TaoTronic’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Mother's Day Gift - TaoTronics headphones

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day present can be stressful (almost as stressful as realizing how close it is ’til the big day. May 12th, for anyone who needs a reminder!) What do you get for the person who already has everything they need in life, aka you?!

We have the perfect solution: an alternative present, one that your Mom can appreciate and is free to enjoy whenever she wants. “What is that?” I hear you cry! One word: headphones.

We’ve matched the perfect headphones for you Mom – you just need to decide what she needs headphones for! Here’s our Mother’s Day gift guide…

For the Mother Who… Needs Some Peace and Quiet!

…though maybe this applies to everyone’s mother at some point!

Mom’s just need alone time sometimes. Whether that’s to meditate, relax, or just block out the background noise as they work, this kind of Mom needs hybrid active noise canceling technology in their lives. TT-BH046 will be an incredible present for them – background noise will disappear whether they listen to music or not! Plus you get an incredible 2 hours of listening with only 5 minutes of charge – so if she needs that quiet time fast, there isn’t a problem!

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For the Mother Who… Is A Fitness Fanatic!

Is your Mom obsessed with the gym? Or wanting to be?

For Pilates Moms, soccer Moms, or anyone who wants more motivation while they exercise, you should get a pair of wireless headphones like TT-BH070. One of our best-selling headphones, their ergonomic fit means they stay in place through the most energetic of sports. Plus, TT-BH070 are IPX6 Waterproof, meaning your Mom can exercise no matter the weather. A great present that can be enjoyed all year round!

IPX Ratings 101: How to Protect Your Earbuds from Sweat and Water

For the Mother Who… Is Always On the Move!

Does your Mom have a to-do list as long as her arm? Things she always means to do but never has the time? Is she always rushing about?

She needs a pair of TT-BH053‘s. These small, inconspicuous headphones will blend right in with her life, meaning she can get everything done listening to her favorite tunes. They’re True Wireless so she’ll be ahead of the game tech-wise. What’s more, noise isolation technology means your Mom can properly focus on the task at hand; you can borrow them when she’s asking you if you’re settling down yet…

Don’t miss out – TT-BH053 are currently on offer on Amazon! Get yours (or your Mom’s) pair today! Click here.

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  1. I bought these for myself but I have not been able to register them! This site seems to be a vicious circle! Please assist!

    1. Hi Ruby,

      Sorry to hear about your issues with the website, but thanks for getting in touch. We suggest that you email support@taotronics.com with your details so a member of our customer service team can assist you with this matter.

      Enjoy your new headphones! Let us know what you think of them!

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