Enjoy Summer All the More with a TaoTronics Inflatable Swimming Pool

In summer, many of us look for ways to stay cool when it’s too hot outside. Sure, you can relax indoors and turn up the window air conditioner, but relaxing in an inflatable pool is a great way to pass time while keeping the electric bill in check.

We could all use a beach trip right now, but not all of us live next to the ocean. If you’ve wistfully thought about taking a day off to sit by the water, you’re not alone. Get an inflatable pool if you live far from the beach. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and easy to store.

Before getting a new TaoTronics inflatable swimming pool, consider its shape, size, and material. Here are some reasons why you should get an inflatable pool, and what to consider before getting one.

Why Get a TaoTronics Inflatable Pool?

It’s Affordable

Let’s admit it, permanent swimming pools are expensive, and you may not have the space for one. If you’d like to replicate a mini-resort without burning a hole in your pocket, get a TaoTronics inflatable pool. It’s easy to set up and remove—once summer is over or in case you change your mind.

Easy to Set Up and Manage

If you live in a big city, chances are you have limited space in your backyard. An inflatable pool is a great space saver. And because it isn’t a permanent fixture, you can move it to another location whenever you want. Once you’re done using it, you can deflate it and store it. When you have a pool-themed birthday bash or when your family’s craving backyard fun, you can quickly blow it up. 

Available in Different Shapes and Sizes

One of the things you’ll love about inflatable pools is there are so many to choose from—lounge-type, oval-shaped, whale-shaped, and pools that come with a sunshade. Whether you’re getting one for kids or adults, you’ll easily find one that fits in your swimming zone. 

The Best Inflatable Pools by TaoTronics—and a Paddle Board

Sable Full-Sized BPA-FREE Inflatable Swimming Pool All Ages: SA-HF071

An inflatable pool filled with cold water is a summer staple—as is an ice cream truck and smoky burgers on the grill. It’s inexpensive, easy to set up, and easy to dismantle. It offers respite from the heat and hours of outdoor entertainment. If you’re looking for a way to stay cool at home, get the Sable Inflatable Swimming Pool. It is available in two sizes: 118*72*20 in (3 meters) and 95*56*22 in (2 meters).

Perfect for the whole family, this TaoTronics family-sized inflatable pool can comfortably accommodate a family, letting you and your loved ones have an amazing time in summer. And when summer is over, you can turn it into a ball pit for your child to play with indoors. The inflatable pool is easy to Inflate and clean.

Using an electric pump, you can inflate each air chamber in only 1 minute. Its 2 water valves increase the drainage speed. The pool is made with BPA-free PVC, which is safe for children and a lot thicker than most on the market.

Sable Inflatable Play Center: SA-HF070

If you have kids between the ages of 2 and 10, the Sable Inflatable Play Center is a good investment. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble—one parent can do it all alone. Bring the water park to your backyard and get your kids jumping for joy. You don’t have to take them to the beach or the water park every weekend.

Holes on the side spray water inward, cooling your kids down. The adjustable sprinkler can also be positioned to spray water toward the slide. Handrails and cushion padding protect your little ones as they play and also allow you to transform the pool into a ball pit once summer is over. This pool is also made with BPA-free PVC which is thicker and more durable than most on the market.

Homech Inflatable Stand Up Paddle: HM-HF008

Ever thought about giving stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding a try? Go for it! It not only gives you a full-body workout, but you’ll also love being out on the water. Few activities provide such an extensive exercise range. The Homech Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is ideal for beginners. Its slope and anti-slip grip surface help riders remain stable as they paddle.

The paddle board has a detachable fin that enhances your coordination and balance as you navigate the water. It’s designed to be light and durable and can support up to 330lb. You can easily inflate it using the dual-chamber hand pump it comes with.

What to Consider When Buying an Inflatable Pool

The Available Space

To ensure your inflatable pool doesn’t tilt—and spill precious water—make sure the area you’re setting it up on is even. A flat surface ensures that the pool and its occupants are well supported.

Air Pump

To inflate your pool, you’ll need an air pump. Most pools don’t come with one, so you’ll need to get one separately. Get an electric air pump that can do more than just inflate pools. You can get one that also inflates pool floaters and inflatable boats. Ensure it has a few nozzle attachments.

Shape and Size

When buying an inflatable pool, consider its size and shape. To determine the size you need, measure your yard to see how much space you have. Next, think of how many people the pool will accommodate—whether it’s for children, adults, or both. Lastly, choose a shape—rectangular, circular, or oval— that suits the users and the space.


Some inflatable pools come with a drain plug while others do not. If you buy the latter, you’ll have to be spilling water out onto the grass yourself. Because it’s important to drain an inflatable pool every time you use it, get one with a drain plug. If you leave water in the pool, you’ll create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The pool should be easy to inflate, deflate, clean up, and store.

Get the Best TaoTronics Inflatable Swimming Pool This Summer

A nice dip in the water can make the hottest summer days bearable. This year, get an inflatable swimming pool you’ll use time and again—get a TaoTronics inflatable swimming pool.  

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Daniel Bishop

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