Enjoy Better Light for Your Eyes and Your Pockets

Greater energy efficiency. Longer lifespan. Safer usage for both the environment and the users. Enhanced customization in terms of light color and shape. Numerous are the reasons to choose LED lighting over the standard fluorescent or halogen alternatives.

Yet what features should you look out for when shopping for a LED lamp? What makes a LED desk lamp stand out from the myriads of options available both online and in store?

Today blog aims to provide an answer by focusing on the TaoTronics TT-DL16 LED Desk Lamp. Combining superior hardware and high-end innovations, the TT-DL16 is one of the most advanced, feature-packed solutions belonging to the vast repertoire of TaoTronics table lamps.

What makes it special? Read on to find out!

Enjoy Better Light for Your Eyes and Your Pockets

Sleek, Durable Construction

While elegant and sturdy are not always thought of as two sides of the same coin, this TaoTronics Desk Lamp manages to combine both qualities in an outstanding build that’s made to last over time.

Crafted from pure aluminum, the table lamp’s all metal construction feels solid in the hand while featuring sleek, detailed traits that effortlessly match any type of décor.

Despite its durable nature, the lamp is fully customizable and allows you to adjust both the arm and head to orient the light beam where you need it at any given moment.

Sleek, Durable Construction

Fully Adjustable Illumination

Depending on the activity, time of the day, and surrounding environment, one type of light might be more suitable than others.

The TaoTronics TT-DL16 Desk Lamp enables you to choose from 5 different color temperatures to boost your concentration, help you read, relax, and more.

In order to further customize your illumination experience, the lamp lets you browse through 6 brightness levels up to 1200 lux.

Better Light for Better Eyes

While we turn on the light to avoid straining the eyes when reading or working in a dark environment, a light that’s too intensive or unstable can be counterproductive and increase eye fatigue.

The LED panel of this TaoTronics desk lamp redirects the light while keeping it stable so you can enjoy a uniform, non-flickering, and eye-friendly illumination to focus on your studies or work for longer.

Better Light for Better Eyes

Feature-Packed Desk Lamp

As one of the most advanced models belonging to the repertoire of TaoTronics desk lamps, the TT-DL16 sports a wide host of conveniently integrated features to make the most out of your daily usage.

In addition to a memory function, a 60-minute auto off timer, and a nigh light functionality, the lamp integrates a 5V/2A iSmart USB port so you can keep your devices handy even while charging.

We know what you’re thinking: such an advanced LED lamp must be extremely expensive. The good news is that’s not the case.

While the lamp comes already at a more accessible price point than most similar devices, the current sale makes it an unbeatable deal you shouldn’t miss!

Find below all information concerning this exclusive promotion.

TaoTronics TT-DL16 LED Desk Lamp

Regular price:$62.49
Deal price: $46.99
Code: 84E5X8NJ
Valid time: Jul 4 to Jul 31
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