Effortless At-home Car Washing: Revolutionize Car Cleaning 

Product Introduction

Whether you collect cars or use one daily, washing them regularly is necessary. Dirt and dust can settle on the car’s skin anytime and damage the paintwork. Therefore, regular cleaning not only keeps the car clean but also helps maintain its value.

However, you might find it a hassle or an inconvenience to regularly wash your car—usually because of the price of the time it would take out of your busy schedule. That’s where the pressure washers come in. This versatile tool gets the car washing job done in no time. In addition, you can use it to clean and restore different surfaces including concrete floors, exterior brick, or industrial vehicles.

With pressure washers, also known as a power washer, you don’t need to use abrasive cleaning agents. Its cleaning power comes from a motorized pump that produces high-pressure water through a nozzle. The water’s force helps break up tough stains like grease, residue, wax, or rust.

Here are some key terms you should know before purchasing a pressure washer:

GPM: gallon per minute

PSI: pound per square inch

CU: cleaning units (or cleaning speed)

Before selecting the pressure washer you need for your car, always check its GPM, PSI, and CU values. Most importantly, it’s necessary to choose the right pressure washer PSI value as a higher PSI value would mean more force on the surface you’re cleaning, thereby damaging the surface.

Here are pressure washer ratings you should take note of:

Light Duty: 0-1999 psi

Medium Duty: 2000-2799 psi

Heavy Duty: 2800-3299 psi

Industrial Duty: 3300 psi and more.

Where Can I Use the Pressure Washer (Applicable Scenarios)

Pressure washers are versatile machines, therefore aside from using them for car washing, there are other surfaces you could use the pressure washer to clean. Some is these surfaces include:


A clean driveway gives your home a clean appearance. However, with a pressure washer, cleaning your driveway becomes an easy and straightforward task. Ensure to use turbo nozzles instead of a standard spray tip.

Exterior Walls of Your House

There are various types of exterior walls, but regardless of the variety, you can use a pressure washer to get rid of the dirt and grime on the exterior walls of your home. Most times, your walls might require cleaning out of necessity rather than aesthetics. However, ensure to file the right procedure to clean your exterior wall.


Cleaning your deck manually might give you a backache. But if you use a pressure washer, it’ll be a breeze—you might even enjoy it. However, ensure to use the right pressure as a higher pressure could strip the paint off. To clean your deck properly, you’ll need to move around consistently and avoid keeping the hose in one direction for too long.

Stripping Paint

If you’re tired of stripping paint with a scraper tool, then you should try using a pressure washer. The pressure washer not only saves time but also gives you control over how you strip and clean the surface evenly, even in hard-to-reach places like in between deck boards. However, if the paint is lead-based, avoid using a pressure washer on the surface as it is dangerous to your health.


Whether you have a vinyl, wooden, concrete, or chain link fence, you can use a pressure washer to get rid of the buildup, grime, or rust on the fence. However, when you’re pressure washing a wooden fence, use a mild nozzle to avoid stripping its paint. You’ll also need to repaint the fence surface to keep it from rotting out.

Barbeque Grill

If you are a cookout enthusiast, or you love making burgers and BBQs in your backyard in the summer, you’re definitely going to have crust stains on your grill plates that’ll be difficult to remove. However, that won’t be an issue if you use a pressure washer. Ensure to disconnect the electric components before you start cleaning.

However, this doesn’t mean you can use a pressure washer to wash everything. Some of the things you shouldn’t use a pressure washer on include:

  • Electric panels
  • Air conditioners
  • Animals or people
  • Windows
  • Plants and gardens

Features of the Product

Pressure washers work as garden hoses and also as air compressors. A typical pressure washer often comes with a gas-powered engine or electrical motor that powers its water pump. The pump speeds up the water flow from the garden house, producing a high pressure.

The washer is also connected to a high-pressure hose, and at its end is a water-pressure gun. When you pull the trigger on the water gun, the air mixes with the water and flows out of the nozzle.

At TaoTronics, we believe in producing the best quality products, and that includes our Electric pressure washer. Without further ado, here are the features of the TaoTronics SI-TH004 SWIPESMITH Electric Pressure Washer:

3000 PSI Pressure

Though our TaoTronics pressure washer is equipped with a powerful 1800W power, it consumes less energy, with a high-efficiency copper core motor with a pressure of about 3000 PSI. Its high pressure makes it ideal for your light-duty to heavy-duty cleaning.

Foam Cannon and Multiple Nozzles

The power washer also comes with four easy-to-connect metal spray nozzles ranging from 0° to 40°. Additionally, comes with a foam cannon that makes it easy for you to clean gaps in driveways and cars. With the right detergent and water in the foam cannon, you’re good to go.

Safety Design and Portability

Our TaoTronics pressure washer also comes with overheating protection and a Total Stop System to prevent electric shock. Additionally, it features a 20ft house and 35ft power cord for easy maneuvering during cleaning.

How To Use a Pressure Washer

To use your pressure washer to wash your car, you have to follow a set of guidelines. Though not necessary, it would give you the best result. These steps include:

Park Your Car in a Good Spot

Before washing your car, you must park the car in an open area, away from other fragile objects. This is important to prevent any accidents. Ensure your electric car pressure washer is close enough to your car.

Rinse the Car

Before you start washing the car, lightly clean the vehicle to get rid of any stubborn debris. Turn on the machine and use the pressure washer to give your car a light spray while standing a few meters away from the vehicle. Then slowly get closer to the car after you’re sure the water pressure is right for the car wash.

Apply Detergent to the Car Surface

Dilute detergent in water and pour it into the water gun attached to the tip of the pressure washer hose. Ensure to use a mild detergent suitable for your car washing and the pressure washer.

Rinse Off the Detergent

With the 40° hose nozzle, rinse off the detergent from the car surface. Ensure to hold the pressure washer up at 40° to 45° to rinse from the top of the car to the bottom.


With our high-performance pressure washer model, you can effortlessly wash and clean your car at home. Selecting the right pressure washer will improve your car washing experience and also save you time and energy.

Our commitment to quality and performance ensures that you get the best results every time with our product. To experience the convenience and effectiveness of our TaoTronics pressure washers, head over to our online store and let us assist you in making that purchase.

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