The Best Coffee Machine – And How To Clean A Coffee Maker

There’s nothing quite like the smell, taste, and buzz you get from a fresh coffee first thing in the morning. Now, imagine having the best coffee machine to make a fantastic coffee first thing from the comfort of your kitchen (or, even your bedroom, if you want to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee). You don’t have to order in or even move outside the house to get that kick.

It’s easy to make this dream become a reality with TaoTronics. We’ve done all the hard work for you; simply head to our website to check out our coffee maker. We tell you all about it in this blog if you want to read more.

When you’ve bought your coffee maker, you’re going to need to know how to clean it. That’s also what this blog will discuss, including how to clean your coffee machine and if you can clean your coffee maker with vinegar.

Tell me more about the TaoTronics Coffee Maker

We’ve got all the tea about the TaoTronics coffee maker.

One highlight is that it can brew up to 12 cups of coffee, which feels excessive ‘til you realise just how many cups of coffee you drink in the morning. If like this author, it’s at least 3, all you’d need is for 3 friends to come around (or, for your family or roommates to want to be caffeinated), and you’d soon get through those cups.

But, what else is useful to know in your search for great coffee?

Top 3 Features

  • Programmable brewing. Do you have a morning routine, or would you just rather wake up to the smell of coffee wafting from the kitchen? Perhaps knowing your coffee is waiting for you would help drag you out of bed? This is where programmable brewing comes in. You can set the time you want your machine to start brewing up to 24 hours in advance. Then, make sure that everything is set up (you’ll need to add the coffee to the machine in advance, for instance), and voila!
  • Customizable brewing strength. If you prefer a strong coffee, then this feature is for you. You have the option to choose the strength of your brew, from a 1 to a 4. The difference is in the drip rate; the slower the drip, the bigger the increase in concentration, and the stronger your brew.
  • Simple to use. There are a number of different features that make this coffee machine just easy to use. From an intuitive touch screen panel to an anti-drip feature that means the machine stops the drip if you remove the pot before the coffee has finished brewing, and even a hot plate to keep your coffee warm for up to four hours, the little details have been taken care of.

Where can I find the best coffee machine?

As TaoTronics have decided to sell only through their brand website, you can find one of the best coffee machines for your needs at Simply click this link to visit the webpage, then add the machine to your basket. There’s currently a 25% discount running sitewide, so make sure to use the code SUMMER when you check out.

You’ll have to be quick, as its popularity means that at the time of writing, it was sold out. However, you can subscribe to be notified when it is back in stock.

Want to learn more about the benefits of buying directly from the TaoTronics website? Read more here.

How do I clean a coffee machine at home?

Cleaning your coffee machine is a straightforward process, best completed by hand. Don’t add any parts of your coffee machine to a dishwasher, particularly any parts that contain electrical elements.

To clean the glass coffee pot, simply do the following:

  1. Run hot water from the faucet
  2. Add soap to your cleaning cloth or sponge–don’t use a wire brush or anything that might scratch the glass
  3. Clean the pot with warm, soapy water and leave to air dry

Can I clean my coffee maker with vinegar?

Another part of the coffee machine that needs regular cleaning is the internal system. An easy hack for making sure you get rid of any coffee grounds build-up and to keep your coffee tasting fresh is to add white wine vinegar.

How to clean your coffee maker with vinegar in 3 steps

  1. Use a 2:1 ratio of water and white wine vinegar to fill the reservoir, or tank, of your coffee machine. Let this stand for up to 30 minutes.
  2. Put your coffee pot in place and set the machine to brew, running through an entire brewing cycle.
  3. Empty out the pot and add fresh water to the reservoir, running through the brewing cycle again. You should repeat this step until the machine no longer smells like vinegar, and the water running through doesn’t have any smell of vinegar.

This is an affordable and machine-friendly alternative to buying a descaler.


A coffee maker isn’t just something you see in sitcoms, but an important part of everyday life. An affordable solution, it can save you money in the long term, if, for instance, it allows you to stop purchasing takeaway coffee every morning from big brand stores.

Moreover, the TaoTronics coffee machine has key features that can help make your life easier. This includes programmable brewing, a hot plate for if you program your coffee to brew slightly too early that morning, and up to 12 cups of your favorite morning drink. If you’re looking for a sign to buy the coffee machine you’ve always wanted or to upgrade your current setup, this is it!

Head to the TaoTronics website to buy the coffee machine!

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