The Insider’s Guide to Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oils smell great, reduce stress, help you sleep, and even treat fungal infections. The concentrated extractions from plants have a myriad of medicinal and recreational uses. But to enjoy most of their benefits, you need an essential oil diffuser (aromatherapy diffuser). A diffuser diffuses essential oils into the air, filling an area with a natural fragrance.

A powerful essential oil diffuser, like the Anjou essential oil diffuser, is worth getting. You can use it with essential oils such as tea tree, clary sage, and lavender and transform your space. Get a diffuser and create a serene, welcoming space—a space where you can get a much-needed break from your tough day.

What Are Essential Oil diffusers?

Traditionally, oil burners were used to diffuse oils, but they weren’t safe and required constant monitoring. When essential oil diffusers were introduced, they were widely embraced because they are safer and can be used in any space. Today, there are many types of diffusers, including nebulizing and passive diffusers. They are often multi-sensory and feature lights, timers, and mists, so you can leave them on all day or opt for a 30-minute burst.

A misting diffuser is worth having in your home, especially when temperatures are cool, as it helps counteract the drying central heating. It is also perfect for spring and summer. During hot seasons, use citrusy scents to create a calm, refreshing environment.

If you want a diffuser that’s safe and easy to use, get an ultrasonic oil diffuser like the Anjou essential oil diffuser. It has no wicks or pads, no heating element, and the scent travels a lot farther. And unlike a nebulizer diffuser, it extends the life of each bottle of essential oil.

How to Safely Use Essential Oil Diffusers

1.      Get the Right Essential Oil Diffuser

Use an ultrasonic diffuser in winter to humidify the air. However, choose one that isn’t made from plastic which is not eco-friendly. Some experts also believe that plastic negatively interacts with the quality of essential oils. Get a nebulizing diffuser if you want something you can use for short periods—as most come with a timer. Avoid heat diffusers that use heat from a candle flame to diffuse the oil. They are less effective because heat changes the oil’s chemical properties, altering its smell and effectiveness.

2.      Use Your Diffuser Correctly

  • Invest in quality essential oils. Only buy essential oils that are 100% pure (unadulterated by toxic additives). Also, be sure to buy them from a company you trust.
  • Clean the diffuser regularly. Wipe the diffuser after each use to prevent mold buildup and cross-contamination. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when deep cleaning the device.
  • Only use the recommended amount. Every diffuser comes with recommendations for the number of drops to use. Follow them.
  • Don’t leave it on all day. Keep the diffuser on for about 30 minutes at most or use its timer.
  • Check for allergies. Test the oil on your skin before you put it in a diffuser to make sure you’re not allergic.
  • Be careful if you have asthma. Be extra cautious if you have asthma as you can have a negative reaction to the compounds in the air.
  • If you’re pregnant, check with your doctor. Don’t use essential oil diffusers without consulting your doctor first.
  • Monitor your pet. Some essential oils can cause tremors in cats, so monitor your pet for any reactions.

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers to Buy Now

300ml Ultrasonic Diffuser with Essential Oil Set: AJ-PCN082

The top-rated Anjou essential oil diffuser has a 300-milliliter capacity and features seven light colors. You can set each of them as bright or dim, and the device automatically shuts off when it runs out of water. It can run for up to eight hours on intermittent mode. It’s easy to use and is surprisingly powerful.

The aromatherapy essential oil diffuser has a patented oil flow system that diffuses consistent scent into a room from one fill. It also features noise-reduction technology and runs quietly with no water dripping sounds, creating a serene environment for relaxation, studying, working, or sleeping.

300ml Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser: AJ-ADA019

Experience soothing scents and gentle light with the Anjou aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. It has a 300-milliliter water tank that can run for up to eight hours per fill. It’s very easy to use and adds humidity to the air with its cool mist.

The essential oil diffuser runs quietly thanks to noise-reduction technology and is BPA-free. It automatically shuts down when water runs out, so you can use it overnight. It’s hard to get such a powerful diffuser at such a great price, so buy yours today. It also makes a great present any time of year.

Essential Oil Sets

14x10ml Essential Oil Set: AJ-PCN062

Treat yourself to an aromatherapy moment by getting the best essential oil set. Unwind and recharge at the end of every day. Give yourself—or your loved one—the perfect self-care present. The Anjou aromatherapy essential oil set contains fourteen 100% certified therapeutic-grade purity essential oils. Pamper yourself with their restorative, uplifting, and calming benefits. The set makes a great gift for the wellness enthusiast in your life.

6 x10ml Essential Oil Set: AJ-ES001

If you want a small set to try out first before you get the larger set, this is it. It’s perfect for beginners and includes six full-sized bottles of Anjou’s lavender, eucalyptus, sweet orange, peppermint, lemongrass, and tea tree essential oils. The 100% natural essential oils promote a calmer body and mind. They can be used with diffusers, air fresheners, or humidifiers.

Get an Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser and Essential Oil Set Today

Anjou aromatherapy essential oils are designed to boost your senses with their uplifting scents, and the aromatherapy diffuser will ensure they fill your space with fragrance all day long. Get them and create an inviting, relaxing space. Give your home or office a calmer, more pleasant-smelling ambiance.

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