Shining a Light on Five Inspiring Inventors: International Women’s Day 2021

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At TaoTronics, we support diversity. Women are a driving force in our company, and we appreciate the contributions women have made, are making, and are pioneering, in the consumable tech industry. In this blog for international women’s day 2021, we celebrate and appreciate the women who have helped the world take great leaps forward in technology.

International women’s day is a global event celebrating women and calling for gender equality. The IWD team has missions that they focus on and a theme for each year. This year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge – that is, calling out gender inequality where you see it.

One of the IWD’s key missions is to celebrate digital advancement and champion the women forging innovation through technology. Women are underrepresented in the technology sector, and in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) sectors in general.

In this blog, we will explore five women who have contributed to the technological world. They have helped to innovate and make our lives easier and paved a way toward a brighter future. Along the way, some of their innovations have helped lay the foundations for the TaoTronics products you know and love!

We also have a list of our lighting products that are on sale (or just a bargain!) across February and March, so you can shine a light on yourself and then women in your life.

Read on to discover more about these pioneering women.

When is International Women’s Day 2021?

International women’s day is on March 8th each year. In 2021, that’s a Monday.

Why Do We Celebrate International Women’s Day?

On March 8th, women around the globe are celebrated, raising their achievements and promoting the social, cultural, economic, and political achievements of women in general. The organizers, and those taking part in events that happen on the day, ask for gender parity (equality for all).

Hedy Lamarr

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If you haven’t heard of Hedy Lamarr, you need to start watching some classic films.

A classic Hollywood Star, Lamarr made her way from Austria to Los Angeles, landing roles in films like Ecstasy and Samson and Delilah. However, her on-screen achievements aren’t the reason we’re featuring her today.

Lamarr was a gifted scientist and inventor. In fact, she played a pivotal role in TaoTronics history: She invented a “Secret Communications System,” which is the ancestor of modern-day Bluetooth. You wouldn’t be listening to music through your headphones today without Hedy’s groundbreaking invention, largely ignored by the press at the time.

Read more about Hedy Lamarr and discover her incredible achievements in our blog.

Maria Beasley

Maria isn’t a household name today. Back in the 1800s, she patented inventions including foot warmer, a decide that stopped trains derailing, and improvements to life rafts. Not only was she a life saver, but she made top dollar—thousands and thousands per year.

Something amazing that speaks to the need for international women’s day is how Beasley was recorded in the census. She’s listed as an unemployed housewife and directories list her as a dressmaker, despite having almost 20 patents across the US and UK.

Alice H Parker

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Another woman who helped to create the ancestor to TaoTronics products is Alice H Parker, who invented the heater. Though a far cry from the modern heaters you can buy today, Parker’s gas heater was patented in 1919. It influenced the creation of the thermostat and revolutionised the world of heating and was far safer than using a fireplace to heat your house overnight.

More than this, she filed her patent early in the 20th century—a time where women faced many barriers, and African-American women like Parker even more so.

Valerie Thomas

Do you have a 3D television? Or, have you enjoyed a 3D movie on the big screen? You have Valerie Thomas to thank.

Having attended schools that didn’t promote the education of women in STEM subjects, and being one of only two women in her university to study physics, Thomas managed to make a huge impression as an innovator. Did we mentioned that she also worked at NASA?

50 years ago, in the 1970s, Thomas discovered that concave mirrors create the illusion of 3D objects, and patented her ideas as the Illusion transmitter by 1980.

Scientists are now trying to figure out how to use this to see inside the human body, as well!

Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper, a pioneer of computer programming, worked towards the creation of the programming language COBOL, which is still used today. It was inspired by Hopper’s idea of a code that is based on the English language.

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