5 Great Ideas for Living Room Storage: Maximize Your Space and Style

5 Great Ideas for Living Room Storage: Maximize Your Space and Style

The living room is one of the busiest rooms in the home and easily gets cluttered. The key to a clutter-free living room is good storage. The right storage options can help you create a put-together and inviting space. Whether you have a large family or own a lot of stuff, use creative storage ideas to keep your space neat and organized.

Space is at a premium in most homes, and having a storage unit like the EVAJOY 5-Shelf Bookcase and the Evajoy Storage Chest is a great decision. Multipurpose pieces maximize space in a compact living room. For example, the EVAJOY storage chest can hold your pictures and mementos and provide additional seating when guests visit. Today, we’re looking at 5 great ideas for living room storage.

1.      Wall-Mounted Shelves

Wall shelves are highly versatile and provide great storage for almost anything, from plants to crafts.  You can stack a few on a wall to create a minimalist bookshelf or install a single art shelf above the sofa. Floating shelves look modern, while wall shelves on brackets offer rustic charm. No matter your style, there are wall shelves for every style and budget.

2.      Multi-Functional Coffee Tables

A multipurpose coffee table like the EVAJOY Coffee Table not only makes a living room look awesome, it also holds books, devices, and pictures. And when you’re entertaining, it provides a resting spot for your drinks. A multifunctional coffee table is ideal for apartment dwellers because it can be used as a dining surface or workstation.

3.      Space-Saving Media Consoles

Media consoles might not be the obvious furniture choice for most living rooms, but they provide ample shelf space. If you want to save space, get a vertical console that conserves space. It should have open shelves for storage and contemporary appeal.

4.      Ottoman with Hidden Storage

An Ottoman is a compact storage option that’s built to withstand the weight of objects and people. It can provide extra seating in your home or a place to rest your legs. One with a firm surface can function as a coffee table and hold food, drinks, and devices.

5.      Bookshelves

A bookshelf provides plenty of storage for books, toys, shoes, and more. It keeps your belongings well organized yet easy to access. Highly multifunctional, bookshelves are versatile enough to be used in the living room, bedroom, and office. They can also provide extra storage in a hallway.

Keep Your space pretty with These 4 TaoTronics Storage Pieces

EVAJOY Storage Chest with Wheels

Evajoy Storage Chest, 39.4” Wooden Storage Bench with 2 Safety Hinges, Shoe Bench with Wheels

The good news is storage chests are no longer the eyesores they once were. There are so many stylish designs that don’t stick out like a sore thumb. This unit takes our top spot for a number of reasons. It has spacious storage for toys, cushions, books, and other homely essentials.

The storage chest is made from strong engineered wood and is ideal for busy homes. It’s fitted with two wheels on each side for quick and easy movement. Two of the wheels have brakes for safe mobility. If simplified, classic style is what you’re after, get it. Its rustic, understated style is guaranteed to complement your living room.

EVAJOY 5-Shelf Freestanding Bookshelf

This bookshelf creates a mini library in your home and will fill an empty corner. You can display your favorite books, photos, and even crafts and plants. The design staple has been built to stand the test of time, so you can keep it even when you redo the decor.

The bookshelf features a strong metallic frame and blends modern flair with minimalistic design. You can use it in the living room, bedroom, and even office. The X-shaped metallic design at the back reinforces it for additional stability. Use it for decades and it will never deform.

Safety straps stabilize the bookcase and help protect your kids and pets. Each of its five shelves support up to 80lbs. The unit is durable, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. It’s made from eco-friendly engineered wood and will enhance your eco-conscious lifestyle.

EVAJOY Nightstand with Charging Station

Finding an end table with lots of storage can be hard, so consider getting this nightstand instead. While a nightstand might have a different name, it serves the same purpose as an end table. And unlike end tables which lack storage space, nightstands have ample storage.

TaoTronics has fitted this end table with a charging station to enhance your comfort. An AC outlet and 2 USB ports allow you to charge up to three devices at once. Power your smartphone and LED reading lamp and relax and enjoy your favorite book. You can store items on the tabletop or the cabinet; there’s plenty of space for everything. The end table is made with CARB P2-certified chipboard and MDF and is strong and durable.

EVAJOY Coffee Table with Tempered Glass Surface

Furniture that pulls double duty saves you money and space. If your home is small without extra room to spare, get the EVAJOY coffee table and make the most of the space. Put everything you need to access easily on its surface. The surface can hold books, pictures, framed art, and mementos. It’s made of tempered glass and can support up to 180 lbs.

The EVAJOY coffee table is designed to fit in living rooms, offices, and even waiting areas. Its metallic frame and tempered glass surface make it both modern and elegant. It’s painted with RoHS-certified paint and will reduce your carbon footprint. Adjustable foot pads protect your floors from damage. Use it to accentuate your space and add visual flair to your living room.

Get TaoTronics Multipurpose Living Room Furniture and Tidy Up Your Space

Living rooms have many uses. They are family zones, multi-media hubs, entertaining spaces, and more. Some double as at-home offices and dining rooms. Creative furniture allows these hard-working spaces to meet every need. Whether you love to host guests or have a large family, there’s a TaoTronics furniture piece for your needs.

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