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Valentine’s day may not be the only event this weekend (Happy Chinese New Year!) but it is definitely one you need to be thinking about. Lots of relationships have been begun in various lockdowns around the world, and this might be your first Valentine’s day together. It also might be a bright point in a dreary February—or an amazing day to treat yourself!

If you need some new technology to celebrate this weekend, then lucky for you TaoTronics has a discount available on some amazing products! From our stylish lamps to our classic headphones, we’ve got 25% off sitewide.

Here’s our Valentine’s day gift guide to the best product you should buy for your loved one, or yourself, this weekend.

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When is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day is February 14th. In 2021, that’s a Sunday!

Why Do People Give Presents on Valentine’s Day?

Traditional Valentine’s day presents include flowers, chocolate, and cards. But why?

Since the 1600s, people have celebrated Valentine’s day by sending roses to each other. This is because roses are a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. Similarly, cards and chocolate came to prominence over the past few hundred years because of chocolate’s associations with being an aphrodisiac, and the post office making sending cards incredibly easy. Millions and millions of cards are sent on this day each year!

Nowadays, people are moving to bigger gifts. Something thoughtful that shows you are thinking about someone else. In a year like this, it might be more than chocolate that you need—why not consider some technology?

Read on for our Valentine’s day gift guide, full of perfect presents for the special people in your life.

SoundLiberty 88 True Wireless Earbuds

TWS headphones as a Valentine's day gift

If you want your loved one to have incredible sound when they speak with you, then you need to buy them SoundLiberty 88 True Wireless earbuds. These earbuds have smart noise reduction technology to cut ambient noise, meaning your other half can hear your voice clearly without needing to hold their phone to their ear.

The smart tech reduces ambient noise over 50dB while retaining 98% of your voice with frequencies from 200Hz to 3,000Hz—that covers a lot of noisy situations!

Things to note

  • Intuitive smart control: Music pauses when you take out an earbud.
  • 10mm dynamic drivers: For crystal clear audio.
  • Talk for ages: Up to 5hrs battery on a single charge as well as an ergonomic, comfortable design.

Order today to make sure your loved one gets their Valentine’s day headphones!

Small Cool Mist BPA-free Humidifier

We’ve talked before about buying a humidifier for your loved one (including your family!) to help them sleep easy and keep their airways in tip top condition. They’re great presents, especially these small humidifiers that can also be diffusers. They show someone that you love and care about them while also looking great—the perfect combination.

Things to note

  • Sleek, space saving design: The elegance of this humidifier means you can buy it for anyone with no need to worry if it fit with different rooms.
  • Smart features: Impress anyone with a 360 degree nozzle, LED indicator, and auto shut-off when the tank is empty.
  • Easy upkeep: Your loved one won’t have to worry with this easy to clean humidifier.

Looking for a Valentine’s day present with a difference? Check out our small cool mist humidifier!

LED Floor Lamp

Are you looking for a Valentine’s day gift to cheer up a family member? This lamp ticks all the boxes. Its “mother/daughter” design gives two options for lighting, a main lamp and a reading lamp. Everyone’s picking up hobbies as they spend more time at home and providing a loved one with this lamp will help you get in their good books.

Things to note

  • Set the tone: Totally customizable brightness settings help your special someone pick the right mood for their evening.
  • Easy to control: How many lamps have a remote control? Let your loved one take full control when you gift them with this lamp.
  • Energy efficient LED: For the environmentally conscious person in your life.

Brighten a loved one’s day—pick up a lamp from TaoTronics!

Large 6 Quart 1750W Air Fryer

Valentine's day gift for your familay

For the person in your life who favors something practical. Air fryers are all the rage right now—just read our blog about them to see why. But this isn’t only a gift for your other half. You’ll both benefit from having food that isn’t deep fried. And maybe, if you get an air fryer as a Valentine’s day present, you’ll be able to cook an amazing dinner for you both!

Things to note

  • Recipe book: Stuck for something to cook this Valentine’s day? With 11 pre-set menus and a cookbook with 50 recipes, you’ll be cooking up a storm.
  • Big enough to fit a whole chicken: You’ll be able to eat the whole weekend.
  • The healthier option: Using less oil to fry reduces the amount of calories you’ll be eating.

Make everyone happier and healthier by introducing an air fryer into their life!

Muscle Massage Gun

Valentine's day gift guide 2021

Is your loved one getting fit during the pandemic? Are they stiff and sore from home workouts? We’ve got the perfect thing! A massage gun will help them feel back to normal and ready to get going in no time. This one has six interchangeable heads, to target specific body parts. It’s a bit pricier, but so worth the money.

Things to note

  • 10 speeds: Hit the spot and feel better after all types of workout.
  • Quieter than you’d think: With a 24V brushless motor that’s super quiet, you won’t be bothered when your loved one is using their massage gun.
  • Travel case: For when we can… actually go places again.

If your loved one has got into the gym recently, why not make a splash and buy them a massage gun?

Happy Valentine’s Day from TaoTronics!

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