What is White Noise? Learn How a Sound Machine can Send You and Your Baby to Sleep

As a new parent (or even someone who has had plenty of practice!) it’s tough to get used to sleepless nights. Your baby is a miracle, but one that is extremely loud–they definitely let you know they’re around! It’s almost like the house is filled with baby white noise, at times.

There are plenty of old wives’ tales about how to get a baby to sleep through the night. ‘Flipping a baby’ over… Keeping them awake through the day… Putting something soothing in their bottle (like rice cereal, to keep them fuller for longer)… These might seem harmless, but there’s no substance or evidence to prove they work.

But, you need something to help you and your little one sleep through. You both deserve a break. And we have a suggestion: a TaoTronics white noise machine.

Have you heard about white noise? What if we told you there was a magical sleep sound machine that would help you and your kid drift off into a peaceful sleep for hours at a time? This machine could be the answer you’re looking for.

Read on to learn more about what is white noise, the amazing benefits of a sleep sound machine, and how you can purchase one from TaoTronics today!

1.  What is white noise?

We’ve talked about your baby and how white noise could be the answer to them sleeping for longer periods, or getting to sleep more easily. But, what even is white noise?

Put simply, white noise is a random audio signal that has different frequencies (frequency is how fast a sound wave vibrates per second). What makes this different is that the frequencies all have equal amplitudes–they all sound as intense to your ear.

To hear white noise, then, all the sound waves you’re hearing need to be at an equal intensity, but with different frequencies. This almost makes a ‘shhsh’ sound. You’ll be most familiar with this being the noise that comes out your TV set or radio when you haven’t got them tuned properly, that “static” noise. It might even sound like the whine of a hoover or air conditioner, depending on your machine.

It cuts through other background noises and can draw your attention–but it can also be incredibly helpful for putting children to sleep. More on that later!

2.  White Noise versus Ambient Sound

Just quickly, you might have heard about people using ambient sound to fall asleep. Ambient sound is essentially background noise; anything from traffic to the sound of birds. Some people love it, some hate it. It might be easier to consider if you can fall asleep easily in the city, with all the noises of busy streets, or if you prefer to fall asleep when it’s quiet.

Some of it is pretty melodious and can sound beautiful. It might also be great for your child to hear these sounds, especially if you haven’t been able to travel far in the pandemic. However, it still doesn’t have some of the qualities of ideal baby white noise that helps your kid fall asleep.

Learn about our headphones that cut out ambient noise.

3.  Benefits of better sleep

Ambient noise often sounds more appealing. People often do yoga to whale noises and clearly they find it relaxing. So, why is white noise better to help you sleep than ambient sound?

It’s calmer. No, really.

Well, one reason is that it’s less disruptive. This might seem strange at first, as white noise can feel far more screechy to listen to than whale sounds or your ‘rain sounds’ playlist on Spotify.

However, it’s all about the consistency. Noises that change from soft to loud, as a lot of ambient noise does, can really disrupt how you sleep. Think about when you fall asleep with the TV on. It doesn’t get louder, but changes in the consistency of the sound (like when the ads are on versus the documentary you were watching) are the things that will wake you up.

In this way, white noise is like a comforting sound blanket. Your sound machine helps you sleep soundly without throwing a curveball at your ears.

It cuts out ambient noise

Sometimes, you need something else on top of the ambient noise to be able to fall asleep. Those neighborhood cats fighting? People partying in the street? Loud cars screeching on the next block? Your white noise machine can cut them out.

That blanket works again to help you feel better, so you get calm background noise all night.

You get a routine with your sleep sound machine

Using a white noise machine, like a TaoTronics white noise machine, can help you set a calming routine before bed. Your body needs this wind-down routine to feel comfortable and ready for sleep.

If you know that you are heading to sleep when you switch your white noise machine on, or if your baby associates white noise with taking a nap, then your body and brain should start preparing itself for sleep as soon as you turn your device on.

Calming night light

The best baby white noise machines for you and your baby come with a calming night light. This means that if you do both wake up in the night, you don’t have to turn on the main light to see each other. This is less disruptive as well, keeping you in ‘sleep mode’ and feeling ready to go back to bed quicker.

Plus, the combination of a warm glow and the white noise can be super soothing. Warm lighting is great for creating a relaxing atmosphere and, like when you switch your white light on, can help you and your little one prepare mentally for going to sleep. It’s two in one for the bonuses!

4.  Is white noise good for babies?

Mother and baby lying next to the TaoTronics white noise machine

We’ve established that white noise is great for helping you go to sleep and get a great bedtime routine. But, is white noise good for babies specifically? With their growing brains and tender young ears, we totally understand there might be concern. Read the pros and cons of your baby having a white noise machine in their (or your shared) room.


  • Newborns need up to 18 hours of sleep, while babies up to 2 months can sleep up to 5 hours straight. This increases by 6 months, with up to 9 hours sleep at night. Using a sleep sound machine to help them sleep through the night helps your little one get all the sleep they need to develop.
  • Got more than one kid? If one is sleeping while the other is playing, you can put on the white noise machine and mask any loud noises.


  • It’s not a cure all solution. If your kid won’t sleep through the night, you need to figure out what else might be wrong rather than assuming a white noise machine will help. You also might not want them to become reliant on using the machine to sleep.
  • If you don’t like white noise at all, then this might become irritating.

5.  TaoTronics White Noise Machine

TaoTronics white noise machine

With over 25 sounds available and priced at only $65.99, the TaoTronics white noise machine is perfect for you and your little one. It has all the features you need and more, including:

  • Warm, soft night light
  • Easily control through an app
  • Works with Google Home and Alexa for simple voice control
  • Also has ambient noise, so no need to buy two machines to see the type of noise that your child prefers!

With TaoTronics classy lines and ergonomic design, this white noise machine will fit into your bedroom or your child’s nursery. If you’re ready to make a change and establish a sleep pattern, check it out on our website! Just click the link below.

Learn more about this amazing device!

In conclusion.. time to sleep well!

White noise is a great way for people of all ages, and particularly babies and small children, to get to sleep. The noise acts like a blanket to protect them from startling sounds and disruptive background noise in the day and the night. Plus, with the TaoTronics white noise machine you get an in-built night light and the option to play ambient sound. It’s the best of both worlds. Discover more today.

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