The Best Space Heater for Your Apartment this Winter

Imagine walking into your home. You take off your coat, drop your keys and sit down. Then, you just feel pleasant and warm. There’s no need for a blanket (unless you want to feel extra cozy). No need to grab a hot drink or put on an extra sweater, or pair of socks. You’re happy. Content.

This might sound impossible but believe us, you can make it happen. You just need to find the best space heater for your apartment, even if it has large rooms with high ceilings.

If you live in an area that gets super cold, or even one that feels only mild in the winter, you should consider getting a space heater. The best of these heaters will heat any room in your apartment, including your bedroom. While you shouldn’t leave it on all night, you’ll be able to feel warm without the need for an electric blanket, central heating, or a fire.

Read on to learn all about TaoTronics space heaters and how you should find the best device to keep you warm this winter.

Gas-fired or Electric – which is the best space heater for your apartment in 2021?

What should you choose when you’re faced with the choice of the best space heater for your apartment being either gas or electric?

Well, the one benefit (and remember we said the one) of gas over electric is that there is less consumption. Usually, it’s more economical to heat something with gas than it is with electricity – that’s why gas stovetops are still popular today.

However, there are negative sides to using gas.

  1. Gas appliances have a greater risk of fire. If you dried clothing on a gas heater or left it too close to your curtains, there is a chance they would go up in smoke. A good rule of thumb – whatever type of space heater you have – is to make sure that you don’t leave anything flammable near it.
  2. Gas appliances have a greater risk of explosion. While this is unlikely, and more likely with a gas stove, for instance, you always need to be careful around gas appliances.
  3. Gas appliances are worse for the environment. Electric heating is said by the UK government and the National Institute of Standards and Technology to be better for the environment than gas heating. Gas appliances can cause indoor pollution, contributing to a harmful environment,

Because of these risks and the maintenance required with gas appliances, we recommend that you choose an electric space heater as the best one for your apartment.

So, why are TaoTronics electric space heaters better than a standard gas heater?

While this section applies to TaoTronics electric space heaters specifically, please be aware that you can use this learning to find the best space heaters around. What’s great is that our products will have many of these features as standard.

  1. They have automatic timers and temperature gauges. This means you save money as your heater will automatically switch off when it understands the ambient temperature to be correct, or when you need it off during the day or night.
  2. They have multiple safety features. There are overheating sensors… tip-over sensors… V-0 flame retardant materials… 24-hour auto-off features… ETL certification… 12-hour timers…
  3. Different heating modes. With high and low modes available across our range, and eco modes available on specified models, you’ll be able to find a device that can see you through autumn, winter, and even a chillier spring.

How does a space heater work?

Space heaters use electricity to heat the air (in a ‘joule’ method) before circulating it around your room. This not only helps you to feel warmer if you’re near to it (although please stay far enough away that you don’t hurt yourself!) but warms the air in the whole of your room as well.

In a ceramic space heater, the ceramic plate inside the device is heated. This then heats the air near to it, which is blown across the room.

If you want to learn in more detail about how electric heaters work, check out the video below:

What is the Best Space Heater for my Apartment?

We recommend the TaoTronics PTC Ceramic space heater (TT-HE001) – available on the US site.

Currently only $50, this classic-shaped heater offers a 20% wider heating range thanks to its 65-degree oscillation. More than this, it has 2 heating modes (high and low) to accommodate your needs in a colder climate, quickly heating up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you can control it with a remote so you don’t even have to leave your bed or couch to stay warm!

Safety features include overheating and tip-over protection sensors, flame retardant material, and a timer. Please use a wall outlet instead of a power strip to power this device.

What is the Best Space Heater for my Bedroom?

Looking for a more compact space heater for your bedroom? We recommend our 24” high oscillating heater, TT-HE007.

At under $65, this compact heater is an incredible deal. It has an energy-saving eco mode to ensure you make the most of your money. It has a ceramic plate, which means it can heat up quickly to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and bring you warmth in a matter of seconds – 3, to be exact. What’s more, its small size (24” high) and extensive safety features (including ETL certification and tip-over switch) make it perfect for keeping in your bedroom as it can be stored easily in the summer months.

Please use a wall outlet instead of a power strip to power this device.

Does TaoTronics Have a Range of Space Heaters?

Yes! We have a full range including TT-HE008 and TT-HE009 – they’re featured in the images we’ve used in this blog, so check them out on our site today and grab the best deals before they’re gone!

UK fans – unfortunately, space heaters haven’t arrived on the site yet. There’s plenty of other amazing deals to shop in the meantime!

Daniel Bishop

Daniel Bishop

Daniel Bishop is a technology writer for TaoTronics who covers small appliances including tower fans, space heaters, air coolers, dehumidifiers, massage guns and many others. He is laser-focused on the industry and often publishes product reviews on how new and upcoming devices will improve and impact our customers’ lives.

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