Editor’s Review: Find Freedom to Move, a SoundLiberty 77 Review

SoundLiberty 77 are the latest in True Wireless technology from TaoTronics. Read our SoundLiberty 77 review and pick up a pair on Amazon today!

In the age of True Wireless, it’s hard to know which pair to choose. If Apple Airpods aren’t for you then there are plenty of options on the market – but what is the latest tech, and what is worth buying?

As our piece on trends in True Wireless 2019 explained, Christmas and beyond will see the ‘dual master earbud’ become ever more important. We’re writing a post on exactly what this is soon – watch this space! In essence, it means you can pick up either your left or right True Wireless earbud to answer calls, listen to music and so on.

This might not sound that wild, but it’s the tech of the future and makes your life a lot easier!

SoundLiberty 77 are TaoTronics flagship headphones with this technology. Recently launched, they’re created to help your headphones blend into your everyday life with ease.

As they’re new tech, our Editor got to take them for a spin! Read our SoundLiberty 77 review, about how they were put through their paces, below.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bluetooth Version: V5.0
  • Bluetooth Range: 15m/50ft
  • Waterproof Level: IPX7
  • Audio Codec: SBC, AAC
  • Playtime of Earbuds: 5 Hours
  • Playtime with Charging Case: 20 Hours
  • Master Earbud: Both
  • Auto Turn On: Open Case
  • 6mm peek + PU High Fidelity Dynamic Driver

Things We’re Focusing On:

Our Editor looks in-depth at five key points over five days of using the headphones:

  1. Comfort
  2. In-Office Wearability
  3. Taking Phone Calls
  4. Battery Life
  5. Use in Exercise

Day One: Commuting to Work

Where we look at comfort and battery life!

I began my day in a rush, and threw the earbuds into my ears without thinking. I will admit that at first, the earbuds seemed too big; I hadn’t thought to change the tips to a smaller size, which severly affected the comfort. Once the right earbud tip was securely on my listening experience SO much more pleasant! What started as a minor discomfort was changed out to be light earbuds that were incredibly easy to wear.

One test I love to put the headphones on is using them on the commute. Mine involves walking and taking the tube, both of which involve a lot of noise and the need to switch off listening to music.

These headphones aren’t ANC, and you can tell for this sort of activity. You can hear the background noise. But what I wasn’t expecting to discover as part of this SoundLiberty 77 review was for it to be so easy to hear my music still.

I put this down to the ‘in-ear’ nature of the headphones; the source of the music is so much closer to your ear drums, making it easier to hear crisp noise even with heavy background noises. The headphones connected quickly to my phone and continued to do so throughout the time they were tested.

In the end, it was quite refreshing not having ANC for a week. It definitely helps you be more aware of your surroundings, and means you don’t necessarily have to take your headphones out to hear loud announcements. So for people who have to walk any distance or take Metro’s/Subways with potential delays, these are ideal.

As far as battery life is concerned, they lasted the whole of my hour commute with plenty of juice to spare. This was the same for the whole of the testing time, even when I’d been listening to music for over three hours before my commute home.

Day Two: Wearing SoundLiberty 77 Around the Office

Where we look at in-office wearability and taking phone calls.

Wearing SoundLiberty 77 in the office is where they really came into their own.

These were great for day to day wear as I could take them on and off easily, and putting them in the charging case to keep them secure when I didn’t need them. My music was crisp even at low volume levels, which was great for when I needed to put on some old gaming music to properly concentrate.

The best feature for this was the TWS: True Wireless Stereo technology, featuring role switching techniques. This essentially means that whichever earbud you pick up becomes the master – the one first connected to your phone. Such new technology makes life pretty easy when you’re absentmindely picking up headphones to listen to music or to answer a call.

Answering calls had the same crisp audio quality. Though it took a couple of times to figure out how to answer – checking the ‘Operations and Functions’ section of the instruction manual to figure out which taps do what is recommended!

Day Three: Wearing SoundLiberty 77 whilst Exercising

Checking out how good these True Wireless earbuds are whilst running and exercising in the gym.

My new sport of the moment is running. So, I grabbed my SoundLiberty 77’s and headed for an hour long jog to properly test them out.

I’ve got to admit, I much preferred them for everyday wear around the office than to using them for exercise. Don’t get me wrong, they were perfectly capable of being used for an hours hard work, and I had no worries about sweat and rain thanks to the IPX7 waterproofing. It stood the test of time and the earbuds functioned really well by staying simultaneously connected throughout. Moreover, tapping the earbuds to change songs was definitely preferable to taking my phone off my arm to skip them!

However, not having any form of wires to connect the earbuds was a bit disconcerting for heavy workouts. They stayed in place, but I find it’s easier in general to use wired earbuds like BH072 in the gym and when running. For a more gentle form of exercise, like yoga, these would be a great option.

Days Four and Five: Wearing over the Weekend!

Reviewing how these True Wireless earbuds are out and about in daily life.

One thing you’ll really notice with these True Wireless earbuds is just how portable they are. It might sound obvious, but their case is incredibly helpful. You can drop it in your bag and it’s so light you don’t notice it’s there; it will even fit in a clutch.

The case is great because it protects your earbuds and stops you from losing them. This is great for me, as I tend to put stuff down and forget about it; if it disappears into my bag, its lost forever. The lid is really secure, and the case itself feels really well built. It’s also perfect for keeping the headphones charged all week.

What’s more, SoundLiberty 77 look really great. They go with any situation and, lets face it, any outfit. Pop them in and away you go! In fact, they got great compliments, with many people asking where to get them. I’ll send them this review to help them decide on their purchase…

SoundLiberty 77 Review Conclusions


As you might see in every review I’ve done, I prefer over-ear headphones. With the exception of when I’m running – BH072 have won me over as my go-to earphones – I usually sport my SoundSurge 46‘s. Check out the review for them here.

This might be because I have smaller ears, not so great for a SoundLiberty 77 review, but I found just how in-ear the SoundLiberty 77’s were to take some getting used to. By the end of the first commute I had got the hang of it and was no longer worried they might fall out my ears! I swapped to the smallest earplug size as well (quick and easy to do) which definitely helped. In fact, they even became so comfortable you could forget they were in your ears and get on with your day for hours at a time.

In-Office Wearability

These headphones are great for in-office wear. In fact, I’d recommend them most in this kind of daily situation; whilst they transition to exercise if you’re heading to the gym before or after work, they excel in an office environment. The True Wireless makes life easier because you can keep one earbud in at all times but still be able to vaguely hear what’s going on in the background. They were also great for discreetly picking up calls.

Plus there’s the ease of keeping your charging case on your desk at all times, where you can safely secure your earbuds when you’re not using them. Perfect!

Taking Phone Calls

As mentioned earlier, once you’ve successfully answered a call it’s pretty crystal clear. But make sure you know how to answer calls successfully if you’re using the earbud touch commands – you don’t want to accidentally reject the call!

Battery Life

The battery timings from Amazon semmed accurate. I wore the earbuds for three hours straight at one point with no interruptions, and they were well synchronized throughout. The SoundLiberty 77 case was great for keeping them charged and itself lasted throughout the time I was testing on one charge.

Use in Exercise

There was nothing wrong with using these when exercising. In fact, when using them to go straight from work to the gym it was pretty ideal. The case was so easy to transport that the second time, when I decided I preferred to use my BH072 to work out with, I took both pairs with me for the day. Used my SoundLiberty 77’s at work, and managed with BH072 whilst running!

As I said before, they fit well, didn’t fall out, and you feel confident in their sweatproof abilities. They also maintained great sound while running and the batteries lasted my commute and an hour on the treadmill. But they don’t feel like they’re built for exercise, and I prefer wired earbuds like BH072 so I can hang them around my neck while I’m resting. For that reason, I’m recommending these more for office use – but it’s up to you to decide!

If you found this SoundLiberty 77 review helpful and want to learn more, you can check them out on Amazon!

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