New Must Have Items For Your Home: A Countertop Ice Maker and Compact Refrigerator

You’ve finished your spring cleaning. You’ve swapped out your winter clothing for summer threads. You might even have to wear sunscreen every day (although, let’s face it, we should all be doing that anyway). What’s next?

If you’ve hit this page, then what’s next might well be a countertop ice maker or a compact refrigerator. They might not be appliances you’ve thought much about–or, perhaps you’re here doing your research having thought a LOT about them–but they would be a great addition to your home.

In this blog, we’ll explore why both of these items are a great inclusion on your next shopping list (especially in time for Amazon Prime Day on June 21st and 22nd 2021). You’ll learn about home ice makers and the benefits of owning your own small fridge, which you can even turn into a beauty fridge! Read on to discover more.

How did ice machines come to be in our homes?

This is a simple question with an interesting answer.

If you look back in history, ice has a similar story to sugar and spice in that it was once reserved for societies wealthiest, before becoming an everyday item for people from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

It has been available across the world for centuries, including in hot countries like Egypt, plus the Romans were big fans. But only in the industrial revolution was it able to be moved in large enough quantities to chill drinks for millions across the globe as huge chunks being shipped from cold regions.

However, it wasn’t ready for everyone yet. This is because refrigerators only became commonplace in the US around the 1930s, and freezers are necessary to store ice.

As the 20th century drew on, people moved away from having to hack at a block of ice with a pick to be able to create their own ice cubes. They weren’t always the best quality. The water could be impure and cloudy; they could melt quickly; they might even take ages to form.

As the years wore on and technology developed, being able to freeze water on a whim, or buy it in bags from the store, meant that ice went from a luxurious experience for the rich to an everyday necessity.

What are the benefits of having a home ice maker?

  1. Clean and simple. Ever tried carrying a full ice tray to your freezer without spilling a drop? It’s super tough, and often not worth the energy (if you’re anything like me, you’ll have forgotten about the ice until the last minute, so it won’t have frozen in time and you’ll have had to go to the store to pick some up anyway).
  2. Ice whenever you need it. As I mentioned, sometimes you need ice and it’s the last thing you thought about. Why not put on an ice machine and save yourself having to wait for hours?
  3. Plenty of ice. Owning a home ice maker means you can focus on keeping ice cream in your freezer instead of filling your freezer with trays, all balanced precariously. Always the better option!
  4. A cute scoop. Seriously. So cute. You’ll see when you get one.

What are the benefits of a compact refrigerator?

For students

A compact refrigerator is great for anyone who is living with someone and wants to keep their food safe from wandering hands (and the growling stomachs of their friends). This is particularly useful for students, who can keep snacks and drinks cold in the safety of their own room (or at least, out of any communal spaces).

For professionals

Working from home, you might like your hourly trips wandering to the fridge, opening the door, and staring into the abyss, trying to figure out how you got there. But having a fridge nearby–under your desk, for instance–makes it easier to access your snacks. What’s more, you can keep nice surprises in there, like a beer for Friday afternoons. Let’s face it, it will probably be the beer fridge you’re missing from the office.

For beauty bloggers

The trend of having a beauty fridge isn’t ending! Easily keep your moisturisers, face masks, quartz rollers, and other beauty items cool and in one place by storing them in a mini fridge. Depending on how many items you have, you might need a larger fridge than the ones often advertised. You’d be shocked by how small some of them are if you’ve got plenty of beauty products to store!

TaoTronics Recommends

Freestanding Bar Fridge

Working from home is a lot more fun with a compact fridge full of your favourite beverages.

TaoTronics has two fridges on offer, the most compact being this freestanding bar fridge. At around a cool $210, it isn’t the cheapest model on the internet, but you get the quality you pay for and the ability to reverse the door hinges, so you can open the door either way! It offers space for up to an amazing 60 cans–you read that right, 60 cans!--so you won’t have to top it up for weeks at a time. Whether you want a beverage cooler or a beauty fridge, this compact refrigerator can do it all. Plus, you can head to the TaoTronics website today and get up to a 50% discount code when you sign up for their newsletter.

Top feature: Triple-layered, tempered glass door that won’t fog up every time you open the door.

TaoTronics Ice Maker

See, we told you the compact ice maker was cute!

The TaoTronics ice maker comes with a scoop, ensuring you can keep party guests happy all evening. Easy to use and easy to clean, you’ll enjoy this addition to your home as it happily churns out ice on hot days. Much more fun than putting ice trays into your freezer, all your friends will be jealous!

Head to the TaoTronics website today to shop their entire kitchen appliances collection!

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Lewis Hill

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