The Best HEPA Air Purifier to Use with an Air Conditioner

Whether you live in a crowded city, a house full of pets, or even suffer from allergies, an air purifier can improve your life. Find the best HEPA air purifier (look for a TaoTronics air purifier!) and begin to improve the air in your home.

We all know the incredible feeling that fresh air brings. Whether you head to the beach, hike a mountain, or even take a stroll in a field, getting out into nature feels fantastic. Part of this is the lack of pollutants in the air. You feel like it is much easier to breathe, and breathe deeply.

The concept is simple: purer air is healthier and easier to breathe than air filled with particles and pollutants. It is a refreshing change from the air people who live in cities usually inhale, and offers relief for people suffering from asthma, hay fever, and similar respiratory conditions.

But, what is the best and quickest way to get pure air indoors? It isn’t opening a window—instead, you should use an air purifier. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using an air purifier with an air conditioner—and to find out the best HEPA air purifier for the job!

Air Conditioners vs Air Purifiers

Did you realize that air purifiers can also be combined with air conditioners, so that you and your family can have a comfortable night’s sleep? This is vital, especially when the summer heat hits, and you might not be able to open your windows to find a cool breeze.

Air purifiers and air conditioners are often confused. This may be because they feel like they should do the same job: an air conditioner seems like it should filter pollutants from the air, whereas purifiers may look as though they should also cool the air. If you don’t have the latest models, the similarities between the shape and design of the machines may also lead to confusion.

However, this is not the case. As you can see in the table below, the two devices easily work together and complement each other.

  Air Conditioner Air Purifier
Placement On a wall, or near to a window On any stable surface near a wall outlet
Benefits Helps you to feel comfortable on hot days by creating a cool airflow, at a temperature you choose Improves air quality by removing pollutants, creating a better living environment
Reduces Temperature, humidity, larger dust particles Particles and pollutants that cause respiratory problems, including pollen, dust, smoke, and pet dander
Types Whole house, window mounted, portable units HEPA filter or Ionizer

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

Air conditioners are created to cool down your room by taking in hot air and blowing out cool air. Anyone who has spent a hot night at home or abroad knows the relief that an air conditioner can bring—it can truly feel wonderful and be the key to a good night’s sleep!

Refrigeration is used to cool the air inside the air conditioner. They feature a set of coils that have special chemicals. These chemicals are able to evaporate and condense over and over, taking advantage of a quirk of physics: when a liquid changes state, and turns into a gas, it takes in (or absorbs) heat. This means that the air that passes over the coils inside the air conditioner will be chilled. By drawing in a constant supply of hot air, the air conditioner will constantly be able to chill your room until it reaches an ideal temperature.

Do Air Conditioners Purify the Air?

“AirCon” devices do not purify the air that passes over the coils. However, they often contain filters to remove larger dust particles and pollutants. This is why you still have to clean your machine out.

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

The best HEPA Air purifier
Air purifiers with HEPA filters are more effective than Ionizing air purifiers.

In general, air purifiers work to remove pollutants and particles from the air to make it healthier to breathe. Whether you want pollen removed from a room during Spring, or a reduction of pet dander in your house, an air purifier is going to help. If your purifier also has an activated carbon filter it should also filter out odors, such as smoke.

HEPA Filters

HEPA stands for a “high-efficiency particulate air” filter. These filters work to efficiently remove 99.97% of particles that measure only 0.3 micrometers. When air is sucked into an air purifier with a HEPA filter, it will pass through many layers of filtration to ensure all of these particles (including dust, pollen, bacteria, and even viruses) are removed.


Ionizers work differently to HEPA filters. They don’t filter the air. Instead, they emit ions that will attach to particles and give them a negative charge. This causes them to stick to surfaces, like the floor or walls, which means they are still in your room. As you can imagine, this way is far less effective at purifying air than using a HEPA filter. There are also warnings that the increasing number of ions in your room will increase the ozone level, which can be harmful to health and is itself a lung irritant.

Does an Air Purifier Cool the Air?

No, air purifiers will not cool the air. That is just one of the reasons they can be used with your air conditioning unit!

What are the Benefits of Using an Air Purifier with an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning filters do not properly purify air.

Each air conditioner will have a filter built in that you will have to remember to change regularly. However, this filter is there to catch larger particles. It does not mean that the air you are breathing will be purified. This is clear in current regulations, where some workers can’t return to their offices due to the air conditioning systems being more likely to spread a virus, rather than filter it out.

Helps people in big cities breathe cleaner air.

If you open your window in a big city, or even when you spend time walking around breathing in city air on your commute, you will be exposed to pollution. One of these devices will make sure that the air circulating in your home is pure and healthy, whether you are relaxing with the air conditioning on or not.

Purer air helps those with respiratory illnesses.

People with respiratory illnesses, including (but not limited to) asthma, COPD, and allergies, have a harder time dealing with the effects of air pollution and smaller particles. An air purifier cannot guarantee your health, but it is likely to help you breathe more easily by reducing the number of irritants in the air you breathe indoors, especially overnight. This could be useful if the air in your room is conditioned, which often makes it feel drier and more irritable in your respiratory system.

It helps your whole family.

Whether you live as a couple, with kids, or with pets, everyone will benefit from purer air. In the summer when your air conditioning is going, your pets and young children will be willing to spend their time inside to escape the heat. Using an air purifier will make sure that pet dander is not circulated around your home by your air conditioner, and that your children (human or furry) are breathing high quality air.

Which is the Best HEPA Air Purifier?

At TaoTronics, we understand that HEPA is the best form of filtration for small particles and pollutants. This is why our air purifiers are fitted with HEPA filters, to remove 99.97% of irritants.

The most impressive part? Our air purifiers are purpose-built so you can get a peaceful night’s sleep. This happens in two key ways: incredible additions, like an optional night-light and a sleep-mode and timer, and a near-silent operation at only 25dB. Combine this with the cool breeze of your air conditioner and feel relaxed and ready to sleep on even the hottest summer night.

TaoTronics Air Purifier TT-AP001

TaoTronics Air Purifier TT-AP001
TaoTronics Air Purifier TT-AP001
  • Dimensions: 7.60 x 7.60 x 10.60 inches
  • Weight: 3.30lbs
  • Color: White or Black

Our cutting edge 3-stage air purification filters mean you can rest easy, knowing you are breathing high quality air. There are four fan speeds for you to choose from (low, medium, high, and turbo for when you need pure air FAST!) as well as a CADR rating of 150m³/h, so you can circulate air quickly in a room up to 161ft² (15m²).

What’s more, this modern and sleek-looking purifier is incredibly user friendly, with one-touch controls and easy access to all the settings through the control panel. It will even alert you when you need to change the filter! That is one less thing off your mind. Need more information? Check out the reviews about how it is “perfect for a room/office… and the design is killer.”

TaoTronics Air Purifier TT-AP002

TaoTronics Air Purifier TT-AP002
TaoTronics Air Purifier TT-AP002
  • Dimensions: 12.80 x 6.80 x 19.70 inches
  • Weight: 12.56lbs
  • Color: White

Do you prefer a more classic looking machine? If so, you should look to TaoTronics air purifier TT-AP002. With a built-in smart sensor that monitors air quality in real time, you will always know the quality of the air you are breathing. It is also customizable with a sleep mode, auto mode, timer, negative ion mode, and four fan speeds (low, medium, high, and turbo).

What’s more, you can easily move the purifier around your home using the carry handle. As it is safe for the whole family, you can keep it in your kid’s nursery before moving it to the kitchen while you cook dinner. As one recent Amazon reviewer noted, TT-AP002 is “quiet and I can tell that the air is cleaner and makes the house smell better. The design looks nice, it is slim and easy on the eyes. It even comes with a new filter sealed in plastic which is a plus. Overall great product.”

TaoTronics Air Purifier Comparison

  TT-AP001 TT-AP002
CADR Rating 150m³/h 300m³/h
Coverage Area 161ft²/15m² 322.9ft²/30m²
Filtration System 3 Stage 3 Stage
Sleep Mode Y Y
Auto Mode N Y
Timer N Y
Air Quality Monitor N Y
Fan Speeds 4 4

Buy a TaoTronics air purifier today—check out our website, or visit Amazon to purchase TT-AP001 and TT-AP002!

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