Keep Your Whole House Breezy This Summer with the TaoTronics Tower Fan

With summer around the corner, temperatures are rising. If the heat is getting too much—especially if you are working from home or have small children or pets who need a cool breeze—you should consider a TaoTronics tower fan. This bladeless fan is the new fashion accessory of the season.

Summer 2020 is a confusing prospect at the moment. The world is beginning to open up again, but whether flights will be running for everyone’s summer holidays is another issue altogether.

If you will be stuck at home from June 20th, when summer officially begins in the Northern hemisphere, don’t despair! It looks like this summer will be a scorcher—the Farmer’s Almanac has predicted above average temperatures for July. Getting out in your garden, out onto your balcony, or even just heading for a walk will mean you can get some sun.

What happens when you are stuck at home, however? Or, even worse, when you are trying to sleep during a hot night? These considerations are important, even before you begin thinking about the effect of summer heat on your child or pet.

To keep your whole house comfortable, you need a fan that is portable and powerful. One with a quiet fan noise so that you can sleep soundly, and bladeless for safety. Introducing the new TaoTronics Tower Fan: your perfect summer accessory.

What is a Bladeless Tower Fan?

A tower fan is a tall and slim fan that allows for more air circulation than a traditional electric fan. A TaoTronics tower fan is great for use at home, particularly in bedrooms and home offices. This is because they are quiet and compact, letting you sleep or work in peace during the summer heat.

How Does a Bladeless Tower Fan Work?

TaoTronics Model: TT-TF002
Model: TT-TF002

Fun fact: a bladeless fan is not completely bladeless. It has one smaller fan at its base, which is used to pull in air. The air is then pushed out in a wide stream. This fan is not an air conditioner, so the air is not cooled inside the device. Instead, you can use the air flow to cool you and your family down anywhere in the house. All you need is a wall outlet and power.

This is different to a traditional electric fan, which only propels air forwards in one direction.

Why Is This Type of Fan Better?

There are five main benefits to owning a bladeless tower fan that you need to consider.

  1. Safer for children and pets. Tower fans do not have the large and potentially sharp blades of a traditional electric fan, meaning curious fingers and paws cannot be hurt by spinning parts.
  2. Quieter. Whirring fan noise becomes a thing of the past with tower fans thanks to their bladeless system.
  3. Compact. Traditional electric fans need to be bigger to move a larger amount of air. You will notice the difference between a handheld fan and a tabletop fan with far larger blades, for instance. The TaoTronics tower fan does not need to take up this wide amount of space and is far more compact, ready to place anywhere around your house.
  4. Modern, sleek design. Again, the compact nature of these fans lends itself to a more progressive design. With tower fans, the name suggests their look; tall, slender, and suitable for the most modern minimalist apartment.
  5. Variable air distribution. Tower fans oscillate, meaning they turn on their base in a similar way to traditional fans. With the latest designs, you are able to change how much air you want the fan to put out, as well as whether you want this distributed widely or in a more targeted stream.

Where Can You Use a Tower Fan in the House?

TaoTronics Model: TT-TF001
Model: TT-TF001

You can use a tower fan anywhere in your house with an accessible wall outlet. Two rooms it is great in are bedrooms and home offices. This is because these machines are quiet, meaning you are not distracted by a loud whirring noise as you try to work or sleep.

Moreover, these devices oscillate and increase the flow of air in your room. You do not always have to have a stream of air blowing on your face (though you can choose to if you prefer this). This makes it more comfortable for you to be in one place for an extended amount of time.


A TaoTronics tower fan is great for using in children’s rooms and nurseries as any moving parts are protected by a cover. There is also very little fan noise, so you will still be able to hear your child over the baby monitor.


As they are light and an easy shape to carry, tower fans are relatively portable. This means that you can put them in any room of your house, or even your garage, then move them to your room in the evening. Keep your whole house breezy without opening the windows in stifling summer heat and letting mosquitos in.

TaoTronics Tower Fan Explained

TaoTronics Model: TT-TF002
Model: TT-TF002

We are launching two new tower fans to help you stay comfortable across the summer. These are simply known as TT-TF001, and TT-TF002.

TT-TF001 and 002 Features

Our tower fans are special. Take total control: view customization options on the large LED screen and use the remote to change between 3 powerful modes (normal, natural, and sleep) and 3 speed settings (high, medium, and low), or even set a timer. Put them in your bedroom for a peaceful night, with a perfect breeze all evening as the fan oscillates by 65°. You can also remove the back panel of TT-TF001 to make cleaning a breeze.

These are also great for children’s rooms, not just because of their quiet operation but because their construction makes them safer to use around young people. There are no fan blades for small fingers to get caught in. Plus, the tall, slim shape means there is great for smaller spaces (or rooms that are otherwise full of toys).

Learn more about TT-TF001 and TT-TF002 at the TaoTronics website!

Can You Make a Hoverboard with a TaoTronics Tower Fan?

…theoretically, yes. The fans work by pushing out air, meaning that if they were powerful enough, they could be used as a hoverboard. However, we do not recommend that you try this at home.

Firstly, a TaoTronics tower fan is not strong enough to lift a human being. You will probably end up breaking it, and “I thought I could fly with my fan” is not an excuse we accept under your guarantee. Sorry.

Secondly, you would need excellent balance to stay on top of even a stationary tower fan. It is not worth the potential pain from falling off!

Stick to having it cool any room in your house and helping you sleep at night. It’s great at that!

If you need a bladeless fan to help in the summer heat, check out the TaoTronics Tower Fan at our website today!

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