What You Need to Know Before Buying a Lamp

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Lamp

Understanding what you need lighting for can help you decide better when purchasing a lamp stand. For instance, you can tailor your needs to knowing if the lighting will be for the living room, workspace, or outdoors. Breastfeeding mothers, for example, will find a valuable baby night light in TaoTronics VAVA Night Light For Kids as it eases the breastfeeding process.

Do you want to use it exclusively indoors, or must you also consider weather-resistant exterior lamps? Buying a suitable lamp becomes easy when you answer these questions. Below are the five major types of lighting to consider when deciding on your lighting needs:

1.     Natural Lighting

Natural lighting has a range of lighting in different daytime spaces. Aside from this, it can help enhance your attitude and ease stress. For sure, nature has an emotional impact with its range of colors

2.     Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting. It is a type of lighting that gives widespread brightness in an enclosed space. It is often used alongside motion sensors as it comes on only when you enter the room. This feature makes ambient lighting able to conserve battery. You can always find ambient lighting in ceiling fixtures or sconces, and you see them on walls or portable lamps like the TaoTronics VAVA Night Light For Kids.

VAVA Night Light for Kids, 100 % Baby Safe LED Nursery Lamp

This 100% Baby Safe LED Nursery Lamp provides your baby with a great learning and playing experience. They emit an anti-blue eye-caring LED light which is delicate on your baby’s eyes. Other features, such as the incredibly smooth toy-grade ABS & PC materials, make the nursery lamp a fantastic night light for different activities.

3.     Task Lighting

Think of this type of lighting as illumination tailored to a specific activity. Tasks such as writing in your workspace, attending to correspondence in a home office, or cooking meals at a kitchen counter improve with the added illumination provided by task lighting. A good instance of this is the lighting supplied by Superior Durable LED Desk Lamp.

Superior Durable LED Desk Lamp DL063, Large, Pure Solid Aluminum-Alloy, With Super Fast Charging & Touch Tech

4.   Focal Lighting

Accent lighting is another term you can call this type of lighting. This lighting can make your home’s architecture or landscape look beautiful or create a mood. It can also emphasize a specific sculpture or piece of artwork. Accent lighting focuses the light on anything you wish to commemorate, whether indoors or outdoors. 

5.     Decorative lighting

You might already have an idea of what type of lighting this is. Decorative lighting is strictly for aesthetic purposes. Consider it architectural jewelry—ornate lights to attract the eye and showcase individual flair or fortune. These lights usually do not emit much light and only contribute to overall illumination to a minimal degree. TaoTronics LED Metal Gooseneck Lamp is a good example of a lamp for decorative lighting.

LED metal Gooseneck Floor lamp 72, Large 69.3" Minimalism Modern with Stable and Weighted Base

This lamp makes you the architect behind the lighting of your space, as it allows you to combine four color temperatures with four brightness levels. This feature allows you to create the perfect illumination for any area. It gets better if you enjoy activities like reading, sewing, or other crafts. This light puts more flair on your activities by illuminating them brilliantly.

Evaluating Lamp Size and Scale

1.     Table Lamps

A standard table lamp is not more than 1 ¹/² times the height of the platform where they are placed. Plus, their shades do not exceed the table top’s surname. Please ensure you measure the circumference and height of your table.

On the other hand, your table should always be beneath the lamp. That is, your lamp should always be above the table.

2.     Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are just like table lamps. That is, they must always be on the designed platforms – in this case, the floor. For people with small rooms, avoid having large lamps. Several floor lamps are thin so that they can save space. If you use a lamb with a flexible swing arm or arch floor, always rest the arm on the back of the sofas and chairs.

3.     Wall Lamps

Wall lamps follow the same “eye level when seated” standard as table and floor lamps. However, these lights are typically small to start with and are excellent at saving horizontal space.

Understanding Light Bulb Options

1.     Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent standard bulbs give a warmer appeal than normal ones. Plus, they are more energy efficient.

2.     CFL Bulbs

These small fluorescent light bulbs, called CFLs, are energy efficient. Expect very bright light from them. They are also not dimmable and cost more than incandescent bulbs.

3.     LED Bulbs

You can buy LED bulbs as they save more energy than others, like CFL bulbs. They can also last longer than other bulbs. Some LED bulbs are dimmable, while others are not. But one thing you must know about LED bulbs is that they do not spread light evenly like incandescent bulbs.

Maintenance and Care

The most common way to clean metal, aluminum, or brass lamps is to use a soft cloth. Always wipe the light with a soft clean material to remove dirt and not leave any streaks simultaneously. You should also know that you can use lemon oil to polish the hard steel tusks for perfect traction. If the lamps are not made of metal, you can clean them with a damp cloth to prevent dust from accumulating and blocking the lamp. Avoid damaging the lamp during maintenance, and do not replace small parts randomly. Be careful when maintaining all these lamps to avoid damage.


Illuminate Your Space With TaoTronics Lamps

We can’t deny that lighting is vital for every work. Of course, appropriate lighting will make any space more appealing and attractive. You cannot push aside lighting in your home, workspace, or recreational areas. For this reason, Taotronics is here for any of your lighting needs. Apart from the abovementioned items, we’ve curated many other lighting facilities for your pleasure. Dive into our itinerary and see how our products work like magic.

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