New Tower Fan 2023: Stay Cool This Summer without an Air Conditioner

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In summer, your home can quickly get unbearably hot and stuffy. A cooling tower fan can offer some relief and provide an escape from harsh outdoor temperatures. It’s an energy-efficient alternative to air conditioning and is also affordable. And the good news is it can be used in apartment buildings and other spaces where an AC unit isn’t ideal.

Unlike a box fan, a tower fan has a much smaller footprint, so you can place it in a tight space. It’s perfect for cooling down hot rooms and creates the perfect comfort zone for your living room, dining room, or bedroom.

The best tower fan oscillates from side to side, quickly lowering the temperature across an entire room with its cooling breeze. Some digital tower fans feature multiple speed settings, programmable timers, quiet operation, and air purifiers. 

Comfy and Cool

How Do Tower Fans Cool Down a Room?

  1. Tower fans work like air conditioners: A tiny inlet on their casing allows air to get drawn in. Once it’s drawn in, it’s blown out at a 90-degree angle. This, combined with the fan’s height, ensures more cool air gets circulated in a room. Most tower fans have an inbuilt air purifier and dehumidifier.
  2. They have an air circulator: An air circulator sucks air in through the back, directing it into a column and projecting it out of the unit through a tight spiral grill. Our digital tower fan features smooth 80° Oscillation and three wind modes for better cooling.
  3. Tower fans help keep the air fresh and clean: These fans have built-in filters that trap dust, pollen, and pet dander and prevent them from polluting the air. Built-in ionizers purify the air, making your environment cleaner.
  4. Large-capacity water tank: A tower fan that works on the principle of evaporative cooling uses water evaporation to cool the air. Warm, fresh air passes through water-saturated pads, evaporating the water in the pads. This reduces the air temperature before it’s circulated in a space. The TaoTronics tower fan has a 7-liter water tank that allows for longer usage.
  5. Adjustable fan speed: Speed adjusters on a fan can reduce your energy usage. If you set a lower speed, your fan will consume less energy and experience less wear and tear. When fans are not readjusted during periods of low demand, they often generate higher-than-necessary airflows
  6. Space saving: Cooling tower fans are slim by design, so you won’t miss a spot for them if space is at a premium! Tuck yours away in the corner of a room without cluttering up your space.

New Tower Fan 2023—What Is the Difference Between a Pedestal Fan and a Tower Fan?

  1. White noise: A good tower fan like the TaoTronics cooling tower fan produces white noise sounds, drowning out disruptive noises. You’ll find the sound relaxing and sleep better at night. White noise masks the difference between background sounds and “peak” sounds (such as a door slamming) to maintain consistency in your environment.
  2. Smart energy usage this summer: Tower fans are more energy efficient than other cooling devices, such as AC units. You can use your unit throughout summer and still save money on your power bill.
  3. Control panel: The control panel monitors and controls the rise in temperature and looks after the ventilation system.
  4. · Better fan components: A good digital tower fan has a DC motor and an oscillation system that function with less machine vibration. There’s a large contact area between the fan’s body and base, which makes it more stable on the floor.
  5. Better coverage: A digital tower fan provides better coverage compared to 65°oscillating fans. 90-degree oscillation perfectly pairs with 42-inch height to deliver cool air as far as 6 meters.

Where Should a Tower Fan Be Placed?

  1. In a nursery or baby’s room: You can use a cooling tower fan in your baby’s room in summer or on hot spring days. It will circulate air in the room and prevent it from becoming too stuffy. But it’s important to adjust the fan’s settings so it doesn’t blow cold air directly on your baby.
  2. In the bedroom: An oscillating pedestal fan offers even air circulation throughout a bedroom, keeping the room cool throughout the night. If you want to keep your bedroom cool but don’t want to feel air blowing on your face all the time, the TaoTronics oscillating standing fan is a great choice.
  3. In the living room: A fan cools down a living room, creating a comfortable environment and maintaining the ideal temperature. You can change the fan’s direction to cool the room in summer and recirculate warm air in winter. A modern fan offers understated style and creates a comfortable and stylish oasis.
  4. Outdoors: An outdoor fan cools down areas during hot, sunny afternoons and reduces humidity and heat by circulating cool air. It is ideal for semi-enclosed outdoor spaces that don’t expose it to extreme weather conditions.
  5. In areas with a lot of moisture:  laundry rooms and bathrooms can both benefit from a standing fan. The fan can get rid of excess moisture, stale air, and odors. A poorly ventilated bathroom or laundry room has moisture buildup. In summer, this can result in mold growth, bacteria, and dust mites.

Buy the Best Tower Fan Before Summer Rolls Around

Summer can get very hot in the US, so think about investing in a tower fan this year. It will be money well spent. Buy a fan before the temperature rises and prices shoot up, and you’ll be well prepared. It will greatly enhance your comfort level and may help you sleep better at night.

Your home might have central air, but a fan can be super useful. A tower fan will help you conserve floor space and is a great alternative to pedestal options. It also offers a sleek and modern design that won’t take away from the flow of a room. Most modern fans include add-on features and come in a slew of sizes. Some can fit on countertops, while others can cool down large rooms.

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