Ultimate Summer Party Picks

Ultimate Summer Party Picks

The Summer Solstice has arrived, which means one thing: great parties! Make sure you have these five devices to push any party into the world record books of greatness.

#1 – SoundSurge 60

SoundSurge 60

You might wonder why we start with headphones – but trust us, they’re multifunctional. Bring a pair of SoundSurge 60‘s to the party and you wont regret it!

For one, they are great for creating a silent disco! Get everyone to bring a pair of headphones, create a Spotify playlist and get the party started. It’s a fun way to get everyone involved without annoying the neighbors, and at the end of the day you have a great pair of headphones to enjoy. Because these headphones have Bluetooth 5.0 and a cvc 6.0 microphone, they’re multifunctional and great for gaming.

On the other hand, if you’re a bit of an introvert and have been invited to a party you definitely aren’t comfortable at, these are perfect for you. The active noise cancelling technology means, if you might need a quiet five minutes to yourself, you’re sorted; find an empty room, throw on your SoundSurge 60’s and block out the background noise (and everyone else). Buy yours here!

#2 – RAVPower’s FileHub

RAVPower's FileHub

Want to extend the Wi-Fi down your garden? Share your photos from the night without putting them all on Insta? Charge your phone whilst you’re in control of the playlist?

FileHub is the device you never knew you needed. It can do all this – and more. Its size makes it the perfect portable device to take your party to the next level and ensure everyone is happy; even people who can’t go five minutes without their phones. (The introvert who might need the SoundSurge 60’s will love this!)

Connect up to five devices at one time to this amazing product and ensure everyone can use the Wi-Fi, no matter where you choose to party. Again, this isn’t just a party investment; it pays dividends in the real world. You can learn more about FileHub at RAVPower’s blog, and read plenty of reviews. You can also buy one here.

#3 – Sound Bar

Sound Bar

Sometimes you’re confined to your front room because of bad weather, or just in need of something a bit more powerful than your phone speaker. And also just in need of a sound bar, because these things are just absolutely amazing!

With connections ranging from Bluetooth to 3.5mm, Optical, Coaxial, and RCA AUX input, they easily turn any room into a home cinema. This means you can throw huge film nights, as well as summer parties. Or even, host the lazy after-party watching the classics! Add a subwoofer to the 2 full range and 2 mid-low frequency speakers to get even more bass and really entertain your guests. They’ll all be after one!

You can buy your own Sound Bar here – if you’re still not convinced, here’s three reasons you should get one!

#4 – RAVPower’s Wireless Charger

RAVPower's Wireless Charger

There’s always a point at parties where people need a charger and – shock horror – they haven’t brought theirs. Or they’ve got an Android, you’ve got an iPhone. Not much you can do there.

…but wait! Grab yourself one of RAVPower’s wireless chargers and everyone can get their charging fix quickly and easily. There are a few options here: go wireless for ultimate portability; get a larger one to help more than one person; or just get a smaller one so that you’ve got an easy wireless charger by the side of the bed.

You can check out RAVPower’s HyperAir range here, or learn more about wireless charging by clicking here!

#5 – VAVA’s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

VAVA's Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Take the hassle out of cleaning up with VAVA’s Robot Vacuum cleaner! This one’s a bit of an investment, but we think it could definitely be worth it for its intelligent navigation system and strong 1300pa suction.

Get this little guy on the move as your guests are pottering about and it’ll be the perfect centerpiece for your entire house. Fascinate people as it navigates away from huge drops (…steps) and avoids dangerous situations (…tight corners), as well as sneaking up on that couple having a bit too much fun for your liking…

It also means you can rest easy after the party, knowing that, of all the cleaning up you have to do tomorrow, cleaning the floors is one chore you can leave. Well, apart from empty bottles and food containers lying about. It’s a robot, not a miracle worker. Buy yours here!

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