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Confused about how to choose a humidifier and how a humidifier works? It’s useful you gain a better understanding of humidifiers, so you can get the best device for you.

This is particularly important as everyone is becoming more aware of their breathing. More and more people are turning to humidifiers to help keep their airways in tip-top condition.

A TaoTronics humidifier can help ease the symptoms of colds and allergies through the night. These include:

  • dry sinuses, and related headaches;
  • dry cough;
  • a bloody nose;
  • Nose irritations.

It is not a super cure, but using a humidifier can make your night’s sleep easier and help you feel more relaxed. The Center for Disease Control has even recommended humidifiers as a way of easing the symptoms of coronaviruses. Read on to learn more!

How a Humidifier Works

A humidifier does exactly what the name suggests: it humidifies the air in a room, to add moisture. Ideally, the air in your bedroom should have between 30 to 50% humidity.

This is incredibly important to maintain, to help ease breathing and the symptoms of colds, allergies, and asthma. It is especially important in the winter and during flu season, when the air is likely to have a lower relative humidity or you are more likely to suffer from respiratory problems.

We explained in a previous blog talking about how a humidifier works that:

If the relative humidity is 100%, we feel much hotter because sweat won’t evaporate from our skin. The air is already saturated with water! If it is below 30%, we feel colder and drier from the water evaporating quickly. 

To increase the humidity of the air in your bedroom, a humidifier releases a fine mist. This can be cool or hot, or even diffuse essential oils depending on your preference.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Humidifier?

What are the Benefits of Humidifier?

Humidifiers are more than just a pretty accessory to complete your bedroom. They can offer relief from issues such as dry skin and cracked lips, and may even reduce the severity of snoring caused by dry air. All of these benefits mean you sleep easier all night, every night.

More importantly, this study suggest that keeping rooms at a higher humidity can reduce the spread of influenza. Scientists found that:

At low relative humidity, influenza retains maximal infectivity and inactivation of the virus at higher relative humidity occurs rapidly after coughing.

In other words, having a higher relative humidity in your bedroom (or, throughout your house) deactivates virus’s more quickly, potentially reducing the risk of being infected. This is clearly beneficial for the current situation. But did you know, a humidifier can help you cope with the symptoms of a coronavirus?

Coronavirus Symptoms and Humidifiers

Having a cold, a dry cough can be painful and “unproductive.” This means that you are coughing without moving any phlegm that is in your airways. How a humidifier works is that it adds moisture to the air to help to stimulate this process.

You are also keeping your throat moist, potentially reducing the pain of a sore throat naturally.

How to Choose a Humidifier That Is Right for You?

Price is important, but it is not everything. There are three important elements to consider when choosing a humidifier.

Type of Humidifier

The first item in our list of how to choose a humidifier involves making a necessary decision. Do you want a humidifier with a warm or cool mist, or would you prefer one that is also a diffuser? This will narrow your search down.

Humidifier Capacity

A 6-liter model will cover your whole room all night—but it is also too large to keep on your bedside table. If you choose a smaller tabletop humidifier, it will take up less room while providing mist for a shorter time. 

Easy to Clean

One aspect of how a humidifier works to keep air clean means that they unwittingly trap unwanted particles. If you do not use them regularly, the water in the tank may also become stagnant. This means that they require regular maintenance, which you can read more about here.

Owning one that is difficult to clean is not just frustrating. It might stop you from being able to use your humidifier effectively after just a few short weeks. Check out our tips for cleaning here.

Recommended TaoTronics Humidifiers

If you are figuring out how to choose a humidifier, it is always good to look for one that is recommended. TaoTronics has a huge range of humidifiers fit for any bedroom. You can pick your favorite design knowing that the high quality of each product may help you breathe easier overnight.

TT-AH026 TaoTronics Humidifier

TT-AH026 TaoTronics Humidifier

Perfect for: smaller bedrooms, baby’s nursery.

The smallest of our recommended humidifiers, the TT-AH026 TaoTronics humidifier is a crowd favorite. Its slimline, sleek design is complemented with a dial knob control that lets you control exactly the mist output. When you have found your perfect output, the 360° nozzle will ensure coverage across your whole room.

Mist Type: Cool mist
Tank Capacity: 1.8 liters
Easy to Clean/Refill?: Yes—one handed refill
Special Features: Quiet operation, FCC Certified, BPA Free

TT-AH024 TaoTronics Humidifier

TT-AH024 TaoTronics Humidifier

Perfect for: adults who want a humidifier to move around the house, a larger bedroom for a baby

The TT-AH024 is a fantastic model to choose if you want to move your humidifier around the house. With a mid-sized tank, a carry handle, and nano-coating to protect the circuit board from accidental spills, you can use this in your kitchen as well as in your bedroom. It can refresh the air in any room for up to 50 hours straight.

Mist Type: Cool mist
Tank Capacity: 4 liters
Easy to Clean/Refill?: Yes—removable nozzle and bottom fill design
Special Features: Carry handle, removable nozzle, auto-shut off if tank is empty/tipped over

TT-AH025 TaoTronics Humidifier

TT-AH025 TaoTronics Humidifier

Perfect for: larger rooms, adults who want to breathe easier at night

Last, but by definitely no means least, is this gorgeous, modern number. A TaoTronics humidifier that would fit with any interior, the TT-AH025 features an in-built cozy night light. Its patented internal structure means it is quiet: never louder than 26dB. It also has a larger tank, meaning it will keep a room up to 40m2 humidified all night.

Mist Type: Cool mist
Tank Capacity: 6 liters
Easy to Clean/Refill?: Yes—9cm wide opening
Special Features: Up to 1 meter of mist, super quiet operation, night light

Figured out how to choose a humidifier? Check out the whole TaoTronic range today!

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