Seven Reasons to Choose Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Gaming

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Gaming

If you hadn’t realized, the 2019 E3 expo has been happening in Los Angeles this week (and lets face it, if you hadn’t realized but you’re reading this article, you might be in the wrong place!) There have been some incredible games announcements; explore why instead of a gaming headset, you should choose wireless Bluetooth headphones for gaming.

E3 Expo

E3 Expo – the major gaming event of the year, where big names debut new tech and games. This year has been making headlines for Bethesda’s Doom Eternal announcement, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake (!) and Ubisoft’s all new Watch Dogs Legion. Not to mention everyone’s main man Keanu Reeves introducing Cyberpunk 2077!

To really enjoy playing these kind of games, you need decent headphones. Headphones that can immerse you in the experiencer – the kind where you sit down to play for a bit, and then five hours later you check your phone and have no idea where the time has gone.

But there’s so many headphones out there, and new ones keep getting announced all the time. We’ve created this guide to help you choose the best audio devices for you. Should you get wireless Bluetooth headphones or a gaming headset?

e3 expo
The 2019 E3 Expo Had Many Incredible Announcements

The Demise of the Gaming Headset for Casual Players

Gaming headphones were developed with the rise of multi-player gaming, first making an appearance in 1997. Soon there was investment from Microsoft and the inclusion of improved tech to accommodate Dolby Digital and surround sound. Popularized in the office environment for making it easier to make calls, they have become a steady feature for a heavy gamers tool kit.

But just because they were popular, doesn’t mean that they’re for everyone. For one, not everyone can justify spending $60+ on a gaming headset that they’ll only use a few times a week. Casual players want something different; headphones they can game with, but aren’t specifically for gaming.

Enter wireless Bluetooth headphones for gaming.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones For Gaming: Your New Alternative

TT-BH060 are great gaming headphones

If you’re a heavy gamer, then, a gaming headset might be for you. But consumer headphones, more specifically wireless Bluetooth headphones, are the future for casual gamers. Not convinced? Here’s seven reasons why:

#1 – You Can Wear Them Anywhere, Anytime – Even At The E3 Expo

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are where it’s at. They’re designed for versatility, so you can get more wear out of them; they’re better value for money. Wear them anywhere on the move, from travelling to on your commute.

#2 – They’re Stylish

So, Wireless Bluetooth headphones are precision built for going outside your bedroom. Waterproofing features mean you can go outside without damaging your headphones. And, lets face it, you just can’t wear a gaming headset outside without looking like you’re a lost pilot…

#3 – Built-In Mics Are Where It’s At

Wearing an unwieldy mic can be a pain, and having a static separate mic in front of you is even worse. If you want to feel free to move about whilst keeping the mic function – important to every online gamer – you need a clear built-in mic. Make sure you get one that has Qualcomm cVc technology 6.0 or above to be heard clearly by your teammates.

#4 – They’re A Lot Comfier To Wear

Gaming headsets are cumbersome; they’re built for heavy graft, and have all the features for it. If you’re a more casual gamer then you’re going to want headphones you can wear for a few hours at the time. Choose headphones that are adjustable and have soft-protein earcups for ultimate comfort.

#5 – They Sound Great For Gaming or Music

Most people don’t wear their gaming headsets to listen to music for good reason. You need decent large-aperture drivers – 40mm is pretty ideal – to deliver deep bass and, less ideally, the dulcet tones of that guy yelling at you online. But most importantly the great sound on-the-go.

#6 – Decent Active Noise Cancellation Technology – In Normal Sized Headphones!

Consumer headphones – particularly wireless Bluetooth headphones – have some of the latest tech going. Active Noise Cancelling technology is important not just for making your music sound better and for helping you focus, but for protecting your ears. Once you try it, it’s hard to go back! (That’s not to say there aren’t gaming headsets with noise cancelling tech – but have you SEEN the size of that kind of headset?!)

#7 – You Can’t Tell You’ve Been Gaming Just By Looking At You

Told your other half that you’ll clean and ended up gaming instead? Offered to cook for your flat mate and forgot? Promised your parents you’d face-time? If they get in contact, wearing wireless Bluetooth headphones means you won’t have been so obviously gaming. You can simply pretend you were doing language practice, or fell asleep listening to amazing music – anything so as to not annoy them by admitting what actually happened. It’s not pretty, but it’s an option.

Our Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Gamers Recommendation is TT-BH060 in Coral (coming soon!) or Black. They’re the future for casual gamers – check them out today.

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