Navigating the Warmth: 3 Top Reasons to Consider a Space Heater This Winter

Navigating the Warmth: 3 Top Reasons to Consider a Space Heater This Winter

When it comes to finding the perfect heating solution for your home or office, you may already be considering the benefits and drawbacks of various heaters. One of the more popular options to consider is without a doubt a space heater. With two space heaters on our top-seller’s list, the good news is that you won’t have to look very far to find the best model for your specific needs.

With that said, you may still have a few concerns. Are these heaters safe to use? Are they energy efficient? Do they dry the air in your home and if so, how does this affect any respiratory concerns you may have? This post answers these questions and also highlights the features and benefits of our two top space heaters.

The Three Most Significant Reasons to Opt for a Space Heater

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to assess your current heating solutions. Are you unsure of whether or not a space heater is the best heating solution for your space? Keep reading as we explore the three top reasons why a modern space heater from the TaoTronics range is well worth considering.

1. Energy Efficient

TaoTronics HE003 24" Space Heater, 1500W PTC Safety Protection with Eco Mode, Remote Control, 65° Oscillation

One of the reasons that space heaters are so popular is that they are well-known for being energy efficient. The main reason for this is that space heaters such as the TaoTronics HE003 24” Space Heater can easily be adjusted to focus heat on a specific area. Instead of having a heater that uses a lot of energy to heat the whole room, your space heater focuses the heat where you need it.

TaoTronics HE007 24” Space Heater , 1500W Fast Heating Safety Protection with 3 Adjustable Heat Levels

Another feature that you’ll find on this unit and the Taotronics HE007” Space Heater is that they can warm a room in a remarkably short time. This in turn means that there’s no need to keep the heaters on for hours to warm a space, instantly reducing the amount of energy you’re using to heat up your home.


Extra Coverage

A feature that adds to the energy efficiency of our space heaters is that THEY boast an ultra-wide 65° oscillating fan which also creates 20% more heat coverage. Not only does this eliminate cold patches in the room, but it creates more heat with less energy. And that’s a huge bonus when it comes to your energy bill!

Depending on the size of your home, you may need heating in various rooms. A top way to make your setup energy efficient and more affordable, is to have a single unit that you can simply move to where you need it. Since the TaoTronics space heater models are lightweight, they’re remarkably portable, making it easy to move them around between rooms. Instead of buying and installing multiple appliances, simply opt for the right space heater that you can move to the space you need.

2. Safety Concerns

One of the biggest concerns surrounding any type of heater is how safe it is to use. This is because many heaters can reach very high temperatures that can put surrounding items such as furniture and curtains at risk of catching fire. There’s the added concern of what happens when a heater remains on while the family is sleeping or not present in the room.

Fortunately, both the TT HE003 and the TT HE007 have several notable safety features. For example, both units are made of V0 flame retardant material which means there’s no risk of the unit setting ablaze when it gets too hot.


Tip-Over Protection

Another impressive safety feature to point out centers around what happens when the unit falls over if accidentally bumped into by children or pets. With a tip-over protection feature, both our space heaters are guaranteed to switch off if they are accidentally knocked over.

This means you won’t have to worry about carpets, blankets or curtains accidentally catching fire or anyone getting burnt. Additionally, a 12-hour timer ensures that your heater will switch off if you accidentally forget it on.

3. Dry Air and Respiratory Concerns

Winter comes with a lot of bothersome ailments. Flu, colds and other respiratory concerns are at the top of the list. Many people often brave the cold in their homes to avoid getting the illnesses that are often associated with heaters.

However, if you live in a very cold area, or you have small children, keeping rooms chilly may not be the best option. With that in mind, your only option may be to find a heater that doesn’t cause or contribute to winter ailments.

Ventilation is Key

Generally, heaters are known for circulating dust and germs around the room. To avoid this, ensure that your space heater is properly ventilated. Since both the TT HE003 and the TT HE007 have a slim design, it’s super easy to place them in a space where they can get proper ventilation.

Furthermore, since both these units evenly distribute the warm air quicker than many other heaters, there’s no need to keep your heater on for extended periods. Temperature control features on both of these models also mean that you don’t have to keep the unit’s temperature the same all the time. When you feel the air getting dry, simply adjust the temperature. Doing this will keep the room warm without making the air too dry to breathe properly. Since both models have remote control features, you can comfortably adjust the temperature without getting off the couch!


Final Thoughts

It’s evident that space heaters are quite possibly the best heating solutions for your home, especially if you’re looking for an energy-efficient, safe and healthy option. Both the TT HE003 and TT HE007 models offer high levels of personalized comfort while also ensuring your home is instantly warmed.

Clearly, investing in one of our stellar space heaters is the best way to avoid the winter blues!

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