Are Soundbars Good for Gaming?

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Soundbars aren’t just for watching films or playing music. They are a fantastic way to be immersed in the latest game you’re obsessed with. Read on to find out why everyone is choosing a soundbar for computer gaming and learn about the best gaming soundbar you can buy in 2020.

Picture this. You’ve gone on to steam to play Left 4 Dead. You’re walking around, minding your own business. Suddenly, you hear those terrifying witches’ cries. You turn around and she is right in front of you. There’s no warning, because the quieter cries you can hear from far away are muffled by your standard PC speakers. They just aren’t up to the challenge.

Half the danger and fun goes when you can’t hear the witch in advance. There is no chase; no battle to see if you find her before she finds you. Just silence. Then, BAM. Good for thrills, maybe, if you like jumping out your seat in shock.

This is where a soundbar can transform your gaming experience. The best soundbar for gaming will enhance your experience and your skills, because you can hear every detail of what is going on. Or, use it enjoy the music on FIFA more, whatever works for you.

What is a Gaming Soundbar?

Best Soundbar for PC Gaming: TaoTronics TT-SK028
Best Soundbar for PC Gaming: TaoTronics TT-SK028

Good question!

Most soundbars are designed for television. You may have seen one being used in this way before. They enhance the sound of your standard TV speakers at a fraction of the price of buying and installing surround sound. They might not have the same effect as a full home cinema, but the difference to your audio can be incredible.

A soundbar for PC gaming is an elongated media speaker that amplifies the sound from your computer, laptop, or even gaming console if you prefer Xbox/PlayStation to PC. It releases acoustics in an outward arc for a fully immersive experience, picking up smaller audio details your regular computer speakers aren’t able to emit.

Can I use a TV Soundbar with My PC?

We recommend getting a dedicated soundbar for computer gaming. These devices have certain features that make them better for PCs, such as USB connections. PC soundbars are also smaller. This is an advantage when you have little desk space, or if you are gaming on a laptop and need portability.

What is the Main Difference Between Regular Speakers and Soundbars?

Soundbars and speakers both amplify your audio. However, there is more to it. They don’t just have different looks and names.

  Soundbar Speakers
Portability All-in-one unit easier to transportMultiple units are bulkier to transport
Fits In Sits comfortably on your desk, in front of your monitorDepending on size, may need to sit on floor or bookend desk space
Surround sound As part of a set up with speakers More easily achieved

Want to learn more? Check out this YouTube video.

More Benefits of the Best Gaming Soundbar

Best Soundbar for PC Gaming: TaoTronics TT-SK028
Soundbars are perfect for gaming
  1. Occupies Less Space than Speakers

We mentioned above that soundbars are an all-in-one unit that sit in front of your PC. This means that one of the biggest benefits is that they take up less desk space, and often can sit in that unused section between your monitor and keyboard. With a laptop, they can comfortably sit at the side. Taking up less space means you can forget the soundbar is there and not worry about having to clear your desk every time you want to use them. Just turn your PC on, turn your audio up, and start gaming!

  • More Comfortable Compared to Headsets

It is all too easy to start gaming, check the time, and realize it is five hours later. Anyone who has gamed for hours on end knows how uncomfortable and sweaty gaming headsets can be, and how disorientating it can be when you take them off. A soundbar offers an alternative that doesn’t lower your audio quality. You have a similar experience without the uncomfortable aspect of bulky gaming headsets.

  • Immersive Audio

For the full gaming experience, you need to be immersed. There is no question about it. There is also no question that the built-in speakers in most PC monitors cannot compete with precision-designed speakers that immerse you in high-quality audio. Soundbars upgrade your PC speakers at an affordable price (as little as $50) so you can feel like you are in the game, and not just playing it.

  • Versatile Use

When you buy a soundbar for PC gaming, you are opening up a new world of audio. Listen to your favorite music with greater clarity and experience it in a whole new way. Chat with friends and family on Zoom and hear clearly what they are saying. Watch your favorite TV shows in bed but feel like you are in front of your TV. You are investing in a complete audio experience.

  • Sleek Design

In a world full of innovation, sometimes simplicity is best. An elongated soundbar offers a modern and sleek upgrade to your computer, fitting in with any room theme or layout. Mostly a traditional black color, soundbars recognize everything that is great about speakers without going too far into absurd modern designs.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Soundbar for Gaming

As the technology of the moment, there are lots of soundbar options for you to choose from. If you are looking for the best soundbar for gaming, and particularly a soundbar for PC gaming, then you will need to consider the following aspects.

  1. PC or Console Setup

Do you need to use your soundbar with a PC or console? If you are using it with a console, how big is your TV? You may prefer a larger soundbar created for TVs if it is bigger than a large computer screen.

  • Connectivity Options

Would you prefer wired or wireless audio? Wired, usually through an AUX connection, is often considered to offer better quality audio and is easier to connect directly to your computer. A wireless system is a better all-rounder, as it can connect to a multitude of Bluetooth devices. However, you need the latest Bluetooth connection (see below) for the best quality audio. We have an even better solution—why not get a wired and wireless enabled soundbar?

  • Sound Quality

This one is self-explanatory! Get the best audio you can find for the price. Check out how many drivers the soundbar has (a PC one might need six or more). If you are choosing a wireless or dual capability soundbar, make sure it has Bluetooth 5.0 for a smooth audio connection. These will all boost your audio and help you to get the best soundbar for your money.

  • Design and Size

Only you can choose the best design and size for your room. Remember that soundbars for PC gaming are usually smaller than those for TVs so your should measure your desk space before you buy.

  • Price

Soundbars can also cost thousands of dollars, but usually there is no need to pay for these complete systems that are meant for home cinemas. Instead, there are plenty of lower priced options you can choose from based on your budget. Look to pay around $50 for a decent soundbar; much less, and you might be losing audio quality.

  • Non-Gaming Features

Audio is one thing, but what else will this soundbar bring into your life? Does it have manual controls? Automatic switch on/off features? A wide transmission range for Bluetooth? Make sure you understand exactly what you are getting before you purchase. Buying based on audio quality alone isn’t enough, anymore.

How to Install a Soundbar for Your PC?

Soundbars simply need to be plugged into a power source and connected to your audio to work. A full manual, including a step-by-step installation guide, is included when you purchase a TaoTronics soundbar. These easy to follow instructions will get you gaming with incredible audio in next to no time!

Why You Should Buy the TaoTronics TT-SK028 Soundbar for PC Gamers

Best Soundbar for PC Gaming: TaoTronics TT-SK028
Load the game, connect the soundbar, and enjoy!

If you aren’t sure which soundbar is for you, we have the answer. Introducing TaoTronics TT-SK028! Not the easiest of names, but easily one of the best soundbars for gaming.

Brand new for this year, this soundbar will revolutionize the way you game.

  • 6 dynamic drivers to bring sound to life with a full audio soundstage.
  • Effortless audio through Bluetooth 5.0 & wired connection, for full flexibility
  • Slim size (16.14 x 2.17 x 2.64 inches), small enough to sit flat below monitors
  • USB connection to start up automatically whenever your PC or laptop is ready
  • Manual controls, so you can get the exact audio you need

Why is TT-SK028 so Great?

TaoTronics latest soundbar is a fantastic addition to your PC setup whether you have a headset or not. This is because it couples a wide-ranging audio soundstage with amazing portability and multiple connections, ready to see you through whichever set up you use next. You will be able to hear every footstep, every whisper—and yes, every witch screaming from a mile off.

What’s Next?

Soundbars are excellent for PC gamers who want to become fully immersed in the game audio. Not only this, they are amazing portable devices that will boost your PC audio whether you are listening to music, speaking with your family and friends, or watching a film. Investing in these high-quality units will improve your gaming experience.Check out the new TaoTronics SK028 Soundbar for computer gaming at our website!

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