Stay Cool and Sweat-Free This Summer with a TaoTronics Fan

Summer days are warm, bright, and lovely. But temperatures can quickly rise to uncomfortable levels. Extreme heat can make your days and nights sweaty and unbearable. That’s why you need a house fan.

House fans can create a cool home environment and prevent your HVAC system from overworking. They are energy-efficient and also decrease humidity. A good fan can cool down your interior and reduce cooling costs. Today, fans come in all shapes and sizes. They play a key role in rotating the air inside a room, replacing hot air with cool air.

House fans consume around 1% of the power consumed by air conditioners. Even if a fan runs for a full 24 hours, it will still use less energy than an air conditioner running for 15 minutes. But how do you choose the right fan for your home? TaoTronics has some of the best tower fans and air conditioners on the market, and this guide will help you pick one that’s suitable for your space.

Why You Need a Fan in Summer

1. To Lower Energy Costs

No one likes feeling hot, sweaty, and sticky—especially if they’re trying to relax. While turning on the AC is a quick, simple solution, the thought of paying a higher power bill can be unpleasant.

Your air conditioning system uses a lot of electricity. A fan can help lower your power bill by about 40%. Stay cool and comfortable this summer without worrying about a high power bill.

2. To Control Your Home’s Humidity

The moisture that builds up in a poorly ventilated room can make it hot and humid. If left unchecked, it can cause the growth of mold and mildew. Since a fan circulates fresh air and removes stale air, it prevents excess moisture accumulation.

3. To Reduce Allergies

Fans improve air quality and remove unclean air from a space, replacing it with clean, dry air. Large house fans can help eliminate the pollen, dust, and other allergens in indoor air. They also filter out unpleasant odors, ensuring the air remains fresh for longer.

4. To Sleep Better

A house fan that runs constantly circulates the air, balancing out a room’s temperature and making it more comfortable. In fact, one of the latest trends in sleep remedies is ‘fan noise therapy’. People use humming fans to help their brains tune out and mask louder, distracting noises. That way, they sleep better.

5. Good for Your Health

Spending hours in air-conditioned spaces can dehydrate your skin, increasing your risk of getting colds and other illnesses. It also reduces your tolerance to hot, humid weather. A fan circulates fresh air, helping you breathe better and making your skin smoother.

The Best TaoTronics Fans for the Money

Even if your house has central air conditioning, it’s worth getting a house fan. The appliance is highly useful when temperatures hover between scorching and slightly chilly. It will also provide extra breeze on hot days when air conditioning isn’t enough.

And because most models have several speed modes and oscillations, you can customize the breeze intensity according to your preference. Here are three of the best TaoTronics fans.

35” Tower Fan with 3 Modes and 3 Speeds: TT-TF002

Tower fans are unique because they have a stylish, bladeless design and require minimal space to function. TT-TF002 is an  ETL-certified tower fan designed with 3 cooling speeds and modes. The fan’s compact size allows it to fit easily into any room.

The unit has a 65° wide angle oscillation and 20ft/s velocity to circulate ample air and give you faster relief from the heat. Its large LED display allows you to track the speed, oscillation, and temperature. A remote adds extra convenience and allows you to control all the settings with ease.

Other tower fans worth checking out are TT-TF001TT-TF005, and HM-TF001. Each has unique features and is designed to meet your cooling needs.

Pedestal Fan with 3 Modes and 12 Speeds: TT-TF010

If you want a quieter, more powerful fan that can cool larger spaces boasts stronger airflow and allows you to control the air’s direction, get a pedestal fan. TT-TF010 has a dual blade structure and is designed for stronger, more powerful air circulation. It features 85-degree oscillation and distributes air evenly across a room.

The fan has 12-speed levels and 3 wind modes, so you can customize the airflow.  Its 38dB DC motor is quieter than traditional AC motors and allows it to save energy while generating more air. You’ll also love the remote control and rotary knob that makes it easy to operate.

Another great pedestal fan to consider is the TT-TF009. It also features a dual blade structure for powerful airflow. Its 38dB DC motor makes it extremely quiet, ensuring you sleep better at night. The fan’s LED display lets you view the settings without getting up.

16” Wall Mount Fan with 3 Modes and 5 Speeds: TT-TF011

This wall mount fan features 5 blades to produce a soft breeze. It only produces 40dB, so you can use it around the clock. The fan emits a steady breeze thanks to its 90-degree oscillation angle. You can also adjust its coverage according to the space and choose from 3 wind modes and 5-speed levels. But the best thing about it is its timer. You can set it to go on 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours before you get home.

TT-TF012 is also a great option because it has 5 premium 16″ blades for optimal airflow, 3-speed settings, and 90° side-to-side oscillation. Its 2100 CFM airflow system boosts air circulation and keeps you comfortable during the day and at night.

Check Out Our Other Fans

If these TaoTronics fans don’t tickle your fancy or you’d like to see more before you make up your mind, check out TT-TF007 and TT-TF008. We reviewed them in last month’s blog post.

Stay Cool This Summer with a TaoTronics Fan

Staying cool in summer is not an easy thing since temperatures can go up very quickly. While you can use natural ventilation or turn on the AC, why not try something that actually works? Get yourself a TaoTronics fan. It’s the best thing you can do to lower your power bill, sleep better, and stay cool.

A tower fan can easily fit into tight spaces. It’s also a lot quieter than a box fan or a pedestal fan, which means you’ll get a good night’s rest without any disturbance. House fans are designed to be used for long periods of time and have customizable features such as programmable timers, auto shut-off functions, and multiple speed settings. Visit our product page and check out our top-rated tower fans and air conditioners.

Daniel Bishop

Daniel Bishop

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