The Best Slow Cooker for Students 2021

There’s nothing worse than being a student, hungry from a full day of lessons and lectures (and maybe too much socializing…), and getting home to find you have to cook a whole meal from scratch. Getting takeout isn’t always an option on a student budget–and you don’t have the time to become a masterchef.

That’s where the slow cooker comes in – the best buy for students heading back to college in 2021.

It solves all your problems by ensuring you can throw everything–meat, veggies, seasoning–into one pot and set it at an appropriate heat. Then, it’s time to simply leave your slow cooker to it while you focus on the real hard work. Studying.

In this blog, we’ll look at what a slow cooker is and go into more detail about why it’s a fantastic purchase for the older student in your life (or for anyone with a smaller kitchen). We’ll also take a quick look at the types of foods you can cook in a slow cooker, answering some commonly asked questions.

Plus, in this blog, you can read about how to find slow cookers for sale. Spoiler alert: It’s on the TaoTronics website.

Why is a Slow Cooker a Great Back-to-School Buy for College Students?

  1. It’s great for smaller (and more untidy) kitchens. Less countertop space? Messy roommates, who don’t know how to put dishes away? No problem! A slow cooker is easy to clean and easy to store, so you don’t need loads and loads of space to own one.
  2. It’s a cheap and healthy way to cook. Batch cooking is a cheap way to create nutritious meals and to eat healthily for the entire week. Pick your favorite recipes–low calorie if you want, high calorie if you’re a gym-goer–then buy in bulk to save cash and batch make your meals.
  3. It’s simple to use, and hard to destroy. It can’t get any simpler! Put all your ingredients in the pot, switch it on to the desired heat, then let it work its magic. Come back in a few hours to a gorgeous, delicious meal.
  4. It’s a great present for someone who needs it but might not necessarily buy it for themselves. We don’t always treat ourselves, and when we do it’s usually to something fun–not a kitchen device. Time to change that! Gift your loved one a slow cooker and watch their cooking life get easier.

Why Cook in a Slow Cooker?

Slow cookers are fantastic for cooking because they do the job for you. You don’t need to worry about burning your food if you leave it too long; put your food on low heat and you’re good to go!

So, how does a slow cooker work? Slow cookers heat your food from the base, like a pot on a stovetop, until the pot is full of steam. It cooks your food throughout by heating at this temperature for longer periods of time than is possible to achieve (without burning the food, anyway) in a regular oven, as the food is moist rather than dry.

This means you can’t fry food in a slow cooker. For that you need an air fryer – read more about air fryers here.

Because of this, it can cook a whole range of food. From classic stews to juicy meats, and even cakes, slow cooker recipes are created to delight. But what about food like rice and chicken, common student staples? We answer below.

Can a Slow Cooker Cook Rice?

Yes! You can slowly cook almost any kind of rice in your slow cooker, from white to brown and any mixture in between. In fact, you might find it a more simple and easy way than trying to boil rice in a pan, if that’s what you’re used to.

This wikiHow blog covers the important instructions to follow, and lets you know that it will take around 2 to 3 hours to cook rice over the lowest slow cooker setting. Remember: Slow cookers aren’t the same as rice cookers, and so you may need a bit of practice to get it right.

This means you can also slow cook other types of grain, including couscous, as well as lentils and beans.

Can a Slow Cooker Cook Chicken?

Yes! You can make juicy, tender chicken (whole or any individual cut of meat) in a slow cooker, or even a chicken broth with the bones. To achieve the best results, you’ll need to cook the chicken for up to 8 hours, though this can be reduced to around 4 hours if you cook on higher heat.

Remember, you’ll need to add water into the pot to get the best chicken. Check out recipes online by Googling.

What is the Best Slow Cooker for Students?

We at TaoTronics firmly believe that the best slow cooker for sale for students is the TaoTronics 6-Quart Slow Cooker. It is large enough to feed up to 8 hungry students, meaning you can batch cook. Plus, it has 3 heat settings, allowing you to keep food cooking slowly all day or to keep it at a quicker speed on a higher heat setting.

As you can see from the image above, the patent-pending LockLid seals tightly thanks to its clips and ergonomic fit, meaning food can cook quickly and evenly without spills. What a treat!

Finally, it’s great for students because it’s easy to clean. Wipe the stainless steel outside clean in a moment, and easily remove the ceramic pot to wash. Even the laziest of students will enjoy this device!

Grab your own slow cooker today at!

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