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When planning your gaming PC setup, don’t be quick to get powered bookshelf speakers or headphones, get a soundbar. Headphones are great, but if you’re a marathon gamer who spends many hours in front of the screen, they will frustrate you real fast. They will squish your ears, get hot, and make you very uncomfortable.

On the other hand, bookshelf speakers are harder to set up than soundbars and more expensive. If you want a simple setup that will work well for music and movies, they won’t do a great job. Soundbars are easier to set up than bookshelf speakers.

TaoTronics soundbars take up very little space on your desk but deliver big, powerful sound. They are more compact than home theater soundbars but work the same way. Get one and say goodbye to annoying outboard speakers.

Fed up with your PC’s poor sound quality? Get a TaoTronics soundbar. Whether you use your PC for work, to watch movies, or for gaming, the sound quality affects your enjoyment. A soundbar will change your listening experience.

Here are some of the best computer soundbars for your home or office setup.

3 Bestselling TaoTronics Soundbars


Wired PC Soundbar TT-SK028

Get this TaoTronics soundbar with Bluetooth if you are looking for a gaming and entertainment soundbar. It has 6 drivers that cover a full range of frequencies for powerful sound. Boosted bass makes every listening experience worth it. You’ll hear every movie dialogue and won’t miss any action from in-game footprints. You can choose your audio source by switching between Bluetooth mode and AUX mode.

The soundbar’s best feature is its wide array of connectivity options. It not only has an aux input and Bluetooth support for wireless streaming (the transmission range is up to 50 feet), it has other great features. One button controls all functions: the volume, Bluetooth devices, and even hands-free calls. Once connected to a laptop via a USB charging cord, it powers on as soon as the laptop starts up.


Mini Soundbar TT-SK018

This is one of the best soundbars in its price range. It works with any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack: smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets, and projectors. It delivers crisp powerful sound and its 3.5mm microphone input and headphone output make it perfect for late-night gaming sessions and movies. You’ll love how easy it is to operate. Simply plug in the USB cable for power, the blue cable for headphones, and the pink cable for the mic.

The soundbar’s 3.5mm AUX jack allows for an easy wired connection to some analog devices. You’ll also love its space-saving design. It will perfectly fit under a computer monitor. You can also use it with a subwoofer for a three-dimensional sound experience.


Wired/Wireless PC Soundbar TT-SK025

Despite its affordability, the TT-SK025 is a wonderful sound partner. It produces rich music, gaming, and video audio. It’s also beautiful to look at. It offers an easy setup, simply unpack it and plug it in. You can stream music and videos wirelessly via Bluetooth or plugin RCA and AUX cable connections.

You’ll have an amazing sound experience every time you use the soundbar thanks to two full-range speakers. The sound will always be crisp and mesmerizing. This TaoTronics soundbar with Bluetooth is compatible with many devices. It pairs with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, MP3 player, or any device with RCA, audio, or Bluetooth connectivity. It’s also compact and won’t take up precious desktop space.

Top 5 Features to Consider When Buying a Soundbar

1. Center Channel

The center channel ensures voices sound loud, clear, and distinct. It does most of the heavy lifting where voices are concerned. Most of the action and conversations in a movie are reproduced by the center channel.

Most soundbars equipped with center channels are named 3.1- or 5.1- channel soundbars. This means they have a subwoofer. Many budget soundbars don’t have the center channel.

2. 3D Audio

If you’ve bought new audio equipment in the last few years, you’ve probably come across the term “3D Audio.” 3D audio reproduces sound the way we hear it in the real world. It’s nothing unlike the mono and stereo audio we’re accustomed to. 3D Audio makes sound come from every direction, including above. 

DTS:X, Dolby Atmos, and MPEG-H are the three main 3D audio standards. They use object-based technologies to render sound, giving the impression of it surrounding you. 3D Audio enhances music, movies, gaming, and VR/AR experiences. But your device’s built-in speakers must support 3D Audio for you to enjoy its immersive benefits.

3. Night and Voice-Enhancement Modes

If you don’t live alone and don’t want to wake up your housemates as you watch late-night movies or play games, get a soundbar with a night mode. The mode compresses the dynamic range of the audio, allowing you to hear the action without ear-popping gunshots or room-shaking explosions.

A voice-enhancement mode enhances whisper-quiet dialog, letting you hear everything that’s said. Soundbars with night and voice-enhancement modes have buttons for both features.

4. Support for Media Casting Standards

If you want to stream high-resolution audio from your PC to your new soundbar via Wi-Fi, get one that supports your favorite media casting standard—Chromecast, AirPlay 2, or Roku Streaming.

Many mid-range and high-end soundbars support Google’s Chromecast and Apple’s AirPlay 2 standard. A few soundbars support both protocols. The two allow for multi-room audio setups. This means you can play music on other Chromecast or AirPlay-enabled devices in other rooms.

5. A Simple Design

If you’re planning to place your new soundbar in front of your PC, check how tall it is. If it’s a little too tall, it may block the bottom edge of your PC. The good news is most soundbar manufacturers design their units with a low profile.

Get a TaoTronics Soundbar and Transform Your Listening Experience

If you are tired of built-in computer speakers and don’t want to get headphones or bookshelf speakers, a soundbar is an excellent choice. It is more compact than TV soundbars but delivers big, powerful sound. You’ll also be glad you don’t have to string wires around your computer desk. Get a TaoTronics Soundbar today and change your listening experience!

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