doesn’t have the potential to burn or scald and is recommended by pediatricians for homes with babies and young children. This 4L cool mist humidifier has been built with large households in mind and provides up to 35hrs of refreshingly cool mist. It features patented noise reduction technology and only produces 28dB. You can sleep, read, or work when it’s right next to you.

The humidifier is very effective and has a humidistat that accurately tells you the current relative humidity. The feature also maintains indoor humidity at the right level for maximum relaxation. The LED Display also shows the real-time humidity level and gives you access to different settings. This ultrasonic humidifier requires less frequent cleaning and refilling than other versions. Its wide opening allows for easy refilling and cleaning.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Humidifier

1.      Humidifier Size

One thing that greatly determines the size of a humidifier is the water reservoir. A bigger tank means a bigger humidifier. The capacity is usually written on the packaging. To determine the humidifier size, measure the room beforehand. Humidifiers that cover 700 square feet are ideal for standard living rooms and bedrooms. If you get a humidifier that’s too large, it may over-humidify the room and promote the growth of bacteria and mildew.

2.      Runtime

The size of the water reservoir usually dictates how frequently a humidifier needs refilling. A 4-liter can operate for 24 hours or more, while a 2-liter may need to be refilled every eight hours. The runtime may be less if you choose a high setting or live in a very dry area.

3.      Noise Level

If you don’t like noisy gadgets or plan to use the humidifier at night, get a model with a low noise level. Ultrasonic humidifiers like those made by TaoTronics are the quietest. Pick a humidifier with a noise level of 30 decibels at most. It guarantees whisper-quiet operation and won’t disturb you at night. Alternatively, you can get one with different settings and easily adjust the noise level. 

4.      Maintenance

All humidifiers need regular cleaning because it prevents the growth of bacteria. Check the description to find out how frequently you’ll have to clean and maintain the humidifier. Some units have dishwasher-safe water tanks and are easier to clean. But you may have to clean the base manually.

5.      Safety Features

Some humidifiers switch off automatically when the desired air humidity is reached or when the water tank is empty. A hygrometer is a very important safety feature because it prevents over-saturation of the air and mold growth. Some humidifiers have safety measures like control lockout and night mode and are safe to use in rooms with babies.

Get a TaoTronics Humidifier and Moisturize the Air in Your Home

Cold weather can dry the air in your home and greatly affect your comfort. Humidifiers can help soothe the problems caused by dry indoor air. If you want to enhance your home’s comfort or ease the symptoms of a cold, get a TaoTronics cool mist humidifier. Say goodbye to dry air once and for all.

Meta Description: A TaoTronics humidifier is great to have all year long as it adds moisture to even the driest of indoor spaces. Get one for your home and enhance your comfort.

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