Your Perfect Valentine’s Day 2020 with LED String Lights

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Tired of love hearts? Looking for something that will make your Valentine’s Day 2020 special as well as looking good all year round? Our list of Valentine’s light ideas for indoors (and outdoors, if it isn’t too chilly!) will give you total inspiration!

Valentine’s day is the time of year to show that special someone you really care about them. It can also be a great time of year to redecorate!

Lighting is the perfect way to tick both of these boxes. With the right light decoration ideas for your home, you can create the perfect romantic atmosphere AND make your room look better year-round.

Who really needs an excuse to buy string lights anyway? These super popular additions create a warm glow that Is ideal for relaxing, reading, and anything else that appeals. They can also come in a range of options, from little lanterns to colored balls, to the more sleek, modern, minimalistic look that goes with every setting.

Make sure you are not left in the dark this Valentine’s day. Read on for our top Valentine’s light ideas for indoors or outdoors.

Popular String Light Decoration Ideas for Home

Indoor lights have always been used to create an atmosphere. When it comes to studying and reading, the right temperature and brightness of lighting can even help you remember more information. <Insert link to lamp blog when it has been published.>

Some key uses of LED string lights include:

  • Creating a picture-perfect scene with amazing ambient lighting
  • Bringing a cozy, warm feeling to any room
  • Infusing an appropriate atmosphere to any holiday
  • Helping you read or move about before bed without a bright light to keep you awake

Due to this, string lights are really popular with teenagers and adults alike. Anyone can affordably upgrade their room with this simple addition.

Valentine’s Light Ideas for Indoors

TaoTronics string lights

The beauty of string lights is that you can put them almost anywhere in your home. This is especially true if they run on batteries, rather than needing to be plugged into the wall outlet.

This means they are great for every room indoors. Whether you need to spice up your kitchen, make your living room more comfortable, or have a warm glow in your bedroom, a set of simple, minimalist lights will go with any kind of interior design.

For Valentine’s Day 2020, we’re suggesting you take your lighting to the next level. Think outside of the box to make your day that extra bit special.

  1. Lights Inside Empty Bottles

A surprisingly effective way to create a table decoration for Valentine’s is to put string lights inside an empty glass bottle. If your other half has a favorite drink, this is the perfect way to show you have thought of them. Maybe giving them a full bottle will be a good idea as well!

You should remember that the lights will be most effective in clear, green, or blue glass bottles; brown bottles will not cast a great glow and might be so thick that the light has trouble emitting. This means beer bottles are probably out!

  • String Lights Around Your Curtain Rails

If you have curtains instead of blinds, you can try wrapping string lights around the rails. Find the perfect glow even with your curtains closed! They could even drape down the curtains to add an interesting feature to your window throughout the year.

Make sure that you turn off the lights before you go to bed, especially if you have net or thin curtains. If the lights heat up or there is an electrical fault, this will save you from any potential of fire!

  • Bookcase Décor

One great way to illuminate a lovely feature of your home is to add string lights to the bookcases in your rooms. This can create a theme through your house and also provide you with a low reading light, if your chair is by the bookcase!

TaoTronics string lights

As Valentine’s Day light idea for indoors, this is special because it can add a glow to one area of the room without casting light everywhere. If you are watching a film, for instance, you can have a bit of lighting without having to turn your ceiling lamp on.

  • Hang Around a Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? (Cue: you tell your other half they’re beautiful).

Create a lovely moment with string lights around a mirror. This is also great lighting for the future that will be super kind if you’re trying to take mirror selfies!

  • Intertwine String Lights with Your Plants

Got anything from a cactus to a small tree in your room? Make them even more of a focal point with string lights. As plants are usually tucked away in rooms, this will give you an extra area of ambient lighting without it intruding too much into your room.

  • Drape Them Around Your Bed

Make your bed glow by winding string lights around your headboard or draping them over your bed. This will add a cozy feeling to the room that you will be able to keep year-round.

BONUS TIP: Make the lights into a word or shape on your bed. We suggest a love heart, the word ‘love,’ or your partner’s name, but the possibilities really are endless!

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020

There might be a chill in the air where you are. It is February, after all! But if you live somewhere with a warmer climate (or you’re technically still in summer, hey Southern Hemisphere readers!) then this section is for you.

Before we get to the ideas, you need to make sure that your lights are:

  • Waterproof
  • Created for the outdoors
  • Brighter than usual indoor lights
  • Have a long cord or are battery powered, so they can be placed anywhere

If your lights aren’t suitable for being placed outdoors, then we cannot recommend that you use them for this purpose.

Some ways you can improve your outdoor area include:

  • Decorate tree branches or your porch with string lights
  • Create cozy balcony lighting
  • Set up a table under a tree and let the lights dangle from the branches
  • Add lanterns around the area, connected with string lights
  • Spell out a longer message with the lights, that will illuminate when you need it to

General Tips for Choosing String Lights

There are some important things to note if you want to decorate using string lights. As we mentioned above, it is not always possible to use the same type of lights to decorate. For instance, outdoor lights need to be much more weatherproof than indoor lights in order to survive.

  1. Safety First

When you buy or use your lights again, you should always check for damage. This should be with the plug or battery casing as well as with the bulbs and string itself. Safety is key – nothing will ruin a romantic moment more than faulty lighting!

  • Pick Your Color Wisely

Do you want a warm glow, or more of a cooler light? LED lights have more of a blueish tint while incandescent bulbs offer more of an orange. Also ask yourself what will fit with your room: which lighting do you already have; what is the color of your walls; how much area do you want to illuminate? The answers to these will help you make your decisions.

  • Plug or Battery?

If you’re looking for a table decoration, then you need portability. This means that battery operated lights might be the way to go. But replacing batteries all the time can add to the costs of the lights. If they don’t arrive with batteries, you also have to remember to pick some up.

Lights that are powered from your wall outlet offer a great solution to this. You do not have to think about whether they will be powered – simply plug and go! However, this takes away the portability aspect. It could also mean that you have an unsightly cable running to where you need your lights to be.

  • Simple or Colorful Decoration

A fashion in recent years has been to have colored lights, or lights with colored balls and other shapes encasing them to cast a colorful glow. While this might be great for a kid’s room or outdoors, we suggest that for an evergreen look you should stay simple.

This is also great for Valentine’s Day 2020 as less decoration on the lights mean you can place them anywhere. Small lights with a copper wire can be placed easily into a bottle and then wound around a headboard quickly, making them versatile as well as beautiful.

Our Recommendations, Perfect for Light Decoration Ideas for Home

TaoTronics string lights

TaoTronics offer adaptable indoor lighting that will suit any room of your house. Minimalistic and beautiful, you will be happy to use the lights for years to come.

Our top recommendation (perfect for our Valentine’s lighting idea for indoors) is our wonderful 33ft string lights, featuring 100 LEDs. Copper wire means they can wind around anything. What’s more, they’re dimmable! You can create the perfect mood on February 14th and beyond. Did we mention that they’re waterproof, perfect for draping across your dinner table? Check them out here!

Looking for outdoor lights? TaoTronics offers UL588 and TUVus approved waterproof string lights that are an incredible 33ft long! Their copper string can be bent any way and they come in warm or white versions. You can’t get better than this for outdoor lighting! Search for model TT-SL032 on our website.

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