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Heading back to school is always a momentous occasion. This year, after long lockdowns and having to learn online for most of the year, it’s even more special. Whether it’s goodbye to Google Classroom and Zoom lessons and hello to face-to-face teaching, or time to prepare to watch recordings of lectures online rather than in the lecture hall, back-to-school supplies are now a necessary purchase.

However, it’s hard to tell what the best supplies are for you (or your children). Gone are the days of pens and paper; to get the most out of an online learning experience, the right technology is needed. This doesn’t always have to be electronic, as you’ll find out when you continue to read down the page.

For anyone having to sit at a desk all day, staring at their laptop, and making copious amounts of notes, certain things are required to make sure that they have the best experience and don’t cause long-term damage to themselves.

Not sure what this could mean? Read on to learn more, and for the TaoTronics recommendations for products to buy from our back-to-school sales.

What are back-to-school supplies?

Back to school supplies are not just pens and paper and colored markers, though of course, these are also necessary. When you or your child are working from a laptop or desktop computer all day, a different set of supplies is needed.

When we talk about the new type of supplies needed when you’re heading back to school in 2021, we’re talking about products like LED desk lamps, laptop stands, and a good pair of True Wireless headphones.

It may seem excessive, especially if your child is working from the living room or the kitchen and dialling into their lessons. However, there are good reasons for making sure these supplies are top of your list.

Why do you need the right supplies?

Working from home while your children are learning from home can be tough! Make sure you all have the right supplies to make this a smooth experience.
  • To maintain good posture. Posture might feel like a frivolous thing to think about when considering going back to school, especially when new shoes and so on are needed. But thinking about posture is key. When someone is sitting at a desk all day, having the right equipment is necessary to maintain posture and keep everyone’s backs feeling fine!
  • To prevent longer-term issues. There is a multitude of issues that can arise when you’re at a desk all day. One to a lot of people might be aware of is carpal tunnel syndrome. It is extremely rare to get in childhood, so there’s no need to worry too much! However, putting the right precautions in place (like using a laptop stand to keep the wrists in a neutral position and encouraging your child to take regular breaks) will put the good practice in place for later in life.
  • To make sure no one else is disturbed. A lot of parents are also working from home and taking important meetings during the day. Having a teacher explaining math in the background might be interesting for some, but could also be incredibly distracting. Making sure your children have the right headphones to enjoy their lessons without the sound echoing around the house is an important step in the modern world–and finding fashionable, high-quality earbuds without spending hundreds of dollars is key.

When will back-to-school sales start in 2021?

Here’s the good news — they already have! With most schools heading back in August or September, depending on where in the world you are, we’re here with great deals so that you can prepare.

TaoTronics currently has a sale on our back-to-school supplies (which also double as amazing office supplies for when your children head back to in-person lessons full time). Head to our website today to check out the sales!

TaoTronics Recommends

We’ve curated this sale, especially so you and/or any of your children who are heading back to school can get the best supplies at low costs. You are able to buy high-quality supplies that look great and are useful beyond the school day, at an affordable price.

Here are our top recommendations to purchase.

LED Desk Lamp with a USB Charging Port

Where to purchase? Head to our website to get your own!

How much? With the new sale, the desk lamp is under $60!

What’s so good about it? Where to begin! The desk lamp is excellent for when kids are learning from home (or are completing homework after school) and a great addition to your household in general. The USB port provides an extra charging place so that you don’t have to choose between light or a phone with a full battery. Plus, it has an ‘illuminated area’ button to focus the light without moving the lamp head, reducing shadow and minimizing glare.

Portable Laptop Desk

Where to purchase? Click here to pick up your own laptop desk.

How much? In our back-to-school sale, you can pick up a laptop desk for under $40 (or under $30 with the code SD33).

What’s so good about it? Sometimes, a desk isn’t enough. You need some extra height for ergonomics–or, you just want to work from bed for the day. This portable laptop desk is amazing as it allows you to learn, Zoom, write notes, and so on comfortably from around the home. With an adjustable table and retractable legs, it’s easy to use and easy to store. Plus, when your kid has finished working, it can be used as a mini picnic table.

SoundLiberty 95 True Wireless Earbuds

Where to purchase? As usual, head to our website for the best headphone deals.

How much? With our amazing sale, you can get your own earbuds for under $33!

What’s so good about it? Up to 28 hours of playtime, with 7 at once before a charge is needed, these headphones will last through an entire school day. They also have a noise cancellation feature, so your child can chat with their class or teacher with crystal clear audio.

Ready to make your purchase? Browse the entire TaoTronics back-to-school sales here.

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