Get a Good Night’s Sleep with the VAVA Baby Monitor with Split Screen

In days gone by, parents would silently tiptoe into nurseries to check on their sleeping babies. But creaky floorboards and squeaky doors would sometimes wake the young ones up. Luckily, the baby monitor was invented, allowing parents to sleep peacefully as they monitored their little ones every now and then.

A baby monitor does one great job: it keeps tabs on your child when you’re not in the same room. You don’t have to keep checking on them or stay close to their room. When they sleep, you’re free to rest or get things done around the house.

The technology behind baby monitors has greatly improved over time and we now have high-definition video, smart alerts, and noise-canceling capabilities that remove some of the guesswork that comes with taking care of a baby. Looking to buy a baby monitor? The VAVA Baby Monitor with split screen makes baby monitoring easy.

Top 6 Features of the VAVA Baby Monitor with Split Screen

Your little one needs constant attention, but you can’t be in their room all the time. That’s where a baby monitor comes in. A good monitor like the VAVA Baby Monitor lets you listen in on your child from another room.

Set it up near your little one’s crib or bed so you can feel at ease when doing other things as your baby sleeps. A crying baby can unnerve any parent, being able to see them provides an extra level of safety. Here are the top 6 features of the VAVA Baby Monitor with split screen.

1.      Night Vision

The night vision feature allows you to watch your baby sleep from another room. It is a standard feature in most baby monitors, but the VAVA Baby Monitor goes one step further. It has both audio and video mode and lets you keep a close eye on your baby during the day and night. On audio-only mode, its 4500mAh rechargeable battery lasts for 18hrs. If you turn on the screen, the battery will last for 12hrs. The night vision feature will ensure you keep an eye on your little one better.

2.      Two-Way Communication

A two-way baby monitor is ideal for parents who want to be able to talk to their babies and not just listen to them when they need attention. If you have a newborn, you can also use this feature to talk to your nanny or spouse when they are in the baby’s room. You won’t have to shout up the stairs or hallway.

VAVA’s two-way communication feature allows you to sing a lullaby to your little one or soothe them back to sleep. With a range of 900ft and stable wireless transmission, you’ll never be far from your baby. The handy feature allows you to communicate with baby and calm them down remotely.

3.      High-Quality Video Resolution

Not all baby monitor systems offer video technology, but the VAVA Baby Monitor does. It will give you peace of mind as you’ll be able to take a quick peek at your baby without disturbing them. And that’s not all. Its large 5-inch 720P IPS display gives you a clearer view of your little one.

You can see their delicate movements and even their softest breathing. Watching your baby in high definition is a lot more enjoyable than watching them on a distorted screen. This is a feature you shouldn’t pass up. 

When you have an infant, it’s important to check their position in the crib occasionally. The VAVA Baby Monitor will help you determine if your baby is sleeping in a good position. You’ll also know if they have woken up or are just crying a little in their sleep. It’s normal for infants to cry a little then continue sleeping. The video feature will help you make the distinction.

4.      Temperature Sensor

If you want to ensure your baby’s nursery has the right temperature, you’ll be delighted to know that the VAVA Baby Monitor tracks this. Many thermostats don’t measure the temperature in each room, and when doors are closed, temperatures can vary a lot.

This baby monitor will help you keep tabs on the nursery’s temperature and adjust it as necessary. The best temperature for a baby’s nursery is usually 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (20 to 22.2 degrees Celsius). 

The monitor displays the temperature of each camera room and allows you to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. It also shows the time, the cameras streaming to the monitor, the sound level, the battery level, and the signal strength.

5.      Dual Screen

With a dual-screen baby monitor, you can watch two children or more without switching between screens or devices. You don’t have to check on them every now and then, disturbing their sleep. The VAVA Baby Monitor has two screens and is very useful for families with more than one child, or those who require multiple viewing points.

It provides high quality images on each screen. If you have twins, two children under five with separate rooms, or a preschooler with playroom and bedroom access, get it. You’ll never have to worry about changing camera feeds in the middle of the night. 

6.      Portable Base Unit with Good Range for Remote Baby Monitoring

Babies sleep more than their parents and also nap during the day. If you don’t want to spend your time sitting next to a baby monitor watching the video stream, get the VAVA baby monitor system.

With a good transmission range (900ft) and long battery life, you can do your chores—take out the trash, clean the house, or let the dog out—and still be able to see your baby. Its compact size makes remote baby monitoring more convenient than ever. You can see closer and clearer by zooming in the camera 2X or 4X.

Get the VAVA Baby Monitor and Rest More

Most new parents only get to sleep when their babies sleep. With the VAVA Baby Monitor, you can rest for a bit longer. You’ll no longer feel compelled to go check on your baby every five minutes, braving squeaky doors or letting in too much light. Instead, you can focus on what’s on your to-do list.

The VAVA Baby Monitor will tell you more than just whether your baby is awake and crying in their crib. With all the bells and whistles parents look for in a baby monitor, it perfectly fits your needs and budget. Buy it today while stocks last by visiting this page.

Daniel Bishop

Daniel Bishop

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