How to Cool Down in Hot Weather with TaoTronics

How is it August already? Time is flying this year, and it’s worthwhile investing in high-quality, affordable products that will make the summer months more comfortable.

You may think of TaoTronics as a brand that provides you with crisp, long-lasting audio devices like headphones. But when it comes to figuring out how to cool down in hot weather, we’re so much more.

We offer you summer headphones, which are important for when you relax in the sun (on vacation or at home!). And that isn’t all.

If you’re in need of a way to cool down this summer, our range has expanded to provide the electronic devices you need–including a home ice machine–and the inflatable pool that you didn’t realize you needed…

In this blog, we’ll explore the following three products that you can use when you want to relax and cool down in hot weather. You can learn more about them, where to shop, and how to blow up an inflatable pool that you buy from TaoTronics.

Included in this blog are…

Top 5 Tips and Tricks Cool Down in Hot Weather

  1. Drink cool drinks (if you live in a humid area) that are filled with ice. If you live in a dry area, drinking hot drinks like tea might actually be more successful for cooling you down, but, let’s face it – it doesn’t feel as nice as drinking an ice cold drink. This will also help you stay hydrated.
  2. Turn on your fan or air conditioning. We’ve talked in our blog before about the best options you have from TaoTronics when you want to cool down or keep your rooms cool for pets or children.
  3. Find some shade! Sit in the coolest place you can and close your curtains/blinds, or place a blow up inflatable pool in the shade in your backyard. Once your inflatable pool is full, it’s excellent to lie in – or put a chair nearby and place your feet in the water, to help regulate your temperature and offer some relief from the heat.
  4. Freeze a wet towel. Simply wet a paper or regular bath towel and place it in your freezer, allowing it to chill in there for at least 30 minutes. This is also great for pets, as you can lay a cold towel out on the ground for them to lie on to cool down.
  5. Grab a popsicle. An ice cold drink coupled with your favorite frozen treat will help to keep you feeling chilled on a hot day.

Why Do We Recommend Summer Headphones?

Good question! 

Any runner who has tried to go out in the sunshine (or anyone who gets sweaty at the gym) understands that over-ear headphones are a problem when it’s hot out. The headphone ear cups can feel greasy and cumbersome.

Instead, find your freedom by grabbing a pair of True Wireless earbuds like the SoundLiberty 80. These earbuds have a crisp, authentic soundscape, allowing you to relax in the pool and disappear into your own world of immersive music without covering your ears.

Plus, these earbuds are super smart. Not only are they noise canceling in case you need to take a call and there’s a lot of ambient sound in your neighborhood, but you can activate the Smart Assistant on your phone by simply saying “Hey TT!” 

Please note: the earbuds are IPX8 waterproof. This means that they are fantastic for wearing outdoors whatever the weather, but you should not submerge them in water.

What About the Ice Machine?

Ice machines for your countertop are the latest summer must-have. Compact and quiet, the TaoTronics ice maker is the ideal device to help you stay cool all summer if you don’t have much freezer space, or if your refrigerator doesn’t have an in-built ice dispenser. 

The TaoTronics Nugget Ice Maker produces up to an incredible 26lbs of ice per day, with the main tank holding up to 3.3lbs at a time and taking just 18 minutes to replenish. You can keep your drinks cold on a hot day, then just press the ‘clean’ button to start a 5 minute cleaning cycle at the end of the day. It’s as simple as that!

How to Blow Up an Inflatable Pool

Don’t be put off buying an inflatable pool by the idea of filling it with air. The days of having to use a hand pump are over – and there’s no chance you’ll have to blow it up by breathing into it!

The easiest way to blow up your inflatable pool is to use an electric air pump, which will inflate your pool in 3-4 minutes. These are often bought separately from your inflatable pool but are a worthwhile purchase if you intend to use the pool often in the summer. They’re also great if you have an airbed or other larger items that you will need inflated!

To use an electric pump, begin by simply plugging the electric pump into a standard wall outlet. You may need to use an extension cable to allow it to reach your backyard, as you should blow up the pool outside if you aren’t sure it will fit through your doorframe.

Find the inlet valve on the pool and connect your pump to the valve. This will look like a small hole in the pool that has a cover. Keep the cover close by in a safe space. Then, turn on your pump and fill the pool with air. Be careful not to overfill, as too much air will make the pool easier to pop (the same way a balloon can pop when you fill it with too much air).

Make sure that you quickly remove the pump and place the cover over the valve, or the air could begin to escape. Then, fill your Homech Inflatable Pool with water, change into your swimsuit, and enjoy cooling down with an iced beverage!

Head to the TaoTronics website today to see the amazing products we stock to keep you cool in the summer. Make sure you check out our new ‘outdoor’ range!

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