How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out of Your Ears

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For people like Hailey, there is nothing worse than headphones that fall out when running. “My earbuds never stay in my ears. I hate it when I am jogging and all of a sudden, I feel my earbud pop out. My music stops and I lose my rhythm and concentration. How is it so hard to keep Apple earbuds from falling out?”

With more and more people turning to True Wireless earbuds for complete freedom when exercising, experiences like Hailey’s are increasingly common. This is a particular problem for runners, as the jolting movements and factors like sweat and rain can mean headphones that have shorter earbud tips keep falling off or won’t stay in your ear. Anyone who listens to music while doing yoga will also have experienced these struggles.

This article will explore everything you need to know about how to keep wireless earbuds in. You will learn the reasons your earbuds fall out, why a good fitting earbud matters, and lifehacks to keep your earbuds in.

Reasons Why Your Earbuds Never Stay in your Ears

Though an earbud falling out is frustrating, you will be pleased to know that you aren’t alone. It is an issue experienced by many people, and one that audio-tech companies are starting to address. This is necessary because it isn’t always the shape of your ear that matters, as headphone manufacturers can try and claim to shift the blame. Sometimes, the headphone design can be poor. In a way, this includes wired headphones; wires are an automatic way to pull earbuds out of your ears.

Top 8 Reasons Headphones Won’t Stay in your Ear

Feel freedom to move with TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79.
Feel freedom to move with SoundLiberty 79.

Caption: Feel freedom to move with SoundLiberty 79.

1) Your Outer Ear Design.

We mentioned that it isn’t always the shape of your ear that affects how well headphones stay in your ears. This is true—but it is one factor, so we will discuss it first.

Everyone’s ears are different shapes and sizes, so finding one set of earbuds that suits them all is an immediate difficulty. Your outer ear, or the cartilage and skin that funnels soundwaves into your ear canal, might have a larger or smaller tragus and antitragus, and a wider or smaller ear canal opening, or even a more pronounced concha. (Not sure which parts we’re talking about? See a diagram here.) That is nothing to feel judged about. However, it might mean you have to hunt around and try a few different earbud shapes before you find your perfect match.

2) Earbuds Design and Size.

When considering which headphones to buy, you need to check out the earbud design. This is one of the simplest ways to find earbuds that don’t fall out your ears, and to save money in the long-term as you don’t lose an earbud while exercising.

Earbuds can come with a range of tips, designed to fit all ear sizes. This is particularly useful as, for instance, a teenage girl’s ears are likely to be smaller than those of an adult male, and she will need a smaller design for the earbud to fit securely and comfortably in her ear. Tips that go into your ear canal are also more secure than earbuds that sit in your outer ear. If your your ear canal is sensitive, then in-ear headphones may take some time to get used to.

3) A buildup of earwax could cause ill-fitting earbuds.

Sorry, this one might gross you out. But if you have a build-up of earwax then your headphones won’t stay in your ear.

Earwax building up is natural. An increase or blockage can be because of your age, from wearing headphones that go into your ear without cleaning your ears, and due to the shape of your ear canal. To make sure your ears are healthy and your earbuds stay in, you can clean out your ears with oil, as the NHS UK website explains.

4) Earbuds can also fall out because of how close your ears are to your jaw.

Anyone who has gone diving knows the trick. To stop the buildup of pressure in your ears, you move your jaw from side-to-side. If you haven’t needed to do this, you may not realize that your ear and your jaw are so connected.

If your ears are close to your temporomandibular joint (the bit where your jaw connects to your skull, allowing you to chew and talk) then simply moving your mouth might alter the size and shape of your ear canal. In this case, your earbuds are more likely to dislodge and fall out. There isn’t much that can be done about this issue, unfortunately.

5) Ear Cartilage Deficiency Syndrome.

Sometimes, people lack the antitragus cartilage needed to support earbuds. This term also applies to people whose ears are too small to support standard headphones. As this headphone user noted, lacking this cartilage makes it far easier for your earbuds to fall out and affect your day-to-day life.

In reality, there is not much you can do about this naturally occurring condition. Finding the right headphones for you can help. Follow the tips we list below to find your perfect pair.

6) Pressure on the cable.

This one might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. If you wear wired headphones to exercise, you will notice that your earphones will fall out when pressure is put on the cable. A tug will definitely get them out of your ear, but sometimes, all it takes is a nudge or slight weight. This is one of the many reasons that opting for True Wireless earbuds can feel so freeing.

7) Rigorous exercise.

If your earbuds never stay in your ears while you exercise, it might be due to the type of exercise you are doing. Your body might be used to the jolts of running, or the intricate shapes of yoga, but your headphones are not. Earbuds that are designed for day-to-day wear are less likely to stay put when you are doing vigorous exercise.

8) Incorrect use.

Headphones are easy to use. Just put them in and go. Right?

Well… sort of. The placement of headphones in your ear can make a massive difference to how well your headphones stay in. You should learn the correct way to put your headphones on, depending on the type of headphones that you wear. For instance, in-ear earbuds are not meant to be pushed into your ear canal as far as they will go. If you place them in so they are comfortable, they are more likely to rest in a reasonable place in your ear that allows for some changes of the ear canal. If you are pushing them too far in, the ear canal may not be able to accommodate the headphones and a small move, like opening your jaw to talk, might push them out.

Why Does Earbuds Fit Matter?

As you have seen, it is important that you get the right earbuds that fit comfortably and ergonomically in your ear. This is important to stop your earbuds falling out but is also useful for the following reasons.

Better Sound

If your earbuds fit well, you will have a more immersive audio experience. Bass will be deeper, sound effects will be strong and not have a “tinny” or “hollow” ring to them, and your audio will not be disturbed by excess feedback or outside noises.

Greater Comfort

If you wear your earbuds for prolonged periods of time, then you know how uncomfortable and sore poor-fitting earbuds are. Your ear canal is sensitive, and anything too heavy or large will irritate it, causing it to be sore to touch. This is not only uncomfortable for hours during and after wearing your headphones but can cause pain when you wear them the next time. A good fitting pair of headphones will remain comfortable when you wear them for hours at a time, and not hurt when you wear them again the next day.

Tips to Choose the Right Earbuds for You

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 92 are comfortable earbuds that you can wear while at work.
SoundLiberty 92 are comfortable earbuds that you can wear while at work.

Caption: SoundLiberty 92 are comfortable earbuds that you can wear while at work.

One of the easiest ways to find earbuds that don’t fall out of your ears is to choose the correct earbuds for your ear shape. This is particularly important if you think you are missing some cartilage in your ear that would usually support the ear tip.

1. Choose Earbuds with Ear Hooks

Selecting headphones with ear hooks will make it easier to keep your headphone on your ear, especially if you are wondering how to keep earbuds from falling out when running. The hooks secure your earbuds onto your ears without needing in-ear technology and regardless of your ear size—although you still need to make sure you get smaller hooks, if you have smaller ears. In this way, you aren’t worrying about how to keep wireless earbuds in, but rather if you want a set of headphones that are wired.

TaoTronics recommendation: Sports Earphones 74, our impressive headphones that come with ear hooks and three different earbud tip sizes.

2. Choose Sweat-Proof Earbuds

Sweat-proof earbuds will be a game-changer for people whose earbuds fall out, especially while exercising. These headphones are not all-plastic like airpods and similar varients, meaning they are less likely to slip out of your ears when you sweat (or, if you exercise in light rain). Plus, your headphones are better protected, so they will last longer.

TaoTronics recommends: SoundElite 72, IPX6 waterproof wired earbuds that are perfect for your work out.

3. Choose Wireless Earbuds

If you find that are accidentally catching your headphone cable as you run, do yoga, or work out, then there is one simple solution: Feel free to move with True Wireless earbuds. The latest in headphone technology, these earbuds work entirely through Bluetooth so that they are not connected to your phone, or to each other. You no longer have to worry about accidentally pulling them out, or the wire getting tangled, and can focus on your exercise.

TaoTronics recommends: our SoundLiberty range is excellent, but if you are looking for minimalism so you can exercise without worry, try SoundLiberty 79.

Hacks to Stop Earbuds from Falling Out

TaoTronics SoundElite 72 are great headphones that will stay in while you workout.

Caption: SoundElite 72 are great headphones that will stay in while you workout.

Over the years, we have picked up tips and tricks to help keep our headphones in our ears. If you want to know how to keep Apple earbuds from falling out, try out our advice.

  • Wear Earbuds the Right Way: Make sure you follow the instructions included with your headphones and experiment with different placements, to make sure you are wearing your headphones in the most ergonomic way for your ears.
  • Wear the Correct Size Earbud Tip: Before you order your headphones, make sure that they come with different sizes of earbud tip. There is no one-size-fits-all-ear-canals, and you need to choose the one that fits best in your ear. You will be amazed at what a difference changing your earbud size immediately makes.
  • Wear an Ear Warmer: If you’re out running in the winter, one easy life hack is to wear ear warmers over your earbuds. This is a lot easier with wireless headphones and can be really comfortable if you ear warmer isn’t too tight.
  • Stop Cleaning Your Ears with Cotton Swabs: Using cotton swabs can force earwax into your ear, creating a build-up that can prevent your earbuds from sitting properly in your ear.

Keep Your Earbuds In

In conclusion, you don’t have to have an experience like Hailey. If you follow our simple tricks, like making sure you have clean ears and wear the correct headphones for your ear type, then you shouldn’t struggle with your earbuds falling out. From running, to yoga, to commuting, your daily life will become easier once you have found your perfect headphone pair. Check out the TaoTronics website today to brows our styles and find the right headphones for you!

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