TaoTronics Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

TaoTronics Christmas Gift Ideas

This blog will give you inspiration, with Christmas gift ideas that you can give everyone, from a boyfriend, to your Mom, and friends. Even better, you can find discounts in the TaoTronics Christmas sale on the TaoTronics website or on Amazon! Happy holidays!

As 2020 draws to a close, there’s nothing better than treating yourself, your friends, and your family to a present that will brighten their year. But what do you get someone when they might have started loads of new hobbies, or had a year stuck in their home office? Also, is there really a Christmas gift you can give everyone?

Our Christmas gift ideas guide will not only help you out, but also present a few items we think will be great and an unexpected delight for your loved ones at the end of this long year. We look at what Christmas gifts for friends, coworkers, your Mom, and a boyfriend, so you can get all your shopping done in one go!

PS: As we all know, having Christmas gift ideas is great, but it’s a busy time for shipping. So, why not plan ahead? Without a doubt the TaoTronics Christmas sale is the best way to treat yourself and start your New Year right. If one of the gifts below is perfect for you (a pair of headphones for getting your fitness kickstarted, for instance), make sure you order today to receive them in time for New Year.

Christmas Gift Ideas: What to Consider

There is a general Christmas gift you can give everyone: Socks. A coffee mug might also work, or even a framed photo. But really, you need to think in more detail about who you are buying for and consider what their interests are.

Firstly, try answering these questions to get a better Christmas gift idea in 2020:

  • Who are you buying for?
  • How old are they?
  • What are three ways they like to relax?
  • Are they missing anything that would make their life easier, or more fun?
  • Will you get to see your loved ones this Christmas, or is it better to order presents online and send them to their home?

You’ve also got to consider your own needs. For instance:

  • How much time do you have to shop?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you want to send a really personal gift?

Figuring all this out will narrow down your search overall, making it way easier for you to decide what Christmas gift to get for your Mom, boyfriend, and friends.

We’ve also put together some Christmas gift ideas below, in order to make everything easier for you!

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What Christmas Gift For… Mom

This Christmas, the best gift to give your Mom is a bedside table lamp TT-DL23
Model: TT-DL23

This Christmas, the best gift to give your Mom is a bedside table lamp!

Price: Under $50

Why should you give this Christmas gift?

  • Modern design: Moms usually appreciate a good design, and this is stunning. Suiting most room décor, and fitting on most bedside tables, this cylindrical lamp has a warm glow that you can read by, but doesn’t glare.
  • Easy to use: With touch controls and no pre-set levels of brightness, it’s easy to customize exactly the right amount of light for your mood.
  • Multifunctional: While this is usually a bedside lamp, it doesn’t have to be! This would also look great on a table in the kitchen, or even used outside (in safe environments). It’s portable and uses batteries, so you can potentially take it camping or use it while you BBQ.

What to Write on the Gift Tag?

 To my wonderful Mom, you’ve been a shining beacon of light this year.

This lamp is too good to miss—check it out today!

What Christmas Gift For… A Boyfriend

Our Christmas gift idea for a boyfriend this year is a TV Soundbar TT-SK023
Model: TT-SK023

Our Christmas gift idea for a boyfriend this year is a TV Soundbar!

Price: Under $55 with the Christmas discount

Why should you give this Christmas gift?

  • Make movies sound better: Three different equalizer modes help these powerful speakers fill your whole room with the right kind of sound. As a result, it’s so much better than standard TV speakers!
  • Remote control: In the event that you’re comfortably on your couch or bed, control the sound using the remote.
  • Slim design: This 32-inch-long speaker is compact, meaning your other half can place it anywhere that works for them. We suggest at the bottom of their TV, on top of their TV stand, but if that doesn’t work the design means they have lots of options!

What to Write on the Gift Tag?

2020 has been a difficult year, so feel like you’re immersed in another world with this gift!

If your other half loves electronics, gaming, or Netflix, this soundbar is a great present for them.

What Christmas Gift For… Friends

BPA-free humidifier TT-AH026
Model: TT-AH026

Wondering what to get your friends this Christmas? What about a gift that keeps them safe and well. We recommend a BPA-free humidifier!

Price: Under $45

Why should you give this Christmas gift?

  • Health conscious: Humidifiers are great for battling viruses at this time of year, then great year-round for making sure your skin doesn’t dry out.
  • BPA-Free: The plastic doesn’t contain BPA and as a result reduces your friend’s risk of exposure. Read more about BPA here.
  • Quiet operation: When your friends need a good night’s sleep, this humidifier is perfect. The small device switches off automatically and is incredibly quiet, meaning they can get peace of mind when they snooze.

What to Write on the Gift Tag?

This gift will help you breathe easy as we go into 2021.

Thinking of getting your friend or loved one a humidifier this year? Why not check out this BPA-free humidifier?

Christmas Gift You Can Give Everyone

True Wireless Earbuds SoundLiberty 97
SoundLiberty 97 TWS

Can you really give a Christmas gift to everyone that’s practical and meaningful? Yes!! As a matter of fact, True Wireless Earbuds are a great crowd-pleasing gift (SoundLiberty 97 are 25% off at the moment).

Price: Under $36, up to $60 in the TaoTronics Christmas sale depending on the earbuds.

Why should you give this Christmas gift?

  • Flexibility: Due to their versatility, True Wireless earbuds are great for people who commute, who love the gym, who want to secretly listen to music in the office, or who are working from home and don’t want to wear really obvious headphones on Zoom. Plus, they are also great no matter your age or gender.
  • Carry Case: Earbuds should come in a pocket-sized carry case that acts as a charger, as a result they keep your headphones ready for around 30 to 40 playback hours.
  • Immersive audio: If there’s one thing everyone deserves this year, it’s to listen to their favorite music as if they’re at a concert. While wearing headphones definitely isn’t the same, it’s great for feeling like you’re connected to the times when concerts were a thing.

What to Write on the Gift Tag?

These have given a lot of people audio freedom this year—you’re going to love them!

Browse our whole headphone collection on our website.


If you’re buying for friends and family this year, why not take advantage of discounts and buy your presents from our online store? At TaoTronics, you can find a range of beautiful Christmas gift ideas for the whole family without having to navigate tens of open browser tabs. From table lamps, to True Wireless earbuds, you absolutely can find a present that suits your loved one and makes 2020 that little bit better.

Quick! The cut-off date for orders that are shipped in time for Christmas has passed. But, if you order from the TaoTronics website today, you should receive your presents in time for the New Year. Start 2021 the right way, with gifts and great electronics!

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