What Is A Mesh Router? TaoTronics Mesh Router System Explained

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Time to bring your internet into the 21st Century. This blog introduces TaoTronics new mesh Wi-Fi router, explains to you what a mesh router is and helps you do an internet speed test.

There are plenty of frustrating issues in 2020. We’ve all lived it—there’s no point going into it here. But, did you realize TaoTronics are releasing an amazing device that can help you relax and unwind?

No—it’s not another of our popular massage guns. It’s not even a pair of our SoundSurge noise canceling headphones, though those can definitely help.

There’s one thing that has become vital in the time of isolation: Great internet connection. So, we’re releasing a mesh router system, to keep your connection strong and deliver incredible results even on an internet speed test.

Relax with A Great Internet Connection

One of the best ways to relax and unwind at the end of the day has been to switch on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video and get lost in another world. Or, you can scroll Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for what feels like days on end. Maybe scrolling while “watching” is your thing? No judgement here.

These clever devices keep your connection strong by helping your Wi-Fi penetrate through walls. Plus, your entire household can use the internet at once—and stream without limits.

But, what is a mesh router? How does this device work? And where can you find the best mesh router in 2020? This blog answers all these questions and more!

What Is A Mesh Router?

What is a mesh router?
The TaoTronics mesh router system is modern and sleek.

If you have Wi-Fi in your home, you should have seen a router. It’s that small black, grey, or white box, covered in blinking lights and maybe with antennae, that sits in the corner of your room. You know, the thing you turn on and off when your Wi-Fi connection slows. The device with the incomprehensible internet password written on the back. Yeah, that!

A standard router grants Wi-Fi connectivity to a limited space. A mesh router system is different. It works in the way your router does now but better. Faster. Stronger. It listened to Kanye West’s Stronger and thought it was time to improve.

You place the mesh routers throughout your home. The main one links to the satellite routers—usually three is enough for a place as big as 6,000 square feet—amplifying the Wi-Fi to create a single wireless network. Using this system means your house is blanketed in strong Wi-Fi that can even reach through walls, which makes it stronger and more useful than a range extender. Investing in these amazing devices means you shouldn’t suffer from slow internet again.

Who Will Benefit from A Mesh Wi-Fi Router?

Mesh Wi-Fi Router
Use a mesh Wi-Fi router system to make sure your whole family stays connected.

While everyone deserves better Wi-Fi, not everyone needs it. The following people will find their internet connection is hugely improved by using a mesh router system:

  • People with large houses. A tri-band router gives you better speeds and coverage of spaces up to 6,000 square foot.
  • Houses with multi-floor use or unusual layouts. Using a mesh router means your Wi-Fi will penetrate through walls and stay strong, even if you’re using the internet in a basement or attic space.
  • Big families. Because your Wi-Fi signal is stronger, your whole family will be able to stream on up to 600 devices at once with a trio of routers.
  • Parents and Children. You can set schedules or block inappropriate content—and even protect against hackers.
  • Business owners. Keep your internet secure and password protected by setting up guest access for visitors.

Introducing: TaoTronics Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Best Mesh Router 2020
Get the best mesh router from TaoTronics.

Looking for a sleek, modern mesh router system but not sure where to turn? We’ve got a fantastic model that you can compare. Its extensive coverage means there are no “dead zones” in your house—no matter where you take your device, you will be connected to the internet. This includes basements, attic spaces, and rooms that have thick walls.

Ridiculously Fast Internet

Our Tri-Band AC3000 Mesh Router offers 3Gbps Wi-Fi speeds across bands of 2.4GHz, 5.1GHz, and 5.8GHz. As Verizon note, 1Gbps internet allows up to 100 people to connect and perform tasks at once, as well as letting you download “a high-definition video conference” in seconds. Triple that, and you’ll understand just how fast this internet can be.

Triple Frequency Bands

With three Wi-Fi frequency bands, the router automatically connects your device to the quickest and least crowded network. Your whole family can stay online and stream endlessly throughout the house. This is the same if you walk around—switching between routers takes just 40 milliseconds.

Dedicated Mesh Router System App

Our routers come with a dedicated App, found on both the Google Play and Apple App stores under “TT Router.” This dedicated app gives you more control over your internet. Use it to set parental controls, check how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi, prevent hackers and neighbors from accessing your network, and more. You can even protect your private files by creating a guest access to your Wi-Fi, perfect for business owners.

Other important things to note:


  • Thinking of turning your pad into a smart home? A mesh router system is the puzzle piece you’re missing to make sure all your new devices stay connected.
  • Our mesh routers can access VPNs for added privacy.
  • 4 Ethernet interfaces are included to ensure wired devices get superfast internet.
  • USB interface is included, so you can set up a Local Area Network (LAN) and share resources between devices.

Learn more about our Tri-Band AC3000 Mesh Router at our website!

Internet Speed Test

There’s a way you can test your current internet speeds, before and after you start using a mesh Wi-Fi router.

Remember: Your internet connection can pass this test and still not be all that great. If you’re in your bedroom and struggling to get on Wi-Fi because your router is in the living room; if you’re wanting to easily safeguard your internet from hackers or to protect your children; or if you want to use multiple devices at once, a mesh Wi-Fi router system will be hugely beneficial to you.

Step One: Connect your device to your network.

Step Two: Open Google Speed Test. This will use around 40MB of internet, so charges may apply if you are using your mobile data.

Step Three: Run the test.

Step Four: Find your results! Google can tell you if your internet is running well and your download speed. Plus, you’ll find out if your internet is good enough for gaming on!

Are You Ready for Better Internet?

If you’re considering getting a mesh Wi-Fi router, then this blog will have helped you understand if you need to get one sooner rather than later. They are most effective in larger or unusually shaped houses, or in homes where a lot of people live. This modern edition to these spaces will make everyone happy with your Wi-Fi speeds while protecting your family or business from hacks and inappropriate content.

Ready to up your game and get a better, stronger Wi-Fi connection? TaoTronics Mesh Router is the way forward. Buy yours today!



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