TaoTronics UK Website – with a Special TaoTronics Discount!

Calling all Brits! TaoTronics is here – and ready to provide our best products to you on our very own British website.

We’ve launched a brand-new website that’s just for you – on its uk.taotronics.com website. We’re here to make ordering your electronics easier so that you can get audio products quickly and easily. Simply search the website or click on our easy-to-use menu to find the perfect product for you.

On our website, you’ll find a range of electronic products that can help you in different ways. Whether you need crystal clear headphones for the office, or a small refrigerator to keep your drinks cool in the summer heat, you can find your perfect device. You’ll also be able to order it easily.

The best part? You can get 30% off sitewide with the code UK33. What a treat as we head into winter!

What are the benefits of ordering directly from TaoTronics?

There are plenty of reasons why you should go straight to the TaoTronics site. #1? It’s the quickest and easiest, most direct way to reach us. If you have any issues or need to find something specific, we’re here to help. You can reach our customer service team by searching for help on our website.

Moreover, buying your product through the TaoTronics website gives you an extended warranty of 30 months. This is an automatic extension of our standard 12-month policy by a whopping 18 months. Please note: this is only available for new goods with proof of being bought through the TaoTronics website.

What’s more, you can access our exclusive deals (like the one we mentioned above, which you can use to buy your new headphones or new tower fan – whatever you need to help in your home or on your commute as you head back into the office). We drop discount codes and run sales, so make sure you check back if you have a special device in mind. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be one of the first people to know about amazing deals!

30% off sitewide – A One-Off TaoTronics Discount for Brits

You’ll get 30% off sitewide when you purchase NOW with the code ‘UK33’.

This means you can get incredible products at an incredible discount – and with cheap delivery, you’ll get your products delivered to the UK efficiently. This means that even if the rest of your post is taking its sweet time, you don’t need to be bogged down. We’ll do our best to get your affordable, high-quality products to you.

TaoTronics Products You’ll Love

We’ve got a huge selection of headphones, tower fans, massage guns, and even desk lamps that will make your daily life better. Read more about these below.

Desk Lamps

Arguably the most important electronic to buy as the nights get darker and you’re faced once again with working from home. A new desk lamp is more than something exciting to look at in the same small home office you’ve been occupying for 18 months – as we explored in another blog (click the link below), the right desk lamp can even help your mood.

We’ve also talked about how to choose the best lighting for your office and talked about some of the best lamps available.

Plus, if a desk light is not right for now but you still need some light on the situation, we have a range of floor lamps (and even ring lights, if you’re an influencer or budding TikTok star) so you can illuminate any room – and create the best selfie. Read more about the benefits of a ring light here.

TaoTronics Recommends: TT-DL13, our desk lamp with a USB charging port and energy-efficient LEDs that are gentle on the eye.



The second most important item for Brits to buy from the TaoTronics website right now with their discount: Headphones. It’s well worth getting your True Wireless earbuds at 30% off, as you’re getting the great TaoTronics quality at an even more affordable price.

Regular readers of this blog will know that we write a lot about headphones. Genuinely, a lot. So we won’t go into too much detail about how to find the pair that’s right for you – you can search our blog for our guides, or even for specific reviews and recommendations. There are even stories from TaoTronics readers themselves, in case you needed any extra information.

Our famous headphones are available in the audio section of our website. Head to the “Headphones” section to see every product available.

TaoTronics Recommendation: SoundLiberty 80, with an AI-noise cancelling mic for excellent voice clarity during calls.

Tower Fans

I know what you’re thinking. Winter is coming – and we’re not likely to get many more beautiful sunny days in the UK. If anything, it’s time to get the blankets out and the heating on.

However, you can be savvy with your purchases here. Getting an amazing discount means that all of our high-quality tower fans are discounted, meaning you can get tens of pounds off. The air conditioners and tower fans may feel less appropriate, especially as we head into winter, but why not plan ahead? Avoid the mad rush to find the last, small fan in a distant Argos when the one short heatwave hits the UK by already having a fan in your home that you’ve got with money off.

You know it makes sense!

TaoTronics Recommendation: TT-TF001, an oscillating fan with 3 modes that can keep any room in your house cool with ease, then be easily stored away.

Massage Gun

These are an increasingly popular buy for gym-goers anywhere. Massage guns help your muscles to relax after an intensive workout, and they work to help your larger muscles recover as well as targets even smaller muscles, such as in your feet and neck.

Plus, if you run a gym or spa and would love to buy multiple massage guns for your customers to use, get in contact with our team to talk about bulk buying!

TaoTronics Recommends: TT-PCA003, with adjustable speeds and 6 massage heads to get into even the tightest of muscles to offer relaxation.

That’s right – TaoTronics is in the UK! Our new website has launched with a big discount for everyone in the UK, offering you a quick and easy way to purchase electronic devices. Check it out today!

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